Queen Latifah Launches First Fragrance “Queen”


Queen Latifah has joined the multitude of celebs debuting their signature fragrances for the world to identify with. When I was informed Latifah was launching her first fragrance I must admit I was a little skeptical. I didn’t know what to expect. Although I questioned the fragrance I tried it out of curoisty, which I often do. I discovered Queen by Queen Latifah is incredible. It strives to empower women and instill knowledge and confidience within them. The Fragrance is femininite yet sexy, bold yet sweet. It’s a vigorous blend of Baie Rose, Jasmine Noir, Cognac, Moroccan Coriander, Sandalwood, Italian Bergamot, Mediterranean Mandarain, Golden Accord, Vanilla Absolute, Indonesian Patchouli, finished off with Egyptian Incense and Sexy musk. Queen stated during the press release ” Beauty really does start on the inside. It’s like a state of mind, a state of love if you will. So I see fragrance as just a natural expression of this state of love: scent expresses a woman’s confidence and sensuality, it’s how she embraces her mind, body, and strength. ” As you may know my motto is less is more in the world of beauty so I would prefer the fragrance to be dabbed on rather than sprayed for a light yet alluring scent. “Queen” by Queen Latifah debuted this fall selling for $49 for 1.7 oz. and $59 for 3.4 oz. You should definitely try this.


  1. Im looking forward to seeing this fragrance. I hope it’s successful.

  2. Gorgeous pic 🙂 I don’t wear fragrance but I”ll give it a sniff to see 😉

  3. Looking forward to sampling the Queen’s new fragrance-I’m such a big fan of the Queen-Thanks for always keeping the sistas informed -You’re a great asset to the Browm Sista website-Luv what you do

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