No shame here. And no apologies. Nan one.

  1. I’m not a fan of clingy or needy people.
  2. I think ignorance can be funny; sometimes.
  3. I’ll never forget you if you’ve had bad breath or body odor.
  4. Winning lottery millions would change my life; but I’d rather be adopted by Oprah.
  5. The richest people in the world are not college graduates. So sometimes I wonder why I went.
  6. I fear the dentist.
  7. I get annoyed when my friends don’t tip.
  8. I’m even more annoyed when people blame things on the man.
  9. I’m afraid of midgets and public bathrooms.
  10. I’m sarcastic and snarky. If I’m not saying it. I’m thinking it.
  11. Sometimes fear motivates me.
  12. Do not randomly text me. 
Just putting it out there. I live and preach living well, living quality, and having fun. But perfection is a silly unattainable goalGT weeps, prays, cries, crack jokes, and still I rise.  It’s called being human and it’s all you ever can be. And having quirks, imperfections, personality traits and character flaws are a part of that. When you can admit to your own imperfections no one can use them against you. When you can learn to accept your flaws and make necessary adjustments you are well on your way to being authentic.

Raise your hand. What are some character flaws, quirks, and imperfections you can admit to? 
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  1. I’ve got a million flaws. Let’s see. I’m rather self- centered, I’m arrogant, uppity and tend to clash with others who are arrogant and uppity. Who’s that? As y’all can see, God ain’t done with me yet.

  2. 1) I have a fear that someone will someone will smell my breathe after lunch and never forget it. that why i brush teeth immediatly
    2)I hate when people use scared tactis to force me to forward email..lil emily won’t hear..lisa won’t get her heart transplant, i don’t love jesus… if i don’t forward this message
    3)I hate that i’m not hosting a hgtv show yet
    4)I hate when people leave milk in thier ceral bowl and later it gets all gross yuck
    5) i love to have company but it sends me into a cleaning panic..i always think they will find something that i forgot to clean and always remeber that
    6)i’m scared i will never have a child of my own
    8) i hate my mother can still scare me with a cut of her eyes;)
    9)Somtimes what drives me is a secrect desire to be something in my father’s eyes.**still working on daddy issues
    10) I love to ingore people sometimes just to see how many times they will repeat themselves
    I’m a recessionista, i’m fab, and i got my own issues…

  3. That was fun to read, especially:

    “I’m sarcastic and snarky. If I’m not saying it. I’m thinking it.”

    Me too! Definitely on my list. This is a great topic. I’ll make my own list.

    1. I’m bossy yet willing to compromise. But I won’t budge without some heavy pushing, it makes no sense.
    2. I really want a wig, but I don’t want people to assume I have short hair when I don’t.
    3. I have high hopes of being a hardworking career woman that makes more than her spouse.
    4. I hate being called “Lil’ Bit”. I don’t know if it’s where I live or what, but people say that and it annoys me.
    5.I love me more than I will ever love you. That doesn’t mean I don’t love you, though.
    6. I’m very sensitive inside but I do my best to never show it.
    7. I will never wear my nails bare. They’ve always been painted since I was a little girl.
    8.I tend to overthink things and makes situations more stressful than they have to be.
    9. If someone says they’ll call me back and they don’t, I get personally offended. Tell me you have to go, but don’t tell me you’ll call me back.
    10. I make a point to know as much as I can about as many topics as possible. I hate not being able to hold a conversation due to lack of knowledge on a particular subject.

  4. 1. I can wear my emotions on my sleeve. If I am pissed or perturbed IT SHOWS on my face, no matter how much I cover it up.

    2. I procrastinate and I know I procrastinate (no one needs to point it out to me) and that’s the worst.

    3. I can’t take bad lighting. I hate it. I want to take light bulbs with me to people’s houses to fix bad lighting because I hate it so much.

    4. Instead of liking lots of different things equally, I obsess over one thing for like six months and then move onto another.

    5. I hate bad eyebrows/unarched eyebrows. I want to fix people’s eyebrows…a lot.

    6. I still play my old school Nintendo video games…and I’m 33. Hey, it relaxes me! LOL But I think sometimes maybe people might think I’m weird for it.

