Queen by Queen Latifah!

products Covergirl’s Queen Collection by Queen Latifah is another great accomplishment achieved by the Rapper/actress. What I like most about the Queen Collection is it’s more than just a line of makeup products. It’s makeup designed for us by us. Although I’ve tried all the products from the Queen Collection. The product I enjoyed most was the Mineral-Enriched Bronzer. It brings out the glow and highlights, not hides, your natural beauty and features. Latifah stated “I had the privelege of working directly with Covergirl cosmetics to offer women of color a fresh, natural, and confident look with a mineral effort.” The Queen Collection definitely aknowledges the natural beauty all women of color acquire.

Retail Price:$8.00


  1. Yeh! for the Queen. Though I don’t wear makeup I think this is a positive marketing move.

  2. Not big on makeup past maybe mascara and lip gloss but go Queen :).

  3. Hey Ari…you know I don’t really wear make-up but i have tried the lip gloss and I really like it but how is the mascara? I may try that!

  4. Im not all into makeup powdering up my face . just give me some MAC lip gloss, HIP LOREAL eyeshadow, and cover girl mascara Im good

  5. Her foundations are the best ever. I used to love Iman but once i found out that the CGQ worked better for me, and is half the price, it’s the best thing from a drugstore. That’s the only thing I tried so far.

  6. I havent tried her line of makeup yet, but I hope it has the foundations that match all of our skin tones. I am so tired of seeing sistas with their faces one shade and their necks, arms and hands a darker shade. I dont really get into the heave makeup but I think if I found a foundation that complimented my skin tone I would make the investment.

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