Quick Bits: Kelly, Toni, Janet & More

Toni Braxton’s sixth studio album “Pulse” was released earlier this week and according to first day sales reports it will sell around $50,000 copies. The album was plagued by repeated leaks and poor radio and fan reception. Despite the low first week sales however, Toni is still expected to hit the road this summer with Maxwell and Jill Scott.

According to Jermaine Dupri, Janet Jackson is not working on a new album. Instead the super producer says Janet is trying to figure out her landscape, but keeping busy in the meantime by focusing on her acting career and rehearsing for this year’s Essence Music Festival.

Gabrielle Union has spoken out through her lawyer regarding the lawsuit Siohvaughn Wade filed against her earlier this week. In the suit Siohvaughn claims Gabrielle broke up her marriage and inflicted emotional distress upon her two young sons. Union’s lawyer however says “each and every allegation is false” and that the claims were first made in court over a month ago and dismissed.

Kelly Rowland started shooting the video for her new single “Commander” yesterday. The singer tweeted the image below of herself on the set.


  1. Can someone tweet that this leotard wearing trend be OVER already?!!!
    Even Miley Cyrus is doing the look in her new vid *sigh*

    Ouch @ Toni’s 50,000 copies.
    I love Toni’s voice and loved her first two albums but I can’t get w/ this new Toni. Her look makes me think of Rih Rih which makes me think that’s the direction she took her music and I figure, “just listen to Rihanna.”


  3. Why in the hell would she sue her, even if he did have an affair with DW. Sue your man if anybody. That’s just crazy. Glad Janet’s doing her thing and taking her time. Smart move. Love Kelly. Can’t wait for the new record. As for Toni, hopefully things will look up. A few of my friends actually like the new album.

  4. I don’t understand why Toni’s album isn’t selling more? I picked it up yesterday and I am truly impressed. I haven’t stopped playing it. My favorite tracks are “Woman”, “Pulse”, and “Why Won’t You Love Me” that is my JAM!!!! Man, I played it in my cousin’s stereo on the way home yesterday and she told me she knew what she wanted me to get her for her birthday. lol I just don’t understand why people don’t support GOOD quality music anymore. Beyonce’ and Rihanna make garbage and over-market it, yet go platinum, and music that is actually about something and REALLY good, can’t make it outta Wal-Mart. Just sad….and people complain about nothing being on the radio worth anything anymore. Maybe if the people who supposedly still appreciated quality music would support it, radio would play quality music and not just bullcrap that makes the audience oversexed and overblinged. Shoo….I’ma buy the album 3 more times just to support ’cause that’s re-darn-diculous that such a GREAT album isn’t being supported.

  5. This is absurd. Why the bash session on beyonce and rihanna, Kourtney. I actually LOVE Toni’s CD but it has no more depth then the first half of the I am Sasha Fierce or stupid in love from Rated R. Let’s be honest, Hands Tied is just as promiscuous as any beyonce and rihanna song and Make My heart is a get me bodied remake. So can we not condemn the new to proclaim the goodness of the old. I own every toni braxton CD (except that terrible christmas one), as well as every beyonce and rihanna cd.

  6. Myself and a friend bought Toni’s new CD first day it came out. I have every single Toni cd (Note: Toni has never put out a bad CD, and the Xmas one is one of my fav’s – no offence). Toni has been in the game for 18 years give respect were respect due. She’s a Goddess and Icon. No one can front on her vocal skills. The difference btwn Toni and some artists who put out sexy videos is Toni has class with hers, instead of putting it in your face. I encourage any TB fan to go support her and buy her album, as it is an awesome album start to finish. Can’t wait till she goes on Tour. Can BrownSista stop always saying if an album’s first week sales are not that good, and focus on the positive. Give her album time and it will probably sell good. And by the way this fan loves the album. Hands tied is now No. 10 on Billboard R&B!!! I hope people will support good music regardless of the person’s age. Toni, fan for LIFE…

    And Go, Kelly can’t wait to buy her new album & whenever Janet comes out with hers I will buy that too!!! ?

