Queen Latifah Covers Essence Magazine

Queen Latifah Queen Latifah is covering the latest edition of Essence Magazine. Gracing the July cover and being more candid than she ever has before, the Queen tells the magazine that she was sexually abused as a child and only recently came to grips with the experience. Queen says in the interview, “He violated me. I never told anybody. I just buried it as deeply as I could and kept people at an arms length.” She says it affected her so strongly, and even altered her relationships in her adult life. Queen continues in the interview, “I never really let a person get too close to me. I could have been married years ago, but I had a commitment issue.”

Queen goes on to say that the man who violated her was a babysitter. Personally, I don’t think men should be babysitters period and they definitely should not be put in charge of young girls. On another note, this news from the Queen does not shock me. I have found that a lot of overweight women (Oprah, Roseanna, Mo’Nique) have been sexually abused and in my opinion misuse food the same way many people misuse alcohol and drugs. It is a crutch- a coping mechanism to help them deal with the pain.


  1. This could explain her perceived aversion to men. Not that I’m saying lesbianism is a bad thing, that’s not my point at all, but this explains a great deal. I’m glad to see she’s been able to keep striving for success in her career.

  2. It is sad that people get violated and then suffer from another issue just to deal with the pain that was thrust upon them. I am happy that she talks about it and I agree Brownsista about the issues with food. I was sexually and physically abused as a child and a teenager and food has been my coping mechanism for the past 25 years. Thanks for the comment on the posting about the addiction to food.

  3. More and more it seems our stars are coming out revealing this info about sexual abuse. 🙁 but kudos to her for speaking on it; it can only help someone else I hope.

  4. It’s crazy, it’s almost like most girls been through it. There’s a statistic that says that 60% of rapes are NOT reported. So what we know of rape is really nothing. Jill Scott was abused by her boyfriend too at age 19 or something. It’s frightening.

  5. @Surabi my heart goes out to you.

    I never experience that at all. But i do have a daughter. I told her she ever have someone touch her she better tell me. You will see me on the news. I love queen im happy she is sharing her story. Im going to pick my copy this weekend. Much love to her.

  6. It’s amazing how many black women have been sexually violated in their youth..these are just the ones that we know about. My sister had a similar incident involving a babysitter’s older son. It’s even more amazing that these women have been able to pick themselves up and achieve the success that they have despite their past. This gives me hope that anybody can heal. Go Queen :brownsista:

  7. Wow! I’m shocked, I guess that’s why she comes off so strong. I hope she can realize all men arent’ bad. She probably isn’t even gay. She probably worries that if she were married with children she counldn’t trust her husband. That’s sad. I hope that she can TRUELY heal.

    Okay please don’t kick my a55 here, but, did she get a nose job, or is that just the pic? I hated to go there, but I had to ask.

  8. Aw dam!! What a shame for such a beautiful young girl to have to go through. Sometimes people never really outgrow the damage that abuse causes. She has still overcome in many ways and I wish her all the best, materially and spiritually. Always liked her since back in the 1980’s. She has a lovely singing voice too, I wish she would sing more.

  9. i realy love queen and i pray that she completely heals

  10. @ sugarpie

    I agree with you on her singing. Living Single was well off the air before I realize it was her.

  11. I suspect with a lot of black women were abused as children. This would just explain alot of things about us and also why we appear to be so angry all the time myself included. I was abused as a child and I am almost 40 and I am just really starting to deal with it. I always told myself I had committment issues as well but the reality of it is I felt I had control of the situation if I just got rid of the person first and didn’t let them get to close then I couldn’t be hurt or violated again. When an adult does that to a child be a male or female they steal apart of you that you never get back and if you let it it will consume you and that pain will be the one running your life. I speak from experience and the heart if there are any young ladies that come on in and you have been hurt don’t wait 30 plus years to get help get it as soon as you can. Becaue you will do yourself a world of good.

  12. I was sexually abused as a child and I carried that anger until I turned my life over to the Lord. I have forgiven the personwho abused and I forgave myself. Only the God can heal a person from this type of experience.

  13. Well I am glad that she is speaking out about it. Acknowledgement is the 1s step in dealing w/ crisis. However, women are just as likely to be molestors just as men. Society has made the role/image of woman being a “nurturer” so instilled in our heads that we tend to think “ohh a woman would never do that”. But the truth is a woman can be just as scandalous as a man. So point in case is be very careful who you let watch your lil boys & girls b/c ANYONE man or woman can do them harm.

  14. news alert, news alert! usher and tameka filing for divorce. this just in!

  15. I heart her …. she looks so great on the Essence cover.

    But wow I’m glad she survived what happened to her as a child and has become the success she is …. props to her.

    @ Blame it on the rain not really men are still like 9 times more likely than women to be sexual predators. 1 in 10 being women while is disgusting isn’t as bad as 9 out of 10.

    And I love gays so I wouldn’t think less is she’s lesbian but when was her lesbianism ever confirmed?

  16. I am glad that Queen Latifah spoke out,I am writing a book about my life being molested title>”Trapped In A Little Girl’s Body” I was molested from 7-17 years.

    May God bless you Queen!!!!

    Lady D”

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