Promotion Halted On Janet’s 20 Y.O. Album

According to Janet Jackson’s friend and choreographer Gil Duldulao, Janet will not be shooting a video for her new single “With U”. Gil said Virgin is selling the company and every artist signed to Virgin Records will be affected. This means that all of the companies funds are being frozen for everyone and any new promotion or videos will have to be payed for by the artists themselves.As previously reported, Janet’s new single was released to Urban Radio stations on December 11th. and fans had high hopes that the single and video would revive interest in the 20 Y.O album.

On the upside, 20 Y.O has been certified platinum by the RIAA and Gil assures us that the tour will go on as scheduled with the kickoff date being some time in April.
Stay tuned…

Oh yeah, check out two new pics I came across of Janet.




  1. I knew it.Usually by now we would have heard something about the making of the video but there was no word from Janet’s camp at all.Honsetly Virgin has been a company in the dumps for years.They sold the company right after Janet’s VR album and seriously messed up promotion on Janet’s AFY album.They released only three singles from that album before canning it even though many felt Come On Get Up would have been another hit single.

    Virgin then turns around and seriously dogs out Damita Jo by making a video for the first single and not releasing it.Instead they release a slow jam as the first single and we all know what happened to the album after that.

    The same mistakes were repeated again with this new album.Bad first single and an even worse video, followed by a bad second single and a very dark poorly made video, followed by a poor choice in a third single with no video.

    It’s about time Janet moves on from Virgin and finds a company that know what the hell they are doing when it comes to promotion.

    I’m sad that “Enjoy” will not see the light of day but at the same time I am already anticipating a new album from Janet in 2008. :dance: :dance:

  2. I saw this coming a mile away.Promotion of this album never existed except on the part of Janet and her management in getting her all those magazine covers.

    Vering Records is a has been recored company that to my knowledge has no other viable artist besides Janet and now they have gone and screwed that up.Thank goodness it’s over though.I am sure Janet will sign with another label and get her career back on track.

  3. Don’t place all the blame on Virgin? What has Janet been doing all these months? She has performed all of 3 times on American television since her first single was released back in June and the end result was an album that sold less than 300,000 copies.

    Janet focused on sex too much this time out and it killed her.How many times must we be forced to read about how well JD sexes her up? How many more naked magazine covers and press junkets were the fans expected to endure while performances were an after thought?

    Jay Z did a small tour before the release of his album, as did Christina A., Justin Timberlake and Ciara.These people performed their music and it payed off on the charts.

    Janet talked about her music (sometimes), and her insatiable sexual appetite all the time and it just became sickening.Did she reallt think those things would sell records? Did she really think freaky talk could replace good old fashion performing and promotion to sell records?

    Janet has no one to blame for the utter failure of 20 YO except for herself and Jermaine.Allowing JD to take over her career and album was a huge mistake and the failure of “Call On Me’ and ‘So Excited” are proof of that.

    Janet needs to regroup, refocus and keep JD in the bedroom and outta the studio.

  4. Blame Jermaine.He was in charge and made all the decisions.He’s the mofo who decided to realease that garbage with Nelly as a first single and that even worse garbage with Khia as the second single.Jermaine was selfish and wated to push all the songs he produced with Janet when it was actually the other songs on the album that should have been released.Enjoy should have seen the light of day ages ago but didn’t because Jermaine prolly didn’t think it was ghetto enough.When has Janet ever been a hood rat ghetto artist though? He was a total asswipe who ruined his girlfriend’s career with his ego.Jermaine needs to just fall back and let Jimmy and Terry handle things as they have been for 20 years now.

  5. Oh and Janet is looking her age in those pics.She def looks a lil tired and beat.

  6. Poor Janet. I really like her but it is not looking well at all. I think you guys are right, she talks about sex entirley too much. She used to talk about empowerment & world wide issues, and I know you can’t ramble about that forever but I that is part of being an artist….to keep evolving and giving new things. I am such a fan that I am willing to give her one more chance. I think she learned her lesson. She has to promote better than this:cry:

  7. Things have really fallen apart for Janet.I hope she counces back cause I love her music anf her style.All artists hit a rough patch and Janet is no different.I think the tour will be cancelled too.How can she tour with an album that no one has really heard? I was hoping Enjoy would be released too but I guess that’s just not going to happen now 🙁

  8. I agree that janet did all of this to herself. Instead of promoting her sex life and new body :booty:, she should’ve been promoting her music. I wish she didn’t feel the need to constantly take her clothes off in order to compete with the younger singers. i don’t think those were the only factors that played into her not selling her albums. Another reason is that her music is basically the same as her previous album. She’s always mumbling and whispering over her tunes. She should just retire and have a baby. I’m not really feeling her music or her anymore. 80s to the mid 90s she was good. Now, No!

  9. You all forget that Janet has always taken freaky pics.Let us not forget the Rolling Stone cover dating all the way back to 1993.I think the difference this time around is the statements that often accompanied the photos.Janet used to be very hush hush about her private life but now she was constantly out there telling us about sex with Jermaine and it came of as a desperate ploy.I remember those quotes from the FHM pics and I just felt sorry that Janet felt she had to go there.She has fallen and become cheap in the eyes of people and I blame Jermaine Dupri for that too.He has had a negative affect on Janet’s career and Janet herself.But Janet won’t wake up and kick him to the curb until it’s too late.Let’s hope she doesn’t end up like Whitney or Britney.

  10. WOW!! I don’t think she’ll wind up like either of them (whitney or Britney) but I think we need to see less of him and more of her (with clothes on). She is really in love right now. I think she is just excited and sort of lost focus, she says she’s never really dated before b/c of her two marriages. I think she is going to realize, but it may be too late. I love her anyway though.

