Quick Bits On Rihanna & Beyonce

Beyonce and Rihanna continue to make the rounds supporting their upcoming projects as well as just being all around good citizens.Beyonce stopped by The Early Show to promote her new flick “Dreamgirls”, while Rihanna paid a visit to patients at St. Vincents Pediatric Hospital.You can check out the pics from their visits below and look for extra photos that I will post in the gallery later today. Enjoy!!

Beyonce was a very busy “B” today and not only stopped by The Early Show but also paid a visit to TRL and David Letterman.I do not want to start new topics to cover all these events so just look for me to continuously update this post as time permits.
Here Bey visits TRL and takes a few shots with Chris Brown who was also there.
Beyonce Visits TRLBeyonce Visits TRLBeyonce Visits TRLBeyonce Visits TRL

Here Beyonce is outside The Letterman Show
Beyonce Outside The Letterman ShowBeyonce Outside The Letterman ShowBeyonce Outside The Letterman ShowBeyonce Outside The Letterman Show

Even more Bey.
Beyonce 11/19/2006Beyonce 11/19/2006Beyonce 11/19/2006Beyonce 11/19/2006


  1. I’m tired of Beyonce and am slowly becoming tired of Rihanna who I believe will be the next Beyonce.I don’t think I can take much more of them apart or in conjunction. 😕

  2. Beyonce’s shoes in the Letterman pics are to die for.This woman really knows how to dress and carry herself.She always looks like a lady.

  3. Damn girl you be on it over here 😆

    I love the pics, both ladies look wonderful and Beyonce can rest now because I will sho nuff at the theater checking out Dreamgirls on the day it opens.I cannot wait.I don’t ever recall being this excited to see a movie. :banana:

  4. Junie B. I am with you. I am tired of beyonce. The makers of dreamgirls were afraid that people would get tired of her before the movie came out, they are right. I am anxious to see the movie, but um sick of her:roll:
    Rihanna, I am actually interested in seeing a little more of her. I want to see how well she does in the near future 😕

  5. She’s(B)just making sure that everyone will come out and see the flick, just good promotion. Jennifer Hudson is everywhere too. I’m just sick of defending Beyonce, for trying to gain publicity for her endevors, which is working. I say do you Bee. If we get sick of seeing her just tune in to another program, or get on the internet. People are hatin on this chick and I have to say it getting out of control. Let her live her life, Damn the world is fucked up, we feed off of other people’s drama. Guess what, they don’t even know that we exsist, and we’re all in their buisness.

  6. I don’t see hate on this page, I see comments. But wouldn’t you say the same for YOUR comments? You said you are getting tired of defending her…so stop! Like you said, they don’t even know we exist.:smile:

  7. Beyonce is a beautiful person and gracious. I’m sure she’s tired of being in the spotlight ‘so much’ but as the above poster pointed out, she’s doing promotion for the film

    I’m loving those black heels she’s wearing.

    I’m hating that big ass wig. It’s TOO big and just…I hate it, but she’s as lovely as ever and I’m ever excited about this picture!

  8. Beyonce’s dress and shoes are grandmomish big time, there’s classy and then there’s just flat out ugly ! I normally love her old clothes but since this Diana Ross thing she’s been doing she looks right dumb in some of her clothes! I don’t care you can call it hating if you want that dress is a mess!

  9. I like the red dress but she has on so much makeup you can’t tell what complexion her face is, she’s wack I tell ya!

  10. when you sign up to do a movie you also sign up to do the press junket so she has to be everywhere

  11. lerena- she’s doing her but she’s like a puppet, she can’t act she sings ok and she looks decent nothing to make anyone drool over like how she used to look. No one is hating and you aren’t getting a dime trying to defend Beyonce she could care less about anyone on here or anywhere else for that matter. She’s overrated and she’s not that talented to say the least. Jennifer on the other hand is about to become a major, major star. Which is well deserved she’s worked hard, she was kicked off American Idol she’s struggled to get where she is. Beyonce has had a silver spoon in her mouth since she was alive, she never had to struggle. I like to hear about people going through it and coming out on top not everything being given to them. You can appreciate them and their story more. You can’t hate on someone that has honestly played herself out!

  12. I don’t understand why people be hatin’ on this chick. Personally, I think she’s doing her thing. Maybe you all need to be upgraded and introduced to some new things. LOL :haters:

  13. Oh lawd, not another Beyonce euphemism- that’s why your smiley didn’t come out right and your post looks stupid :lol2:

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