Producer Wants Beyonce For “Angela Davis” Role

Beyonce Sporting An Angela Davis Fro Two English-language European film projects aim to bring leading figures from the Black Power movement of the 1960s to the big screen soon. Franco-Algerian producer-writer-director Rachid Bouchareb, whose film “London River” screens in competition at the current Berlin International Film Festival, is setting up a movie on the early life of Angela Davis, a leading figure of the civil rights movement and one-time FBI renegade. Meanwhile, Berlin-based Egoli Tossell Film, whose latest picture, “Hilde,” screens as a Berlinale Special Gala, is in preproduction on a feature based on the life story of Black Panther co-founder Bobby Seale. Davis, who once studied at Berlin’s Humboldt University, became a cause celebre in the ’60s when she was sacked from her post as philosophy professor at UCLA for being a Communist.

She later found herself on the FBI’s most-wanted list after guns used in a fatal courtroom breakout were traced to her. She was eventually acquitted by an all-white jury after one of the most high-profile trials in postwar America.

Bouchareb, working from a script by novelist Yasmina Khadra, has his lead actress firmly in mind: “I want Beyonce Knowles to play Angela Davis,” he said.

The Egoli Tossell production, “A Lonely Rage,” is based on Seale’s autobiography tracing his life from his beginnings as a Texas farm boy to the head of the radical protest group. Alongside Panther co-founder Huey Newton, Seale adopted the radical stance of “freedom by any means” and faced trial on charges of inciting riots and murder. The charges were eventually dropped, and he is now better known for his best-selling barbecue cookbooks.



  1. I know for a fact they can find someone else to play Angela Davis. Angela Davis???!!
    I mean, I like a Bey… lots but how many ppl is she going to imitate in a movie role? It’s beginning to get out of hand. She probably could do a good job, I don’t doubt her to ability but there are soooo many actresses that could do terrific playing Ms. Davis.
    Just my opinion on the subject.

  2. They need to find someone else. Who gone go see that movie? Her last movie didn’t to to well. They need to give it to Jennifer. All these director need to stop giving her these roles we all know she can not ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I actually think she looks like Angela Davis! But I must agree with Nne and Ctown they need to find another actress someone who can do justice to the role. But if they choose Beyonce I only hope the movie will do better than Cadillac cause a woman like Angela deserves a great movie.

  4. That’s a pretty pic of Bey…I might have to use it as a gravatar! I think Bey gets better with every film. I felt she did a good job portraying Etta. She’s working with the best acting coach, so she’s determined to perfect her acting. Obviously, the producer sees something in her. I’ll still support the movie, whether Bey is in it or not.

  5. Yaawwwn something sounds fishy, I could understanding if she could actually act! but damm has every black actress taken a long vacation?

  6. I wonder did they see the result for that cadillac records movie!

  7. I like Bey but they should give the role to someone like Gabrielle Union.

  8. I agree with Marie, she does look a lot like Angela Davis. Looks aren’t everything, though. Angie Bassett did not look like Tina but she played her to the T’.

    I think this guy is just dropping her name to get some publicity.

  9. “Gettting better at acting with each role” is not good enough to play a pivotal role that is key in African American history. These white producers think they can just put anybody in a black role and we will come running because we are so thirsty to see black representation. They can count my money and support out. Beyonce is a great entertainer, but not an actress. I vote for Kimberly Elise.

  10. I feel that there will soon be a backlash against Bey among real black actresses. This has gone too far! !!!! There is only so much they can take. For such a powerful role, a true competent director would have his eyes set on a black actress of high caliber of which there is no shortage. He’s probably just throwing her name out there for publicity…or maybe not. The view of black people is still very limited.

  11. Tamara, who cares? If producers want Bey to be in their movies, then it is on them. Actresses should speak on the producers choices rather than get mad at Bey for taking the opportunies given to her.

  12. Hi everyone,

    Its not about her talent or lack there of!
    For the producers its about getting people to see the movie and for her its about getting an Oscar. Like her or hate her, the woman can draw in the crowds (except Cadillac Records). Movies are about making money and “If Beyonce Boulevard be the path to the bank then play on, play on”
    That being said, its a sad day in entertainment when every role for a black actress goes to one person! Sad Sad Sad…

  13. I guess she paid for this role and pretended someone invited her to take the part, just like she paid to sing at the inauguration ball, and for other movie roles. Anyone with just a little common sense knows that Beyonce is not fairly gaining awards and accomplishments. They just want admit it and get violently angry when someone else does. But if she plays this role it will flop just like all of her movies. My vote is for Kimberly Elise which is a phenomenal actress.

  14. Movies are not about JUST making money. They are about telling a story. Angela Basset didn’t look a thing like Tina Turner but she played that role like she was born to play it! I will not be going to see this movie if theyreally choose Beyonce. I think Beyonce is a wonderful performer (singing and dancing) but she should go to acting school for at LEAST a year for me to take her seriously.