    7. I hate when people invade my personal space.

    8. I hate when my coworkers invade my personal-WORKspace. It absolutely makes me LIVID.

    9. I get annoyed when guys use too many ‘ya heards’ and ‘ya know what i means’, etc. It’s like, just SPEAK REGULARLY.

    10. If I don’t leave my home for say, a weekend, I don’t comb my hair…AT ALL.

  5. Where do I begin?! If I weren’t this flawed me, I don’ t know WHO I’d be… and I kinda love me, so that would suck balls. 🙂

    I’m kinda snooty. Not a “better than you” kind of snooty, but more of a “I know I’m blessed and I’m not down-playing it for anything or anyone” kind of snooty. LOL It gets me the uppity label a lot. Whatev.

    I love deeply. I don’t know if that’s a flaw or what. But when I make a new friend, I just assume that they know what friendship means. I’m a true friend and when I love you, I love you. That’s it. Sadly for me, a lot of people don’t appreciate friendship anymore.

    I’m pretty flippant. If someone’s a jerkass and I think so, I usually tell them. Especially, if they’re spouting off nonsense.

    I’m old-fashioned. I’ve just come to accept this. I enjoy being home with my kids. I enjoy the suburban experience. I enjoy Land’s End. I enjoy my husband being the head of the household. I enjoy freshening up before my hubby gets home and cooking at least 5 times a week. I don’t mind being “just a mommy”. It’s not a bad thing! I used to think I was odd for feeling like this. Maybe. 🙂

    I’m an overanalyzer. “What did she mean when she said that, for real?” HAHAHHA! I’m SO not the only one either… right? *looking around*

    I love weaves, wigs (especially those lace fronts!!!!), extensions… all that stuff and my hair is natural. I want straight hair but I don’t want to have to do anything to it. I HATED sitting at the salon all day. Ugh.

    To the OP… seriously, you sound like a good friend of mine! I was reading that and thinking “D… is that you?!” LMAO

  6. I don’t mean any disrespect, but, I have been hearing a few people stating that the comments are getting silly. I think that is happening because these articles are getting silly. We have an African-America female pioneer die this morning in Senator Stubbs from Ohio and this is what you choose to lead your blog off with. You can do so many powerful things with this blog and you are missing it. This is a forum where we the brown sista’s can share our opionions on everything. We have a historic candidate this year and you would think occassionally you would do an article on that along with the silliness of the entertainers. I am going to find out how too start my own blog and it will be important issues for sisters. Based on health care, love, spirituality, finances, and everything else that will be beneficial to the sisters.

    Again, I mean no disrespect, but, maybe you are just limited in your thinking and can’t think past the superficial.

  7. bria..i love these comments, and i think this is what Senator Stubbs would have wanted women esp..black women expressing themselves with love and understand in a forum,and when you start your own blog that is super serious. i be the first on on there.YEA

  8. @Rainywaters: Thank you. I just think we can talk about more than stars. I think we should discuss things that affect us everyday and we can also enjoy entertainment. But when you get to the point where there are not serious subjects being discussed sometimes and not just gaining weight in a relationship, but, stuff that affects us everyday. Or maybe I have just out grown these types of forums.

  9. @ bria

    Why do you always come on here berating this site??? If it bothers you so much, then quit coming back. They only person I hear/read complaining about the site is you! Brownsista created this site the way she wanted to and runs it the way she wants to. When you find out how to start your own blog, then you will be able to run it the way your heart desires. Love it or leave it, but all the negativity is not needed.

  10. bria, I know you mean well, I really do. When you start your blog, you can get all your feelings out there. There are serious issues ONLY posted at other blogs. Search for them. Perhaps, you have outgrown these types of forums, that could be.

