Quick Bit: Lil Kim

According to TV Guide Lil Kim is scheduled to be a judge on the Pussycat Doll’s reality show which has them searching for a new lead singer.Kim’s other reported stint as a reality show star was apparently just a rumor.Many sites were reporting that Kim was due to appear on the U.K version of Celebrity Big Brother but was dropped because of her excessive diva like demands.Kim’s publicist denied those claims and I guess that is that.Personally I think celebs trying to rebuild their careers should never do reality shows as it only makes them look desperate.In the meantime Kim was seen at last night’s launch party for Hip Hop Weekly Magazine.Check her out below and look for more pics from this event in her gallery on BrownSista.Net.
Lil KimLil KimLil KimLil Kim


  1. Her face will just never be the same again.She doesn’t look as swollen but she just isn’t the same woman anymore.I can’t see her ever having any type of rap career again.Rap is on it’s last legs for the fellas and it is even worse for the ladies.She needs to stick to fashion or something.Her boot line was hot.

  2. She doesn’t look as bad as she did last years.Right now it is her nose that screams plastic surgery victim.Many people go overboard with either the nose, lip or cheek implants.I agree Kim was fine just the way she was but insecurity moved her to try and make herself better only to end up looking almost like a monster.I really hope to hear her talk about the surgery one day truthfully.

    BET tried to interview Vivica about hers and naturally she got puffy about it.If she were smart she would realize that people only want to talk about plastic surgery when it is done poorly.When done correctly no one should notice.

    Hopefully neithet Vivica or Kim will visit the doctor’s office again anytime soon. :bag:

  3. [quote comment=”2520″]I think the best examples of “good” plastic surgery are Amerie and Letoya.[/quote]
    Oh yeah I saw a pic of Amerie from a few years ago and it wasn’t until then that I knew she had her nose done.People don’t even talk about it.And who told you LeToya had plstic surgery? I wanna see proof.I feel so bad looking gor dirt on people. :lol2:

  4. She was much prettier before the plastic surgery. I don’t know why she got it in the first place, she really messed up her face.


  5. Co-sign.She really was a pretty girl but just like Vivia she wanted to look like a white woman and now they both do look like white women- with bad surgery jobs :thumbsdown:

  6. Aww poor Kim:cry: She looks awful. Her face has been mangled. It’s not even funny. It’s just sad. Oh BTW I don’t think that Amerie had any plastic surgery done. Her nose is courtesy of her Korean mother.

  7. Amerie definitely had a nose job.Look at ooold pics of her and new pics of her and it is easily noticed… that’s why people talk about it so much.Halle had a nose job too.Being half something other than Black will not ensure you have a skinny thin nose.

  8. Gotdamn what is up with KIM!!!!!!!! She looks ridiculous!!!!! Damn she looked better while she was in prison, even though she had surgery done before she was locked up. But whoa she looks horrible! Like I can’t even laugh she looks that bad it’s sad to see her face so messed up!

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