  15. @ Liyah

    LOL DON’T pull the trigger! Bey aint worth killing yourself over.

  16. LOL@ ALLLLLLL the haters on here! Beyonce is in FULL effect!!! If you dont like it DONT GO SEE THE MOVIE b/c there are MILLIONS of Beyonce Fans that will go and support her. She will do GREAT at this one. This will get her that Oscar!!

    GO on and pull that trigger babe…u should’ve done that a long time ago! lol

    To the rest of the haters BEYONCE HAS 2009 ON LOCK LIKE i SAID!!!!

  17. Real Talk, you better had been joking(@Liya
    GO on and pull that trigger babe…u should’ve done that a long time ago! lol). That’s not cool either way.

  18. Count your blessings B.
    I know it must be nice to have film producers calling out your name and carving out movie roles for you. You deserve all this…May God continue to bless you woman 🙂

  19. ReaL Talk has issues obviously…wasn’t hugged as a child.


  20. @real talk
    i dont blame u she shouldn’t have said should she pull the trigger now n put herslef n dat position!
    n erbody wanna blame beyonce for erthing cadillac records flop she was only in the movie for about 30 mins did you ever think that may be the reason it flopped dumassez, u cant get mad at her because people praise her if u dnt like her acting dont watch n dont comment on websites like these about it DAM people just act stupid sumtimes. just like the inauguration people didn’t want her to sing or even be a part of it, and people don’t notice that was disrespecting barack and michelle because thats what they wanted for themselves becasue it was their day. The bottom line is Beyonce is a Hard WORKING woman who deserves everything she has and will continue to get!! (including this movie role) haha H_____!

  21. Beyonce is a successful HARD WORKING woman who is going to continue to succeed in the future (including getting this movie role)! and possibly an oscar @ REAL TALK… I dont blame u she should’ve never said should i pull the trigger now and put herself in that position just because she doesn’t like someone!!!
    And oh yea for erbodi who was putting the flop of cadillac records on Beyonce she was only in the movie the last 30mins did you ever think that was the reason it flopped DUMASSEZ!

  22. I wonder if Angela Davis has a say so in all this. I mean it is about her. I hope she doesn’t get the part. Just because she reads for him doesn’t necessarily mean she gets it. Angela Bassette was suppose to play along side Sean Connery in Entrapment. Yet the part with to Catherine Zeta-Jones.

    Beyonce will never be a good actress. Some people have it and others have to learn it. She has to learn it and even then she’s not believable.

    Out of all the roles she has had only one was Oscar worthy and that was Dreamgirls due to Jamie Foxx just coming off of Ray, Eddie Murphy (can act his ass off) and the pleasant surprise of Jennifer Hudson. Austin Powers was already a franchise movie and did well and would have whether she was in it or not.

    The other movies were all flops, Fighting Temptations, Pink Panther, Cadillac Records (soon to be Obsessed). How many more flops does she need in order for the powers that be to get it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  23. @ Jeremy

    Now that you mention it, I can see Kimberly Elise playing this role.

  24. “Real Talk”, come on, now. I know that you can do better than that, OK?
    I’m going to have to go along with Beyonce as Angela Davis on this one. First of all, her acting has gotten better a little at a time. In Cadillac Records, she showed that she can play the type of person who is not going to be told what to do. That’s exactly how Angela Davis was… she was an activist, a radical, and a rebel. Second, just look at the gravatar icon that Ms. SnijanaFleur uses. That is Beyonce and she looks exactly like what Angela Davis looked like back then in the day… big afro with big, round hoop ear rings. I think that Beyonce will do more than OK in this movie.

  25. I really think she will do a great job as a militant like Angela Davis. I really believe that if she gets it she will do her honor. Being in a role that does not show her singing will be her signature role. It might not bring in the money, but it will show people about her.

  26. I think Beyonce is one of the greatest singers/performers of our time, however, she is not a good actress. She keeps getting roles, not because of her acting skills, but because of her star power. Beyonce always said she wants to win an Oscar, Grammy & Tony. It is OK to be ambitious, but she does not have the acting chops. I also think she is over-exposed, she is trying too hard to do everything and be everywhere.

  27. all ya’ll hoes are crazy! LMAO I can say what I want. I didnt mean that literally, she asked I answered! lol

  28. @ REAL TALK……
    I usually ease right over your comments, I just saw my name in it this time and I read it. I don’t know how old you are but you are obviously younger than me (or maybe just mentally). Good thing I am level headed and not suicidal or we would have had another cyber suicide wouldn’t we? You are WAY too concerned with protecting Beyonce and probably too mentally involved in hollywood. Save your energy for better things, you up here defending her and she’s probably in Paris France sleeping!