    But why mention it every time a topic doesn’t suit you? Also, what’s with all the “no disrespect” disclaimers? None of the blog authors are of limited thinking, nor are the readers. There are an UNLIMITED amount of blogs for you to find and read that are serious and that are all “Fight The Power!!!!”, but this is not one of them. This isn’t the first time you’ve mentioned your desire for more serious topics. GO LIKE THE WIND, BRIA! Find those blogs, girl! 🙂

    Rainywaters, this is what most of the women on this blog want to read! I love the comments here, people expressing themselves. It’s a breath of fresh air–so many common things.

    So, yeah… I’m probably too snooty to answer this anyway. But at least I was SERIOUS. <—-key word for bria (HAHA)

    Oh ahhh… RIP Senator Stubbs.

  11. To bria- if you have outgrown these types of blogs then find another that is more suited to you, but please don’t come on here raining on other people’s parades. If you don’t like it you don’t have to stick around to comment.

  12. 1. I am a severe perfectionist in everything- and I lnow that’s really bad

    2. I’m very shy and my shyness is often mistaken for snobbiness or being uppity.

    3. I’,m 20 years old and don’t date because guys my age don’t take girls on traditional dates- I don’t want to go to the club. I don’t want to go to your dorm room or apartment. I want to go out to eat, maybe to a moive and on a walk, that doesn’t end up in your room. Thus, I have no boyfriend, but I don’t really count that as a flaw though just a tiny quirk

    4. I’m not artistic or creative in the least bit

    5. like you Maglet I rock a natural but I can’t get enough of my weaves. I’m not making up for anything that I lack- I just don’t like dealing with hair

    6. I love hard and deep. which is another reason I don’t date

    7. Im stubborn and thick headed

    8.I shop way more than I should

  13. Definitely everyone has their flaws.
    number 1: i hate being wrong!!! I will fight u to the death on a point even if i kno im dead wrong.
    2 sometime i embellish to make myself sound more interesting
    3 ummm…im probably the clumsiest person on the effin planet
    4 i use big words sometimes jus to piss people off
    5 if i dont care about u i probably wont care about burning the bridge…with no regrets
    6 i eat like a truck driver!! and i loves it
    7 tho im educated i revel in my ebonics whilst around my fam
    8 i dont always do what i say i will
    9 i love waaaaay to hard
    10 i secretly wish that i could be as inconsiderate and rude and privelaged as some of the people i talk about
    11 this might not be a flaw but i feel it important to say no matter who u r if u treat me with respect, i can learn to like u even if i dont like much about u
    Peace love and blessings

  14. Oh…I see myself in so many comments! I am afraid I won’t have children of my own as well, Rainy. Majesa, I’m sensitive too, but wear a facade. Guilty of extreme procrastinating too, Kanyade. Maglet, I overanalyze as well.

    1. I hate being told no.
    2. I hate misspelled words. Sixth grade school spelling bee champ right here! Typos are understandable.
    3. I am nosey.
    4. I always ask…why?
    5. I dislike mashed/scalloped/baked potatoes, but love french fries. I also dislike mac & cheese(some say I’m not black, 😆 steak, and eggs. I only like french cut greeen beans.
    6. I prefer lukewarm/room temperature water vs. cold water. I really don’t like water, period.
    8. I hate being wrong. I also hate when someone tells me I am wrong, when I am actually right.
    9. Most times, I prefer a text over an actual phone call.

  15. By the way love women. powerful beautiful wonderful black women but i must add another one
    12 i dont particularly care for arrogant people, not self confident ARROGANT and there is a big difference. those who feel by putting down others they make themselves look better. Word to the wise it makes u look worse! jus had to get that out
    loves ya

  16. Oh Cocoa….I am shy too, and agree that is often taken as snobby, and that I’m being anti social!

    Ms. Micia-your number 1 is my number 8! 😆

  17. Oh…I forgot two!

    1o. I am mildly claustrophobic.
    11. My biggest pet peeve is the sound of cracking knuckles!

    ok. I’m done.

