Promo Shots: Amerie

Here are some lovely pics of Amerie sent in to BrownSista by a fan. These are said to be new promo shots from the singer’s upcoming “In Love & War” album, though I’m not so sure. I have not personally seem them before- however I cannot imagine any record company releasing such graphically heavy images as promo shots. I think a fan got there hands on them, altered them via Photoshop or Fireworks and then released them publicly. Whatever they case… they are pretty cute.



  1. I like….especially the one in the middle s’very dark and sultry.

  2. Her face looks funny in the second pic, like she’s uncomfortable or has to potty- LOL!

    I love Amerie. Hope she brought some FIRE on this new album! 🙂

  3. These are promo shots from her album. She worked with a great artist/photographer to bring to life the contrast of love and war.

  4. These are def the promo shots for the album. In a recnet interview she said she wanted heavy graphics and something to show the theme.
    These are not fan made or altered via photoshop.

  5. yeah somebody definitely put their own juices to this and photoshopped these pics up. none the less she looks simply gorgeous! love her!

  6. why would a record label not release these???..i think they look cool..must be going with her album and where is at..i love them!!


  8. Amerie is just gorgeous. But has she had some work done. I saw her first video a few days ago and she looked totally different. Anyways the pics are hot and I wish her much success.

    @ Signature Barbie

    I agree, these new chicks couldn’t do it. If they did no one would check for them. It’s sad what they are signing nowadays.

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