  29. “Beyonce” is a name that rakes in the millions, so it is only natural that the producer would name drop or hint to her. No, movies should not be just about making money, but the art… unfortunately for many ppl they are all about the dolla dolla bill. If Beyonce does play Angela Davis it will be very interesting to see her pull off the role of a strong feminist, activist, & militant pro Black woman. Angela Davis is a STRONG character & a force to be reckon with & I haven’t seen much in Beyonce ( acting that is) that tells me she can pull this off. I hope that this is like many other rumors that we hear floating around. I do hope that they choose another actress who can do this role justice… sorry folks ya girl Bey simply cannot act

  30. Okay..where do I even start? Just because Beyonce is offered a role, doesn’t mean she has to take it. She should thank the producers for such a fine compliment and then gracefully decline. There are waaay too many talented black actresses out there to give this opportunity to. There is no way she has acting chops of this magnitude. And just because she looks like Angela Davis doesn’t mean she should play her onscreen. Doesn’t she still have the Eartha Kitt role in the works? It is unbelievable that all of these producers are willing to cheapen these stories by casting a cash cow instead of a quality actress.

  31. Beyonce Knowles-Carter is palatable, that is why so many consider her for roles, send her scripts, etc. She has THE LOOK. Not only the look, she has the ‘pull’ to help get butts in seats (the recent disappointment of Cadillac Records not included). She’s the “IT” girl and that’s why many fawn over her.

    Personally, if they offer it to her and she accepts, I say why not? She seems to like biopics/quasi-biopics, maybe this is her lane? My only problem with her ‘performances’ is that they are severely LACKING and when I see her on screen, I don’t see “Deena” or “Etta” or “Carmen” or “Foxxy Cleopatra”, I see “Beyonce”. That is and will continue to be her struggle as an actress—convincing the lot of us that the woman onscreen is NOT Beyonce Knowles-Carter, but the character intended.

    And I’m in agreement with a lot of you, there are other more ‘palatable’ actress who could pull off Angela Davis and there are certainly more well-seasoned actresses who could do the role. Fortunately, this is rumor, something to read about, comment on and keep it moving along until the ‘next’ rumor (because you know there’ll be one) LOLOL.

  32. @ Real Talk now you sound very harsh and bitter was that really a nice thing to say? Back to the topic Beyonce does resemble Angela Davis but like mentioned above Kimberly Elise would be an excellent choice for this role. Angela Bassett played Tina Turner extremely well and she does not look anything like her.

  33. That’s a gorgeous pic of Beyonce! She really does look like a young Angela Davis. LOL, at folks getting angry. You need to get angry with the producers! They are the ones checking for her! All of the movies Beyonce has been in have done well except CR. She was not the star of CR. So, yes, producers will still be calling for her. She has gotten better with each role. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  34. I think Beyonce should be the only actress in the world allowed to be in movies. Forget all of those other well trained, talented, experienced, smart and beautiful actresses out there. Go Beyonce!

  35. @ voice I AGREE

    If you feel the need to kill yourself due to Beyonce’s ON GOING success, then that’s YOUR FOOLISH thinking! To me ppl on here are so PRESS to see Beyonce Fall its sickning. Okay Beyonce is not an ACTRESS but still learning and with each film that she has done she gets better. I hope she accepts this role and take alot of time out to research Angela Davis and nail that role like no one else could. After her great performance in Cadillac Records things can only go UP for Bey’s acting. She looks alot like her too, this would involve NO singing (4 once) and alot of Drama. Its Funny how folks always say she cant act but directors STAY putting her in films?!? They obviously see something in her that the haters see too, but dont wanna admit. She is a SINGER/PERFORMER 1st…so she may not be a Halle Berry but so what. I know some will say she paid for this an paid for that and her name alone is why she gets roles but thats FALSE b/c if a director knows that a movie will Flop if Bey’s in it then they wouldnt put her in it. Its b/c of her drive to become a good actress that makes Beyonce eligible. Directors and producers respect that about her. But thanks to the HATERS Beyonce is on top like never before! THANKS GUYS! 🙂 LOL

  36. Go Bee! She looks so pretty in that pic. I feel she will shut all haters up with is role and she will get that oscar she has been wanting so bad!

  37. Can you all please go and pull a picture of Angela Davis up because they favor in no shape, form, nor fashion. They just share the same afro wig. And take a look at the pictures she’s been in none of them would be what is considered block buster. The closet thing she was in that would be considered a block buster would be the Austin Powers movie. No one wants to see her act that is why her movies does not do well. This guy has no intentions of picking Beyonce for this movie, but, now you all know that a movie about Angela Davis will be made and you will think of Beyonce when you see it.

  38. Beyonce playing a pro-black activist? Yea right- she wants to friggin be latino/creole/anything but black. The person who plays this role will need to actually love their race, and from what I see Beyonce doesn’t do that- she does everything to try and be as white as possible and only caters to the black audience when it suits her! Screw her, she’s a malicious wench who has stolen soo many other peoples’ opportunities.