  18. @ bria
    i agree with rainywaters what is more important than accepting and loving oneself. i must admit this is the best blog ive seen in a minute and i been looking for something like this a while. im thinking u should get off ur political high horse and actually admit that THESE ARE the issues we deal with as young black women. i get so sick of people acting like that the only we are allowed to be is pissed off and that is the only way we can be progressive. How about loving urself, dealing with ur family problems, those are the places that change starts with URSELF and then u can project that outward. If u want political issue forums go to CNN. I think every single one of these females are intellegent and make up the full spectrum of what is the black woman. Other sites that shall remain nameless *ahem mediatakeout.com* are really silly and dont even deal with the things we deal with as black women really. so dont go downing brown sista for opening the forum for things that we should be focusing on. Self love, love of God, love of others. Realizing that u arent perfect is the first step to a better u, a better community, and inevitably a better country. Jus sayin

  19. Maglet…i was agreeing and saying i love the topic and comments in here. this is why i’m now hooked. I guess i should have explained myself better..i was saying i love the coments here and to be able to just talk and let things out. i this is her blog and she keep it the way she wants it.. and if bria wanted it more super serious this she can start her own blog and i’m open to read that to
    woo woo woo;P

  20. lola…oh my goodness I thought i was the only one who drinks water that was lukewarm..people in the office think i’m crazy cause i like bring me 2 cups of hot water and half cup of ice and wear two sweater even though it is summer. i’m cold my husband says is my favorite catch phrase…

  21. @Lola: You are right. I should stop coming on this site if I don’t like it. The only problem is I never said I didn’t like this site and I am not always berating this site. So I think you have me confused with someone else. I think even with this post here a better way would have been what are you going to do to correct the flaws to make yourself a better person. Or what is your plan to correct the flaws in a way that would benefit your life. You can list all of your flaws now what is the next plan to change them. Because flaws are things that you don’t like about yourself and you think you need improving on. So Lola what are you going to do about your flaws to change them for the betterment of your life.

  22. @Rainy–I was agreeing with you. LOL My tone and inflection was lost in the words… sorry. I wasn’t gettin’ on you, girl. 😉

  23. I have too many flaws to even begin lol. However, I accept them as what they are & TRY to get past or over them. I do give major props to ppl who see the lil flaws they have… b/c knowing is half the battle
    🙂 .


    Personally, I get TIRED about hearing about the serious issues, they surround us EVERYDAY. We constantly discuss them w/ others, mother, father, sister, brother, neighbor, co workers, & etc. I am sure that many of the women who come on this site feel the same way. I find that whenever you stick to the serious stuff, you will go insane. We need a laugh, the economy sucks, war is going on, our education system is down. We fight to improve & get rid of the situations everyday… we NEED a laugh b/c laughter is good for the soul & gives you the strength to get up & fight on. As for the post… no it didn’t state how you can change it, but from what I saw a lot of those who listed the flaws REALLY look @ them & from their comments are looking @ ways to change them. So isn’t this topic doing what you said indirectly? Either way, don’t know you or your life… but remember sista don’t take yourself TOO seriously… coz it will surely drive you insane.

  24. Isn’t this primarily an ENTERTAINMENT blog? I love it when the mods post topics like this that allows the regular commenters to share. I’m sorry to hear about the Senator. RIP. Maybe the site owners will post on her, maybe not. Either way, there’s always CNN for more News related topics.

  25. @maglet 🙂 i was like dang i just commented today and i already pi**ing people off…ME and U must never part………lol

  26. Thank you sistas for calling Bria out. Such a negative person. There you go Bria; that’s your number one flaw. Now on to my own:

    #1: diehard perfectionist/overly critical of self and others
    #2: shy, which also gets mininterpreted as snotty and/or anti-social
    #3: bridge burner when relationship is more hassle and acrimonious than pleasant
    #4: easily annoyed
    #5: clean/tidy freak, which drives some of my family crazy, particularly when they sleep over
    #6: unmotivated cook (I’m great at it; but, it just doesn’t interest me to do it often…my poor husband)

  27. Oh I forgot to add- I wear my feelings on my sleeve, I cry for every emotion and people can always tell when im pissed off. And I too like lukewarm water way better than cold

  28. Ms. “Bria”, let me help you out a little. You say that you would like to see topics other than entertainment discussed? Please don’t misunderstand me, OK? I’m not asking you to go away; I value your comments too much. But please go to THEROOT.COM and to BLACKAGENDAREPORT.COM. They discuss topics on politics and other contemporary social issues. Right now, THEROOT.COM has an article that pays very high respect to Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones who passed today. May the good Lord always rest her soul in peace. And Ms. “Bria”, after you’ve checked out those 2 sies, let me know what ya think of them. And please don’t ever leave. Please keep coming back to brownsista.com again and again.


