Quick Bits: Ciara, Naomi, Brandy & More

It seems like forever and a day since I posetd anything on Ciara, but the sista is back and looking fabulous. Below she is shown attending The Kennedy Center Honors which were held last night.

Vanessa Williams, Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross were also in attendance.

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  1. Now Ciara KNOW she had the twins done! Why Ciara, why?? Industry pressure must be a BEAST! ๐Ÿ™

    Aretha gets bigger and bigger everytime I see her! It looks like it hurts!

    And wha? Ray-J actually has something else to promote than a tape? And B-Rocka, come back, I miss you. I’m talkin bout the “I wanna be down”, “Never say never” Brandy! :thumbsup:

  2. I agree with you Nia about Aretha. My heart goes out to her cause I know carrying around all that weight must be difficult. Her relationship with food is very unhealthy.

  3. More of Ciara, I agree it be to long since a post. CIARA LOOKS FLAWLESS///// When did Ciara have the time for surgery? Hence ,You stop growing at age 21. Ciara is just maturing into a woman hood. Being a dancer and fitness guru breast implant would be a down fall on her back. CIARA , VANESSA L WILLIAMS and YOLANDA ADAMS paid honor to MS. ROSS.

  4. I don’t like the bottom of Bey’s Green Dress, I thought I did until I saw the bottom. I hate the mermaid style :noway:

  5. [quote comment=”16720″]I don’t like the bottom of Bey’s Green Dress, I thought I did until I saw the bottom. I hate the mermaid style

    :noway:[/quote]Wrong post Liyah ๐Ÿ˜†

  6. Aretha must already have health problems with all that excess weight.

    Cici looks beautiful. Vanesssa Willams looks flawless as usual.

  7. Ciara did not get a boob job… it’s called sticky’s to push them bad boy’s up, and it’s also called growin the hell up… mind you folks this girl was actually what 17 when she came out…. dang can a sista grow alittle.. that is not work surgery.. get a life folks!

  8. I’m disapointed that Aretha has allowed herself to blow up like that…I remember the days of Pink Cadillac when she had somewhat of a figure…It’s ashame with all of that money she couldn’t hire a trainer and take better care of herself…I’m sure that’s not healthy at her age to be carrying all of that extra weight on her body, she really looks a hot mess.

    And Miss Ross looks a mess as well, the dress is horrible and the big hair needs to go!


  9. Love make ciare look even more beautiful :bowdown:
    Everyone sees diana ross like everyone will see someone i know in ten years :hot mess
    ms williams is pretty i can’t get over her eyes :thumbsup:
    naomi is beautiful but she is showing sign of ages
    aww brandy so cute

  10. If Ciara got implants, so what. That’s her business, her body. And you don’t know what the cause of her bigger breast could be from. She could be on birth control, that can make your breast grow.
    Whoever said you stop growing at 21, that’s a lie. Do you know how many people bodies have changed after the age of 21? Get real. Anyway, Ciara looks like a doll. I’m so glad she is growing into her womanhood.

    Vanessa looks radiant.

    Diana is very youthful.

  11. Ciara is cute, but she looks so much better in casual clothes.

    Brandy is cute, but she looks so much better with shoulder length curls.

    I don’t like Diana’s dress, it’s big and ugly.

    I really wish Aretha would lose some of that weight. And I don’t mean by going out and having surgery – that’s just too dang on easy and unneccessary! She should make eating right and exercising a top priority in 2008. We can do ANYTHING when we put our minds to it.

  12. They all look beautiful to me. Naomi is putting on a little weight. I never thought I’d see the day that she would get a little thick. I don’t think Ciara has implants. Aretha has recently lost 50 pounds. She is trying to lose the weight, and as a personal trainer, I get very offended when people make rude comments about people’s weight. She is trying to make a change, a very difficult one at that. Is she supposed to stay locked away in a house until she loses all of the weight? Aretha looks beautiful and is working with what she has right now. Vanessa is always on point. I don’t know how she manages to always look great. She is a hard working single mother.

  13. They all look ok so all of ya’ll who made mean comments about sombody need s to shutthe fuuuucccckkk uppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: :lol2: :dance1: :thumbsup: :thumbsdown: :loser: ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜ก :hater: :hater: :hater: :hater: :hater: :confused: :bowdown: :hifive: ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ™„ :loser: ๐Ÿ˜€ :hmph: :brownsista:

  14. Ciar and Vanessa get thumbs up for their red dresses. Brandy looks cute and comfy. Aretha and Diana are in need of makeovers and I say that with all due respect and kindness to those two legends.

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