    She doesn’t care about the millions of talented black actresses who would be great for this role and would love the opportunity. She doesn’t care that she only gets roles because she is “Beyonce”- the deity of ignorant Americans (predominantly black, because here in Europe people don’t worship her like black americans seem to). She doesn’t care that in order to be where she is today, she has crushed many poeple (Solange, Kelly, Michelle, ex-DC members etc) She is selfish!

    And her stans make me hate her more because they idolize her like she’s God, ie. the above poster “anonymous.” She has done nothing to prove she deserves this role, she needs to stick to stealing songs written by little girls and shaking her butt because that’s all she knows!

  39. OH NO!
    I like Bey but this is too much. She really has not graduated from singing roles. They need someone who can really really act. They need an actress. The great Angela Davis deserves better than that. I am sure there are some actresses out there that could do that role GREAT justice.

  40. Melissa,

    All of Beyonce’s movies? Really? Like Fighting Temptations? Like Pink Panther? Like Austim Powers: Gold Member?

    Dreamgirls was the ONLY real hit she had. And she was playing a singer. I think you are stretching it a bit far.

  41. @ REAL TALK
    I’m not a hater, I give credit when it is due. But I also state my opinion and should not be verbally attacked for doing so. AND why are you the only one who couldn’t chalk it up as a joke?? Why the hell would I wanna kill myself over some one I don’t know? Goodnight girlfriend.

  42. @Liyah

    I knew you were joking, YOUR the one saying what if it was a real web suicide n sh*t….Thats you that cant take the joke GIRLFRIEND. So you can save that sh*t for one of these fools that actually care if you take ur lif e or not. B*tch I dont know you and by the looks of it I dont care to do so. SO LIKE I SAID Beyonce should take the Angela Davis part and nail it like she did that old ungrateful bag of bones Etta James in Caddy Records…even better then that. Beyonce dont care for the folks that dont support her acting or music BUT it’s yall that make her #1 its the non supporters that over expose her and keep her songs in the TOP anything so I commend all her non supporters and HATERS for consistantly having Ms Knowles-Carter or there mind! You all are truly appreciated and loved for the hard work that is put out EACH AND EVERYDAY. Big UPS TO ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL BEY’S HATERRS!!! lls

  43. LOL I see some of yall don’t know what the definition of a FLOP is….Allow me to help you…J.Lo’s Gigli….A FLOP!….Beyonce’s Austin Powers…over 150 million sold worldwide…NOT A FLOP….Mariah’s Glitter….FLOP….Beyonce’s Pink Panther…20 mil sold in just its 1st week and sequel coming out already….NOT A FLOP….And Dreamgirl’s…do I really need to explain that one too?? lol

    And Beyonce’s only movies that didn’t bring huge numbers were Fighting Temptations and Cadillac Records, both of which are “BLACK” movies and one of which was opened in limited release and earned her critical acclaim… Not bad considering she is by no means an ACTRESS.

  44. I would be interested in knowing whom Angela Davis would like to play in her in a movie about her life. But, I must say that the artistic sector of filmaking is dead! It appears that producers are more interested in box-office numbers than they are in sending a meaningful message or making art. Isn’t anyone tired of dramatic Biographies on our people? I can read the books on these people’s lives to understand why they made the choices they did. What happened to writing good stories, or telling a message for the principle of the matter, not for the profit?

    I respect Beyonce and her ability to make it as a Superstar. I am sure she tries her best. I understand that she is seeking an Oscar for her acting abilities before she’s 30 years of age. Well, with regard to her performance in Cadillac Records, she could not convince me she was a singer who had a really hard life prior to, and during, the height of her fame. Concerning a biographical drama on Angela Davis, I am not certain I will see her as a reflection of one of the most influential black feminists of our time. Regardless of the comments by the upstanding members of the Church of Beyonce Knowles, Beyonce still has a ways to go shed her sheltered yet “bootylicious” image which affects her acting skills.

  45. If a producer wants a certain person then that is fine but it does seem more like they want a big name to draw more attention to the movie. I think they want an America’s Sweetheart type person like Beyonce because Angela was such a controversial figure, she may tone down the negative press. I don’t see it because of her acting just because she has yet to be that moving in film. People keep saying she puts people in the seats but I don’t see that either, all of her movies already had names bigger than her and the majority of the different cast members were already established actors and successful in their own right. I think her upcoming movie Obsessed will really tell whether she is a box office draw because no one in the cast is truly major, they maybe known but not on an international level. So this movie will be the true test to see of people want to see her act.

  46. REAL TALK, Have you ever held a conversationw/out using profanity?

  47. Haven’t idiots figured out that Beyonce movies flops? I just amazes me that people keep giving this no acting girl movie roles, they know good and damn well Beyonce is NOT fit to play Angela Davis! This is a huge mistake, I do admire Angela Davis but I will not give them my money if Beyonce is cast as the lead.