  30. 1. One thing that irritates me to pieces is when people call you as if them talking to you is a matter of life or death, yet you only hear from them when they want something. I just ignore their calls, but when they see me they tell me Oh I was trying to get in touch with but couldn’t. DUH! I think you are a jerk. Go find another idiot to help you.

    2. I hate it when people say they don’t play games because everyone plays games and everyone is a manipulator. That is life.

    3. Sometimes I think that love is a misunderstanding between two fools.

    4. I believe that a person who is attractive to most people is just an open door of abuse because they have more chances to be abused because are so appealing to others.

    5. If I find something that turns the opposite sex off, I will do it a thousand times over because why be aggravated with someone when no one is really worth your time.

    6. I absolutely hate it when people think that being with a rich person is their way to a better life. When someone has that type of control over you, you are the most pathetic individual alive because you are waiting on someone to give you something when they feel like and how they want to give it to you.

  31. 1. I’m obsessed with wigs!! It’s nothing for me to change wigs several times in one day!
    2. I cannot STAND inconsiderate people! IMO, btwn texts messages, emails, free nights
    and weekends, etc…there is no excuse not to be!
    3. I am too sarcastic at times!
    4. I cant stand a whining man!
    5. Im addicted to sweets!
    6. I absolutely HATE when people say “pacific” when they mean specific!! Pacific is an ocean and a time zone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7. I hate having to repeat myself…if I can remember telling you, why cant you remember what I said!! LISTEN!!

  32. @ janeen i got a closet i keep my wigs in….I got about 20 and i love love them to….I will say this at work people-i guess i should say my white sisters all want to say…
    “Ummmm now wait a mintue your hair was diffrent yesterday”, then they want to touch it…I’m like i’m not a pet please stop petting my head like i’m a dog….I don’t understand why they are so so amazed cause someone changes their hair.
    Has anyone had that problem? that should have been on my list..I’m like let me change my hair as i please. I can’t help it cause you have not changed your hair in 4 years and color or cut scares you…..that why my dream job is to work at a hair magazine..oh just think of all the wigs,weaves,falls,ponytails,colors, i could get yeayea:)

  33. I don’t know how saying we should have topics that affects sisters everyday is being negative. I never said we shouldn’t discuss entertainment. What I said is this should be forum to discuss other things that affect sisters as well. I don’t really see how that is being negative. Name one site where you can go and get information pertaining to the brown sister about health issues that stricktly belongs too us. Or how we can calculate all the money we spend on weaves and invest it and be able to retire on before your seventy. Instead of allowing the Koreans to retire off our money. Or what kind of grants that are out there specifically for us to start our own business.

    Discussing your rights in the work place since we are constantly under paid and over worked. I am so sorry if caring about my fellow brown sista’s and would like to have a forum specifically catered to them about issues that really matter and can really help us move forward. But I will fall into status quo and continuing talking about if Beyonce can act or sing. I will keep talking about the light/dark thing and all the other topics discussed on this site that does nothing to move us forward and take us to a place where maybe we won’t have to be underpaid because we can own our business.

    So I guess my biggest flaw is wanting black women to be the best they can be and realizing their full potential and that we don’t have to continually be overworked and underpaid we can have our own.