  7. I ordered the cd online, without hearing the whole cd because it’s Toni and I know she can sing and while I haven’t been the biggest Braxton fan, the drought of good music makes her music perfection for me…regardless of what she does to try to market and sale her music, I know I’m going to like the music. I also wanted to support her and for $7.99, free shipping, best buy…it was definitely worth it…we say we want good music and we don’t support it when it comes out like we should.

  8. Ya ok miss Someone Who Actually Knows Music can you get any more ridiculous who are you to judge or even compare TB to the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna …. TONI BRAXTON is the QUEEN DIVA! TB is in a league of her own. I am sick and tired of negative people always putting great artists like Toni Braxton down! I am a fan of hers her music is awesome and no one can compare to the likes of her. The end and have a goodnight!!!!

    P.S Comparing TB to the first half of Sasha Fierce are you WACK!!!

  9. Janet should focus on acting, she was phenomenal in WDIGM2.

    Kelly looks pretty in the pics. And if Kelly is copying Beyonce, well they all copied from the original Ms. JANET. Only difference is that the Queen Janet did it and sold 150 million records as a solo artist.

  10. Go Kelly! I picked up Toni’s LP but it wasn’t on the release date/week. I love it. I miss her voice. Good stuff, it is 🙂

  11. @ R U Serious? Hmmm….I almost didn’t comment but because you are obviously an idiot but I will demean myself momentarily and respond. Note in my comment I said I owned every Toni CD – the atrocious, indulgent, christmas horror she made. In fact I didn’t make a single negative comment about it, but just an objective comparison. Notice the objectivity, something that, along with intelligence, you obviously lack.

  12. Good luck to Toni with her new cd but, I’m so tired of people bringing artist like Beyonce and Rihanna down to lift up not as successful or internationally known artist (underground artist per se. Not saying Toni isn’t). When people say I will buy 3 copies of _____’s album because they notice it’s not doing that well, but have a fit when a bigger artist(fill in the blank) sells 500,000 copies the first week and say their “stans” went and bought 4 or 5 copies. So just admit it, it’s not about them showing skin and being sexy it’s their success and their celebrity that gets under your skin, because Toni had on minimal clothing in her recent videos as well but the biased fans that you are didn’t notice that. I honestly love Toni, Beyonce, Mary, Mariah, Rihanna, Ciara etc. but just don’t get why people have to bash one to make the other legend or not look better.

    And one more thing SISTA you should post the video of Kelly saying how her and the DC girls will be friends until their dieing days, and how she doesn’t care what the blogs say. (I knew it all along)

  13. @ 17150918, sweetie you are so right and put me to shame. It was wrong of me to bring down other artists like Beyonce’ and Rihanna, etc. in the midst of making my point which I still back whole heartedly, just without the bashing of other artists. We should all be proud when any of our Brown Sista’s is successful, I guess I was just really hurt ’cause I am just such a fan of Toni and her new album has really touched my heart ’cause I can relate to it a lot. Also, while I really liked Toni’s snowflake album and listen to it pretty much nonstop beginning in October, I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I know that the album is not for everyone although I really like it. As much as a Toni fan I am, the only album I don’t have of hers is her “More than a Woman” album and that’s ’cause I viewed it as kinda a piece of crap, and I know there are many people who love that album and there’s nothing wrong with loving it. That’s the beauty of music, there’s something outthere for everyone and all the different individual tastes. That’s why I like artists who make music that moves there souls and not just what’s hot right now, ’cause ultimately whether 50,000 or 5 million people buy it, someone likes it. I mean, TRULY likes it. And if I ever became a really famous artists or something, I’d be sure to make the music that moves my soul and not worry about what will sell, ’cause ultimately I’d want to move someone’s heart with my music more than just there pocketbook. But that’s just me. <3

  14. @ Someone Who Actually Knows Music… Who are you calling idiot ya bloodclut why don’t you look in the mirror!

  15. @ 17150918, I agree with your comment 1000% .

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