  48. The reason why Cadillac Records failed at the theaters was not Beyonce’s fault. The reason being was the fact it was not released in a lot of movie theaters which is the fault of the producers. The producers being the Weinstein Company was in charge of getting the movie seen in every market. Cadillac Records was a good movie and Beyonce did a good job as Etta James. The Weinstein Company also produced “the Great Debaters”. It too failed @ the theaters(opening @ number 11) and we all know that was a good Movie. I think B as an actress has come along way. From her silver screen debut in Austin Powers to Cadillac Records show s she has had a huge improvement..I think B can do

  49. Also Austin Powers opened @ Number 1…Fighting Temptations opened @ 3 and Dreamgirls #2 and Pink Panther # besides Cadillac Records what other movie has flopped???

  50. @Liyah
    Have you ever held a conversations that made ANY sense??

  51. @914Prince

    Thank you!!! Beyonce has had only ONE movie flop!! Cadillac Records…and that wasnt even released worldwide. PLEASE folks lets STATE FACTS Ill give you a minute then bring ya a$$ back with some legit movies that FLOPPED cuz Movies that Beyonce are in dont flop! The world LOVES her. DONT YA’LL GET IT??! LOL USA doesnt sum up the rest of the worlds likings for Bey.

  52. @914 Prince and others , the reason why her movies dont flop is NOT because of her but because of the other REAL actors in the movies with her.. In Dreamgirls people were checking f0r Jennifer, Jamie, and Eddie. I know I was. Jennifer sang her behind off in that movie, people were in tears!! Now thats acting. And Jennifer was just a reject from American Idol, she didnt have to do all of that promotion and being shoved down our throats and she still won that damn Oscar!

  53. @Real Talk u is a hot mess. Why you have to call liyah a bitch. I see how alot of people be defending this girl knowing damn well she can not act. As far as performing yesssss she kills it. You know liyah was joking and you have to take it to other level You need to grow up.

  54. hmmm? I’m reading everyone’s comments regarding Beyonce’s rumored portrayal of Angela Davis and its very interesting. I just wanted to say that people shouldn’t be mad at Beyonce for receiving these roles. People should be mad at casting directors for having Beyonce be casted in these bio pics lol. Someone really bought up a really good point of the past films that Beyonce has been casted in. Most of the films that she has been casted have been films with very well known actors and actresses who have received awards for their previous performances. Also with her being in those films, the actors carried the film with their performance. I saw Cadillac Records and Beyonce has improved in showcasing emotion on screen but I wasn’t convinced that she was Etta. I still saw Beyonce. She just looked like Beyonce in short blonde wig . The people that did it for me was Columbus Short as Little Walter and Jeffrey Wright as Muddy Waters. Beyonce has improved but she is still not convincing at portraying non fictional characters. Now with the movie “Obsessed” this movie is probably the only movie that will show whether she can carry a movie with her name also with acting because these names aren’t major.

  55. Angela Davis is more than a cause célèbre, she is also a Civil Rights icon and leader for the advancement of all Black Women. She is also a scholar, someone who is not wholly represented in black culture but is denounced especially since most of you concentrate only on the entertainment community of our culture.

    Whether Miss Knowles is chosen to play this part is solely up to the producers and not the court of public opinion. Remember those of you who are anti-Beyonce don’t have to watch the movie.

  56. @914 Prince, thanks for that info. I hope Beyonce does a good job – I would definitely like to see the Angela Davis story. But, I predict other black actresses getting really irritated by being overlooked or simply passed-by. I think that Beyonce is beautiful, great singer and actress, but there are other black actresses to choose from. If I were a black actress, my agent/manager’s phone would be ringing off the hook. I’m not sure how it works, but isn’t it the agents’ job to hustle and find work for their clients? Maybe Matthew is just a little better than most. Well, good luck to Beyonce.

  57. gosh its like some of you want to go to court to stop this woman in this role.Give it up!

  58. @lady

    MIND YOU BUSINESS HUN! This has nothing to do with you…You look like your about 35 yrs old. Dont you think your a little too old to be commenting on anoter persons opinion?! I already knew she was joking but since she took to heart what I said then thats the one you should be talking too. Dont worry about what I say B*tch is just an expression GET OVER IT B*TCH!


    If you think folks went to see DREAMGIRLS b/c of J-Hud you are in denial. That movie is what put her in the “A” list status. That movie had alot to do with the history of what the film was about as well as to see BEYONCE, JAMIE FOXX, AND EDDIE MURPHY each time that commercial came out they showed those 3 talented folks. J hud wasnt anything BIG until after the movie after the Oscar! So stop hating it is what it is…Beyonce brings big bucks to anything she is in. Caddy Records I think the haters just say all they saw was Beyonce and Noot Etta James b/c thats all your looking for, b4 you looked at the movie you already had the thought in your mind that “Beyonce cant act” so guess what you saw…just that! Oprah, Halle Berry, Jamie Foxx and the critics thought Beyonce was outstanding…How do you think she got 3 MORE MOVIE rolls after Cadillac Records???! lol Come on lets keep it real sistaaaas…

  59. LOL @ people REALLY thinking that Beyonce is truly a thespian. LOL!!!!!!

  60. LOL! @people who REALLY think Beyonce is trying to be a Thespian…she is a quad-druple threat and she is getting that money! LMAO!!!!!