  34. @Rainywaters…
    Girl…I can COMPLETELY RELATE!! In my eyes, my wigs (I have around 20 myself) are no different than any other accessory!! If it doesnt look right with my outfit, it must be changed!! lol! People at my job say “You must spend hours doing your hair every night!” Yeah right!! After deciding which one I’m going to wear, it takes me all of 45seconds then I keep it moving!! After reading your post, I feel obliged to add #8 to my list…

  35. I love the lists and I love this post. My flaws:
    1, 2, and 3: I procrastinate and I absolutely hate it
    4: I am so confident and yet so insecure… does that make any sense?
    5: I sometimes find myself fishing for compliments
    6: I love too damn hard!
    7: I love weave and I’m scared to give it up even though my hair is long
    8: I don’t always do what I say I’ll do… probably because I’m procrastinating…
    9. I get jealous
    10: I’m 26 and I still don’t know who I am or who I want to be…

  36. @ erin’s 10..that’s a good thing..cause now you got so much to discover about you the wonderful you:)

    @janeen…i know it may be silly but i get to love on me with wigs..I’m so busy with work, kids, bills,pick ups, drops offs and husband. I feel like I never ever get any “me” time so when i’m in the mirror playing with hair, it is such a release of stress..then most the time it just spurs me on to give myself a face scrub,paint my nails,,etc. just take like a hour to myself sometimes:)

  37. @Bria, have you ever heard the expression: there’s a time and place for everything? Also, life is not just about elevating oneself; most people desire entertainment. Yes, we as black women face unique challenges in life that we must address. However, that certainly does not preclude us from conversing about less serious topics. As others have pointed out, there are other forums where you can discuss politics, the glass ceiling, and business ad nauseam. I’m sure plenty of people who read and comment on this site, frequent them as well. But, this is not one of those sites. What can’t you understand about that? Also, you might want to figure out the difference between “to” and “too.” I thought it was a mere typo the first 10 times you misused the words; but, I’m beginning to think you don’t know the difference between the two. (I just thought I’d tell you, since you said you were trying to start a business and all… I wouldn’t want to see that on any business correspondence).

  38. 1. I HATE Mama’ s Boys.
    2. I’m LOVE to kiss Guys especially new ones.
    3. I dislike one track minds.
    4. My intuition is so dead on somtimes it’s scary.
    5. I curse like a sailor and love Bud Light but I’m still a lady.
    6. I’m not as strong and confident as I appear to be.
    7. I don’t plan or set goals so get very uncomfortable when asked about them.
    8. Procratination, negativety, and insecurity are my biggest enemies.
    9. Great sex causes me to loose all common sense….that’s why I’m celibate.
    10. I hate not being treated fairly.
    11. I dont like labels, especially when place on me.
    12. I love being the center of attention.

  39. @ShoYaRight: The mere fact that you would sit there and count how many words are in a comment tells me that you are the very person who needs to elevate your thinking. I know you did not write your comment in the spirit of so I won’t comment on it too much because contrary to popular belief I am not a negative person.

    I checked out some of those sites that were mentioned and none of them were a forum for women of color. All I said is why can’t we have the entertainment and other topics. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I do wish you well in all of your adventures in life and you have a blessed day,

  40. @ Bria: when did I count how many words are in a comment? I think you’re confused sweets.

  41. I know I have some quirks, but here are two I will share:
    1. I eat my food on the plate separately. I just can’t mix them.
    2. I can’t be touched or have anything touch me ( other than a robe) when I get out of the shower until I dry.