  11. I really had to listen to this album (20.y.o.) over and over again but I just couldn’t listen to it at first becuz I was listening from a Rhythm Nation era fan perspective. After I listened while cleaning up my loft I realized that this version of Janet was JD’s version and that Janet was caught between a rock and a hard place becuz of her love for her man who happened to be a BIG RECORD PRODUCER in hip hop.

    I was watching footage of her in the studio with JD and Jimmy Jam making that
    ” Weekend” song and she wouldn’t bob her head unless JD did. She didn’t act like she liked it until he said he liked it. And when I heard her say that he’s a modern day Quincy Jones, I knew at that moment what happened to this record and her career. She’s just sprung. And Virgin took an initial gamble of 32,000,000 to get Janet post A&M which was a fantastic business move for Janet and 10,000,000 copies later of the “Janet.” album it seemed as if it all paid off. She then becomes a free agent. Virgin’s like “Hell no, we won’t let this chick get away.” So they then embark on an 80,000,000 gamble on her as a result of it they have to sell the company. Even though she was highest paid recording artist in History, people wondered how would they ever make up for that and imagine the pressure on Janet to deliver after a contract that lucrative was signed.

    I don’t think that it’s fair to put the blame ( concerning the 20. y.o. situation) on either of the parties involved. JD should have let Jimmy and Terry ( and bobby ross avila) take full reign on this piece and JD should simpy have stuck to “snap music” and offer remixes for singles released off the record because he’s frankly not musical enough for the melodic Janet. I mean he played the back role before on Damita Jo and I thought that record was AMAZING. Well, not the Dallas Austin tracks accept for “Just a little While”. I felt that Rich Harrison’s contribution which didn’t make the album because of hateration SHOULD have been on the there and his song called “Pops Up” should have been the first single off of Damita Jo. Why? Her titty popped out…let’s take this media frenzy following the Super Bowl and make it a single !!! “Pops Up”. It was up tempo, funny and it would have sent this record through the roof with the right choreography. Now Kanye Killed ” I Want U”. That song was hot and very different for Janet but not as a 1st single ( to be technical it was the second single but the 1st US single). Someone was banking on the Alicia Keys sound in the track to work at radio, but Janet is a dance artist. so for many it was hard to believe her. I did…..and she looked like a str8 up sista in the video.
    Once again the fantasy was killed when she meets up with JD at the end of the video. I’m not hating….I’m just saying the fantasy of Janet is the fact that in our minds she’s single. No nigga ever felt threatened by Rene so we still thought Janet belonged to us. It’s important not to take these statement as a attack on Janet’s personal preferences and private love life, it’s all about consumer perspective.

    The side-door mid tempo R&B approach worked with “That’s The Way Love Goes” because everything on Rhythm Nation was such a monstrocity. So it was great to come with a laid back R&B joint. It brought Janet back to the ghetto but it was polished and real and took that “Jackson” stigma off of her. She became accessible much like what “Pleasure Principle” did to close out the Control Era. C’mon you guys, the reason why we liked Janet’s songs to begin with was because of the hard beats and obvious melodies and let’s not foreget the stacking of her background vocals. Janet is a BGV beast. Any producer will tell you that. If you wanna go deeper I can really tell you the truth about what’s happening here.

  12. You have no idea what you are talking about at all.Janet’s contract ahsn’t forced Virgin to have to sell anything.Virgin has made their money back off of Janet 10 times over already.

    Janet’s biggest mistake- the one thing she has done that destroyed her career- is the SB incident.She has been wiped off the face of the music industry.MTV, VH1 and Pop rario won’t touch her with a ten foot pole.

    Damita Jo and 20YO were both great albums which sank because of a factor of many things.None of those factors however were because the music itself was bad.

  13. [quote comment=”2375″]You have no idea what you are talking about at all.Janet’s contract ahsn’t forced Virgin to have to sell anything.Virgin has made their money back off of Janet 10 times over already.

    Hate to say it and no offense but I do know that I’m talking about.
    Virgin made their money off of the Janet. album for sure because it sold 10,000,000 and it was only a one album 32,000,000 contract but after that initial investment they have yet to have really made good on the second 4 album 80,000,000 contract that they went into with Janet in 96.

    TVR 6,000,000 worldwide

    AFY 2,000,000 domestic

    damita jo 1,000,000

    20 y.o. 1,000,000

    These are fantastic numbers. I mean how many artist can call a million copies a flop? that’s an accomplishment in itself. but the point I’m making here is that they haven’t seen substantial sales in years from Jan. Is that Janet’s fault? No. is that the labels fault ? no?

    I think everything would be alright if Janet could get back to a business relationship with rene elizondo and tina landon. I mean come on …after TVR all of the concepts of each record fell through. They didn’t seem real and were somewhat contrived. When rene was around this cat was like the creative backbone to the JJ dynasty. And I really don’t think that people give rene enough credit for how much he helped to shape Jan’s career. I am the BIGGEST JJ fan out there but I’m also objective. And from my humble observations, rene knew how to bring the best out of Janet conceptually.

    As far a virgin about to sell. Their only artist that was doing anything substantial besides DFB and Leny Kravitz/tina turner was Janet Jackson. Virgin was always a high profile label so for them to have to sell the label……well I just think that there were alot of business decisions that were made with great expectations. Somebody didn’t deliever. Of course we know that Janet can perform her ass off and the tour are wonderful. But even with this tour for 20 y.o. (if there is still one that’s going to happen) it CANNOT be the same format from TVR and AFY tours. By the way I liked he energy and raw in your FACE of TVR tour but I LOVED the production value of the AFY tour.

    Janet most likely recourped over all but label don’t just want you to recoup they want to to make sellable records. It’s a business more than it is about just the music.

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