  61. @ real talk you need to grow up now where did you see anywhere in my statement that I was “hating” lol . YOU are indenial, but at the end of the day who got the Oscar?? dont worry I’ll wait……………. Exactly Moving on!!!

  62. @Bronze_Beauty

    Hun I never said you were
    ‘hating” I was making a statement and stating facts! If you feel the HATERS comments was towards you then you must be one! I just said you were in DENIAL thats not called hating. Imma need your dumb a$$ to go back and re-read my comment before you speak. and Who cares if J Hud got the Oscar good for her…Bey was nominated 2 times for an oscar and has 11 grammys, 4 AMA’s, and soo soo much more. She will get that oscar if its meant for her to have. J-Hud has ONE grammy so it works out for the both of them now doesnt it! lls

  63. um yes you did hun go back to your first comment and you stated:” so stop your hating”

    “If you think folks went to see DREAMGIRLS b/c of J-Hud you are in denial. That movie is what put her in the “A” list status. That movie had alot to do with the history of what the film was about as well as to see BEYONCE, JAMIE FOXX, AND EDDIE MURPHY each time that commercial came out they showed those 3 talented folks. J hud wasnt anything BIG until after the movie after the Oscar! So stop hating it is what it is”

    And I also stated facts hun! no need to get angry, its not that serious. you still will have bills when you wake up in the morning. who’s the dumbass now?? you forgot what YOU wrote yourself lol!! GET SOME CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! and some self esteem. Bey wouldn’t give two shits about you defending her, I refuse to have conversations with people who have no lives and will come on a blog to argue with strangers. ta ta now.

  64. Im not at all upset dear. I dont know you and could careless about you. AND Guess what… you still have bills to pay too hun and I take that back YOU ARE A HATER lol…get over yourself. You should look up to Beyonce and want to be as driven and successful as she is, wit your un-educated azz! fucc is a Bronze beauty??? Girl bang, girl boo and girle BYE! lls… ya’ll make my day on here everday!!! 🙂

  65. with your ghetto ass. guess what at least im trying to do something with my life idk maybe I have an education to be a college sophmore.. lol which you do not have you cannot even complete a sentence w/o cussing, take me as your inspiration for you to go back to school while young women like me (age 19) argue with your ignorant immature behind , but your a grown woman right?? lol. grow up, read a book, and try to go back to school, and use me as your inspiration to get an education REAL TALK! and a Bronze Beauty is obviously something that you’re not.

  66. oh yea ima use your favorite word………. B*itch!! LOL since you have no other vocabulary.

  67. grow up bitch! ghetto trick if u done then stop responding, see what i mean ignorant

  68. Bronze_BUSTED

    Look whos talking?! LOL Calm down b*tch its not that serious! lls GROW DOWN tramp! LMFBAO!!!!

  69. I am calm you’re ass is just too illiterate to understand everyone on here knows that you are except for you lol who’s making yourself look like a fool. thats right i got under your skin, because if i didnt you wouldn’t be on here checking for me lol. .. grow down lol how old are you 12???


  71. Ladies!
    I love blogging, but, I think this is supposed to be a discussion where women voice their opinions about the issue (Beyonce possibly cast as Angela Davis) without offending someone else. Let’s just discuss the issues objectively without exerting anger on people we don’t know. A good friend of mine has NEVER PASSED THE BAR EXAM because she got too emotionally involved in the issues on the test, and couldn’t see the issues for what they were. As brown sistas, I am certain we can just discuss the article without making this personal. No discussion of any celebrity is worth it.

  72. This would be a very dramatic and solid role for Bee. She has stepped her acting up, she was really good in Cadillac Records, although the movie wasnt that great ,I had 2 sit back a few times like “is that beyonce??” She was cursing up a storm lol but I was impessed. That’s a really cute picture of her 2 🙂

  73. @Real Talk i would love to see what you look like. You can not mess with me on your best days. You is a disrespectful girl not a woman. @Bronze_Beauty yeaaa she 12 with no damn sense.

  74. wow! Maybe she can pull this off. I gotta say she better sit next to Angela Davis for atleast 3 months and study her every move. I think Beyonce has improved her acting, this would be such a huge role for her. I just hope she does miss Davis some justice like she did Diana in Dreamgirls and Etta in C.R. I cant even hate on her, she’s gettin in where she fits in.

  75. @ LADYaka MAN FACE….Im sure you would and if I could upload my pic up then you would see that I look 20x better then your fat a$$. Girl please if you only knew….