  42. Ms. “Bria”, I’m sorry to read that the sites I had suggested to you were not to your satisfaction. You said that “none of them were a forum for women of color.” Oh, b ut they are. Let me explain.In a previous post, you commented that the way to get away from being “overworked” and “underpaid” is for us to ” own our business.” OK, please stay with me ’cause I’m going somewhere with this. Starting a business is hard to do now. One reason is because obtaining a business loan from the bank is almost nonexistant. The rules and the qualifications to obtain the loan are stacked against a person of color. It’s not that the loan officer is neccessarily a racist , it’s just that the racist mentality is built in to the bank’s steps and procedures that go into obtaining a business loan. That paradigm is called “The Progressive Investment in Whiteness”. Google that and see what you come out with. Oh, and by the way, if you do Google that, put on your thinking cap ’cause “The Progressive Investment in Whiteness” is a very theoretical and abstract concept. Here’s an example of what “The Progressive Investment in Whiteness” is. Let’s take the “Jenna 6” incident. All those cracker high school kids hung out under that tree on campus. When Afro-American kids began hanging out under that tree too, those crackers didn’t like it and started to make trouble over it. Yet, there wasn’t a single sign that said, “Whites Only”, was there? But nevertheless, that type of racist mentality was there. That’s what “The Progressive Investment in Whiteness” is; it’s racism that can’t be seen outright, yet there it is all in your face. Now, if there’s any bonehead out there who says that racism is no longer a factor, pull your head out and read what I’ve just finished writing!
    What else? What about obtaining a business loan from the gov’t through Affirmative Action? Well, thanks in large part to brotha Clarence “Uncle” Thomas, Affirmative Action is now gone. No Affirmative Action, no loan.
    Let’s now tie all of this together. “The Progressive Investment in Whiteness” and the Supreme Court policies of Clarence Thomas have a very profound effect on the ability of BrownSistas in America to get ahead. These 2 concerns have been past topics of severe censure and criticism at TheRoot.Com. And because these 2 issues, among others, has an effect on the entire Afro-American community, by reason and all logic, they have an effect on Brown Sistas as well. Therefore, as an Afro-American woman, how can you say that TheRoot.Com fails to adrress your concerns? Are you not a member of the Afro-American community too? When BlackAgendaReport.Com posts a possitive topic about Barak Obama, does that not also effect you as a member of the Afro-American community?
    The only conclusion you have left me with is that you are the kind of person who likes to fuss just for the sake of fussing about s0mething. In directing you to TheRoot.Com and to BlackAgendaReport.Com, I didn’t give you the answer to your concerns, I only suggested 2 alternative sites and you fussed about them too. I’m afraid that you are beyond my help. And with that being said, I bide you a very good night and please be blessed.

  43. 1. I think I’m shy.
    When I’m in class, it’s hard to participate even if I’m dying to inside.
    2. I know I’m reserve. I don’t care if others view it as uppity, snob. I ljust like to mind my own business.

  44. Wow! I am loving this topic! I often feel alone in some of my “self truths” or “flaws.” Whatever the label, I am just glad to see that I am not the alien that I sometimes feel that I am.

    My Truths….

    1. Procrastination – This FATAL FLAW has gotten me a horrible credit score, my drivers lic suspended and my car reposessed!! I am definitely getting some help on this one!
    2. I don’t forgive easily…..Once the line is crossed there is usually no coming back.
    3. I am 34 years old and I eat like a 5 year old….minimal veggies, no water, nothing new, nothing spicy. no condiments, etc.
    4. I am fearful that I will never find real romantic love and that I wont be a mom.
    5. Super emotional women make me ill (Put on your “big girl draws”)
    6. I am so afraid of disease that I have come to prefer masturbation over intercourse
    7. I often wish I had better hair….the natural look is not for me and I hate the way weave smells. I am wearing a weave now! Damn!
    8. Hair salons and stylists are so unorganized and stereotypical. I hate spending my money or time there

    It’s amazing what you can confess when you are anonymous!! Deep breath…..annnnnndddd release….Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

  45. @Smoooth Criminal that’s deep. I did google that and that is a trip. But the reality of it is it was never the plan in this country for us too be successful. Since the founding fathers pretty much were slave owners I don’t think they saw past us being enslaved. But, that was not the plan of the most high for us to be slaves indefinately. Unfortunately we have enslaved ourselves somewhat mentally.

    I am sure I won’t get a business loan if I apply for one. So I have determined that I am leaving the so call corporate world and if that means that during the day I will be working for myself and at nite if I have to wait on table, sweep out buses and trains, or even bartend then that is what I will do to get my company up and running. No one can stop me but me. So I try not to by into all that racisist stuff. And, please, don’t get me wrong I am not naive as to think that there is not a plan to keep a sister down because I have been around for quite sometime and I know there is. But see I believe no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

    And you too my brother can do whatever it is you want to do and no one can stop you but you. So yes I have already started the process and my plan is in the next two to three years to be working for myself full-time. I already have my first client. It is my friend who lives in South Africa. You see my brother with the invention of the internet it has opened avenues that the so call white man has no power over. So don’t give these white people any power of your life and they won’t have it.

