Put It In A Love Song Gets Delayed

The release of Alicia Keys’ video for her single “Put It In A Love Song” has reportedly been pushed back by a week. Originally scheduled to make it’s debut earlier this week, Monday, March 8th, the video is now said to be making it’s world premiere on March 17th. The song and video are a collaboration between Alicia and fellow R n’ B diva Beyonce- who also has seen her “Telephone” video featuring Lady Gaga be pushed back multiple times as well. “Telephone” is now set to ring this Thursday and hopefully “Put It A Love Song” will make it’s new scheduled debut on time as well.
*cross your fingers*


  1. Wow! my two favorite ladies in carnival costumes!



  3. Well LIVERPOOL you asked so I will tell.
    My theory is when she was giving her 110% on stage in Orlando and made that “legendary” fall down those flight of stairs she got banged up and kept a permanent scar, so I believe that’s why she wears the panty hose most the time.

  4. ^^ nope! she’s been wearing pantyhose even since before then. i guess she just likes it. oh well…who cares…

  5. I think.its good that she wears panty hoes she has class that’s very lady like of her in my opinon lol.

  6. just get on with it. why has every recent video beyonce has been in been delayed at some point. people aren’t going to give a damn about the song anymore by the time the video comes out!

  7. If you are familiar with carnival and costumes…you’ll no that most women wear them when the bottom piece of their costume is very skimpy or leaves nothing to the imagination, case in point B’s costume bottoms…..the panty hose come’s in handy to hide your stuff……women who DON’T just don’t seem to care who sees…lol

  8. I hope they push the song and video off a cliff. She should have did a video for Unthinkable – it’s already on the radio – and Put In A Love Song is nowhere to be found – just like Bey’s Video Phone – I think people are tired.

  9. That should be “have done” – sorry! grammer #fail. LOL!

  10. i love the outfits too. i love to see women doing their thing and being happy doing it.

  11. Nothin’ against Beyonce’ or anything, but to answer your question More correctly LIVERPOOL…the reason why Bey where’s pantyhose is to mask her cellulite. Most women her age have it, heck, I have light strech marks and I’m a 5’3 120 pound 20 year old (aka I’m pretty fit) however, Beyonce—hate her or love her–isn’t allowed to have cellulite without much hateration goin on so that’s why she where’s the pantyhose.

    Also, this video better be better than the TRASH of that ridiculous and pathetic Lady Gaga video. Ugh, talk about DISGUSTING! Honest. I miss the old Beyonce’ when her music was actually good. Like her first album Dangerously in Love good. Now, it’s just complete CRAP…and the videos are so dark and stuff. What’s up with that?

  12. I can’t wait fo the video! Sorry KSH…never tired! Two amazing women!!!! – I do wish she would do a video for unthinkable though!

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