    @ BRONZE_BUSTED girl look at you getting all out of charachter lol You calling me ignorant for responding to your foolishness but your doing the same dear…thats not very becoming at all. Isnt that the munchkin calling the midget short??! B*tches please get over me…b/c Im already over ya’ll!!! STILL LLS @ you lames 🙂 Chow!

  76. REAL HOT MESS, If you’re over it then stop responding little girl.

  77. First of all, I was absolutely infuriated to find out that Beyonce once again got another role that could have been played by newer talent. The reason why the black star power is not growing in Hollywood is because producers are allowed to give the roles to the same two black women, Halle or Beyonce. This move is not about Beyonce being a great actress, nor is it about immortalizing the legacy of Davis. This simply is about filling seats with a known name, and it is also about the laziness of Hollywood producers to discover new black talent. Instead, they decide to not only limit our power onscreen, but in the process, they have decided to destroy a civil rights leader’s legacy in the name of the almighty dollar. Hey, I’m not saying Bey could never be a great actress, but what I am saying is that she has not tried to perfect the acting craft. Why should she? We’ll support her for the following reasons: She’s black. She’s popular, and her name sells. The hell with Davis’ legacy. The hell with the fact that Davis herself would have despised Beyonce’s entire career which is the antithesis of everything she stood for (oversexualized product, unwillingness to educate herself, etc.).

  78. @ZION WELL GET OVER B*TCH B/C 2009 IS BEYONCE’S and aint sh*t yo hatin a$$ can do about dat talkin bout “IM ABSOLUTLEY INFURIATED” shut-up! LOL MAKE A PETITION then like they did for her to not perform at the inauguration…and look how that turned out!!! LMFAO Bey cannot b stopped just shut up and deal wit it :)) Bey has millions and millions and trillions of other fans across the world. Who cares about Ghetto black america that are so bitter towards a successful woman making a name for herself in all talents. Each time she is in a movie she improves, Im sure Angela Davis wld be all for it when he get that cash flow from the boxoffice and with her help Im sure Beyonce will be great!

    @BRONZE_BUSTED LMAO..U make me laugh….foolish girl. Your so pathetic.

  79. hhaah yea you are the prime example of ghetto black america lol im glad you realize that. hey do us all a favor go dig a hole and lay in it lol.

  80. @914 The Great Debaters was NOT a flop. It made over 30 mill when the film budget was only 15 mill.

    People crack me up making excuses for Beyonce. She can not act and she will not get an Oscar unless she PAYS for one . She is not a serious actress and does not have the diligence to be one.
    It would be different if she took some time off and dedicated herself full time to the craft. But like her albums, she puts something together real quick so people won’t forget her, because she wants to be a “legend” remember?? I know people think she can do anything , but right now if she’s going to act, she needs to lose the accent and really focus on just that(acting) and maybe then people will take her serious. Otherwise, if she accepts the movie it will flop just like Cadillac Records.

  81. LMFAO@ Folks who think Beyonce has all the money in the world to buy roles and performances?! Beyonce is a Legend in the making and people actually enjoy her music and her acting, why does she have to pay for it?? I cant wait til Bey gets that oscar…so that way all these BUSTED a$$ tricks can keep there mouths shut.

    ghetto black americans only consist of haters that dont wanna see Beautiful, Strong, and driven women blossom like the flowers we are but instead females have to hate on each other b/c its not what they like or that they wld perfer others! ITS SICKNING…SMH

  82. ZION WROTE: “The hell with Davis’ legacy. The hell with the fact that Davis herself would have despised Beyonce’s entire career which is the antithesis of everything she stood for (oversexualized product, unwillingness to educate herself, etc.).”

    Beyonce’s delusional stans refuse to recognize this, and prefer to refer to those who are honest about this woman’s acting abilities as ‘haters.’ Come on! Be for real.
    Give Beyonce credit for being a great singer and stage performer, but not for her terrible, inconsistent, out-of-character acting.

    I would truly hope, Angela Davis still ascribes to the ideals you mentioned. I hope Ms. Davis, if she allows herself to be portrayed on film, would insist on a more seasoned, dedicated actress who will express her persona due to love of the craft and not for the lust of a gold-plated statue.

    And to the poster who believes that there are many who have to look up Angela Davis on Wikepedia:
    Do not assume.
    I was a young college student during that time. My BF was a Black Panther member. I came of age during a turbulent time in our American History that Beyonce Knowles is neither knowlegeble of, and I doubt has ever been concerned about.

    Angela Davis was a Black Panther member, SNCC member, was well educated, and was later a college professor.
    Beyonce is no where near an intellectual. She will have to study incessantly and educate herself about Ms. Davis connections with the Communist Party, and the influence Socialism had on her ideals. Beyonce’s just not that deep!

    Beyonce Knowles is not articulate enough to read the necessary lines for a film like this, unless it is dumbed-down to her level and calls for the use of a consistent ‘texas drawl’ throughout the movie.