    I do thank you for giving that information because it really did help me. It made me even more determined too make my business a success. I love you my brother stay strong.

    @Sho Ya Right: I am praying for you my sister. Because my spirit tells me you are not a happy person. If you didn’t count the words then. If you see that I need a correction in something here’s a thought just help a sister out. I don’t make my living as an English teacher. So from time to time I may use a word out of place. It’s okay though because that is why I have a lawyer to make sure all of my t’s are crossed and all of my i’s are dotted. Don’t focus on the small and then you will see that your life will begin to grow in ways you never imagined. But it’s okay sister I wil still pray for you and love you.

    You take care now sweetie because this will be the last time I will ever respond to you on this blog becasuse I keep all negativity and silliniess out of my life that I can control. And you are something I can control by just not responding too you. But I will keep praying for you and I hope that you have a very blessed life.

  46. WhatI hate is when people say no one can be perfect,they say this because they do not have the proper undersranding to what the lord meant when he said,”Be ye therefore perfect ,because your heavenly father is perfect,”what the Lord Jesus Christ meant was spiritual perfection,living free from sin and not practing sin in ones mortal body.
    Now that does not mean you don’t have imperfections in you,neither does it mean you don’t have short comings,and neither does it mean you don’t make mistakes,but it does mean that you don’t practice sin anymore,
    He was not refering perfection in the natural sense,because what good is it to be naturally prefected and then only to die,so then a natural perfected state merits you nothing,but to be spiritually perfected prepares you for salvation,and is something that can be accomplish in this day,the very day we live in,not something that is a thousand years to attaind as some religions would have you to beleive.
    Notice what 1 corintians 6:9-10 saids,” Do ye not not that unrighteousness shall not inherit the kingdom God….,’ and it goes on to meantion some of the sins that will keep a person from attaining salvation,and being in the presence of our Lord and Savior Jesus. Christ

  47. @ACE: That was deep. I never quite understood when people said that and this does help me to understand that scripture a little better now. Be blessed brother.

  48. Hope I’m not to late to post. This is my first time to this site. I love this topic. I love being introspective and thangs.

    1. I am not happy with my occupation
    2. I hate going to work because I feel like I’m living a lie and taking up space for someone else who might actually like it
    3. I dislike ppl who only think on a surface level and expect others to think the same
    4. I miss being a size 10. I’m at a 14 now and it doesn’t look bad but I can’t fit into my old clothes
    5. I don’t like being wrong or being told what to do even if it makes sense, it takes me a minute to get over it because I think I’m right nost of the time

  49. 1.) I can be very defensive
    2.) Sometimes my bluntess needs to be tuned down
    3.) I need to stop intterrupting
    4.) Even though I know his family wants to be there, when my husband comes home Iraq this fall…I just want it to be us 2. Sigh, I know thats not going down. (At least for the first couple of days anyway, then after that, they gotta go back home! I want my man to myself! lol)
    5.) I can procrastinate like nobody’s business.

  50. I love that post. I borrowed ur saying….If you can admit to your imperfections, no one can use them against you. I gave you credit though..lol.

    I am mean, can be an a-hole for saying the truth but in a mean way, I think too much and dont trust what people say, Sometimes I talk too much and can be aggravating because I play too much.


  51. Thanks to all my ladies and gents for sharing their quirks and imperfections on being human. It’s nice to read other peoples thoughts and perspectives on how people see themselves. The most important thing that I want Brown Sista readers to get from this post is that SELF-ACCEPTANCE is a huge part of living well and living quality. If we don’t accept ourselves; no one will.


  52. I have been trying to think of my quirks since this article was posted but I haven’t been able to come up with anything. By golly, I think I’m perfect 😆

  53. Get Togetha, you are so so correct. I work on self acceptance every day (or try to). Although, people looking in from the outside might think I have no reason to doubt my self, my capabilities, and intellect; I do. I think that is in part why I am as reserved as I am.

    Ohh the anguish of a perfectionist.

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