    She has already locked herself in portraying the late, great Ms. Eartha Kitt.
    Now Angela Davis??

    Please stop allowing a mediocre actress ruin the legacy of such gifted individuals.

  83. Girl shut up! You think to much and not the Right things. Beyonce is an UP AND COMING ACTRESS…meaning she’s coming up with each film Beyonce is in she gets better no matter what you say. The Beyonce from “Carmen” is not the same Beyonce from “Cadillac Records” since then she has improved dramasticly now directors and producers are looking at it like molding her acting career into being great at that too, no matter who plays it they have to do the person justice…Look at Jamie Foxx he does both and is quite successful in doing them both, no ones knocking his hustle though?! Honestly Im done on this thread and point blank is, if beyonce takes that role she will get that oscar. CHOW!

  84. First of all i am responding to comment #98 you really dont know about the indutry Do you well this is how it go, i know Giselle good enough to know that, if she know somebody wants her to do a movie she will do it if she wants she can turn that movie down and construct concidering she was the executive producers of Cadilac Records, meaning she had a say so about making the movie so please if you could,( Dont talk about B), GET YA FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. :brownsista: they want her to go from the pink panther to black panther. I’m sorry but this will never work. Beyonce is not a strong enough actress to come close to the passion that Angela Davis displays. yeah sure she can be made up to resemble Ms. Davis but let’s be honest the brain chemistry simply isn’t there. :noway: Now you may want to consider Angela Bassett, she is a winner in everything she does.

  86. Beyonce needs to sit down. Seriously.
    Her ego already tells her that she has the acting chops to portray Eartha Kitt. Has anyone heard Eartha Kitt speak? That woman had perfect diction.
    I would not be surprised if she put money into the upcoming Kitt film project, made herself executive producer, and cast herself as the lead role.
    Bey did this with Cadillac Records.

    I hope this producer considers that there are many more black actresses who are more suited for the role of Angela Davis.
    Who even knows how Angela Davis feels about her life being represented on film? Doesn’t she have to approve this?
    If Angela Davis does approve having a film made about her life, who honestly believes that she will agree with having Beyonce portray her?

  87. Has anyone heard Eartha Kitt speak? I most certainely did and I agree with you, Etta has perfect diction, and she also comes accross as highly educated. Let beyonce play Her and anybody else she wants, She will win 15 oscars this year only! 🙂 I predict that, and while new white talent is discovered everyday why shouldn’ t producers Stick to beyonce only? She is the only talended Black woman on earth

  88. Dark Sista:
    I wrote that Eartha Kitt had perfect diction.
    Not Etta.

    I think it will be hilarious watching Bey do an Eartha Kitt purrrr, and attempting to speak with a Euro/Parisian accent. (She’s already been given the ‘go ahead’ to portray the late Eartha Kitt.)

    Move on to Angela Davis:
    If Ms Davis ever approves of Beyonce portraying her life in film, I’d think Angela will have compromised her ideals and taken leave of her senses for the almighty dollar.

  89. I know you did i apologize i was listening to all i could do was cry so i guess my subconscious wrote it …. and you guys no i’ m sarcastic

  90. Beyonce is not a good choice for the role of Angela Davis. There are soooo many other actresses out there that would do a much better job than her. You don’t necessarily have to look like the person you are portraying. Like Talulazoeapple said, Angela Bassett did not look like Tina but she played her to the T”. Shoot Denzel sure didn’t look like Malcom X but I betcha we all thought he was Malcom by the end of the movie. I could go on mentioning other actors and actresses but why? When they all have one thing Beyonce will never have acting TALENT!!! She can barley sing maybe Pink Panther III will come around before this movie gets started and that will give her something to do and leave the acting to those that can. Oh yeah the right actress for the job would be Jurnee Smollet, and Sharon Leal (she played in Soul Men ).

    BEYONCEHATER no shame!

  91. This is concerning Shantai is it or who ever that feels like HATING on Ms.Cater. First of all just like you said denzel and every body else you gracefully stated, whatever role is thrown at her she can do it with a porfession meaning making the movie sell. If Jenifer Hudson won a oscar for (Dream Girls), in which she sang her heart just like Be did in Cadillac Records, um you must aint seen it. Did you catch this t she was the Executive Producer in Cadillac Records, I dont think Jenifer got that oppurtunity. Anything Beyonce wanted to take out or in that movie she couldve done exactly that.

  92. angie bassett should play the part,she is a real actor.she played tina to the ‘t’. every movie she play’s in is a big,big,big hit.beyonce eat your heart out.and go back to school learn something.

  93. beyonce have a long ways to go when it comes to acting.her father used her money for pay off’s.that’s how she’s getting these movie parts.angie bassett should get the part.because she’s well trained and very educated.the angla davis part is to much for beyonce the uneducated dummy.

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