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Singer Estelle dominated the MOBO Awards last night taking home the award for Best UK Female and Best Song, beating out fellow Brit hit maker Leona Lewis. The MOBO Awards (Music Of Black Origin) are the British in origin, but are voted for by the public and thus reprsent general listening trends in the UK’s Black community. β€œThe Mobo is a great award, recognised by the kids and the people who understand my music, and who get the music that we do,” Estelle told BBC news. Other winners of the evening included Leona Lewis and former Supremes singer, Mary Wilson, who was awarded The Lifetime Achievement Award and performed a medley of Supremes hits with British girl group The Sugarbabes.

Spice Girl Melanie Brown hosted the event and her wardrobe choices were eye catching to say the least.
The Spirit of Life Awards brought out singers Toni Braxton and Rihanna, while Dawn Richard took in the 3rd Annual Hennessy Artistry Finale and Kerri Hilson showed up for the GQ Magazine’s Gentlemen’s Ball.


  1. Mel’s body is sick! And I like all her outfits. Toni’s boobs are lookin more fake than usual. Rhi Rhi looks beautiful as always. Loves the dress! Dawn looks…um…like Dawn I guess. And Keri messed up her look with those shoes. Uh uh girl.

    That is all. :thumbsup:

  2. Beautiful Brown sista’s!. Everyone looks so nice Especially Jamilla, Keri and Rihanna! They are Hotness! So fierce, like Tyra would say.

  3. Keri Hilson looked like a million bucks until we got down to the feet. She needs to give those shoes a rest. They are played already and never looked good on her or short women in general.

    Toni looks terrible. That hair is too big for her and her breasta looked troubled. πŸ˜†

    Everybody else looks ok.

  4. riri looks hot as usual not so crazy for mel b’s hooded dress but she looks gr8 everyone else looks nice.

  5. all the british girls look great and are representing us well.

  6. I’m not a fan of Mel B, but she’s serving it up GRACE JONES style in that first pic.

  7. Mel B looks great…. Love the makeup in the first picture. I like Dawn but she looks at Mess. I never like Keri’s clothes BUT her hair looks better. And Toni :thumbsdown: :noway: SHE LOOKS A H*A*M*! HORRIBLE! THE MAKE-UP, THE DRESS, THE HAIR IT’S all a mess….

  8. Estelle is so hot! I heard some of her songs and she is a great talent, Great Talents don’t really get much shine πŸ™„

    Good to see my girl Toni out and about, hope she is doing well health wise. Rihanna is a beauty as usual.

  9. All the ladies are looking fly especially Mel B, Rihanna and Jamillia(Ain’t seen nor heard from her in a while…) But as everyone else has commented, WTF has happened to Toni Braxton…. I mean her boobs look :lol2: ….

    Ms Braxton that is not a good look on anyone even you….


  10. Yay to Estelle winning! Her album is great and the award is well deserved. :noway: to Mel’s hood. I think I might like the black, but I would need to see a full length pic. Rihanna gorgeous as usual. Toni’s wig/weave looks a mess, but other than that, she looks good.

  11. DAWN all ways looks wierd in pictures, BUT I dont get it!
    I seen DAWN in person and she is SOOOOOOOOOOO BUEATIFUL!

  12. Is that rihanna? How wooow i guess you can’t go wrong with natural beauty she is stuning!
    I LoOoOve toni she is such a great dancer when is her new album coming out? i hope she wins that dang show and her dress is gorgeous and simple Me likey
    Estelle is such a talented girl i’ m happy she is successful she should stay there in the uk and tour in europe I’ll see her when i get to paris
    I hate mel’ s dress But i still love her she has a unique look about her
    I don’ t know who jamila is but she is pretty
    and i don’ t like keri’ s dress but she pretty

  13. Oh stephanie its Jamelia! not jamilla lmao Jamelia she is a great singer! she can blow ! youtube her
    Dawn does look tired

  14. keep doing big tings for the UK, Estelle. If u avent got Shine, you should. Leona’s my girl, but I think Estelle should’ve won best album.
    Wow rihanna is beautiful( I mean we knw this already but..). Hardly any make up and she looks flawless. She’s working this short look til the end, glad she hasnt gone for the 6lbs of weave so soon. I gave her 3 months. πŸ˜†
    MelB is nuts but she’s fab. Her accent remains unchanged lol. the way she said Mobo just made me laugh. :lol2:
    Jamelia, where’ve u been. One of the best UK talents. Congratz to chipmunk for winning best newcomer too. :bowdown:


  15. Oh stephanie its Jamelia! not jamilla lmao Jamelia she is a great singer! she can blow ! youtube her

    Don’t know what I was thinking. I am quite familiar with the sista and have a huge gallery of pics of her on Brownsista.net

  16. Lovely ladies. Keri looks so youthful and I like the new hair. Toni looks amazing–I don’t get the comments about her breasts. Her body is sick..especially with all the dancing she does now. Rihanna is stunning as usual. Estelle and Mel B. look fabulous. I’ll give Dawn a pass since she has such a great personality. Her style did nothing for me, though. Jamelia is gorgeous..we don’t see enough of this brownsista πŸ™‚

  17. OoOoh Everyone look good, Jamelia is definitely a great singer her song “stop” makes me cry, and i love estelle she is so raw, raw talent, raw beauty,raw personality, I love leona lewis too where was she? she is definitaly after The legends [miss labelle to name only one] mariah carey and jen hud the best singer in my book she can whistle like no one, and hold a note for more than 20 min. I have her album spirit and its great, Rihanna she is just too cute . Over all everyone looks great one again

  18. Everyone looks good to me. Mel B’s body is sick. I am loving Keri’s hair, I am so glad that she changed it up.

    I have never heard of Jamelia, I will have to look her up.

  19. These are the first pics of Mel that I have seen this year where she looks relaxed and genuinely happy. I guess there is nothing like being home in the UK..

  20. Torya Look up jamelia-thank you, stop , and superstar

  21. maaaaannnn! Rhi-Rhi looks fabulous! I’m glad she’s representing for us Bajan women! :thumbsup:

    Mel B looks damn good, i loved all of her outfits, very stylish!

    Toni, Toni, Toni… why does your hair look like the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz???? and why do your boobies look like two rocks on your chest??? girl, stop. please

    keri Hilson looked good but wtf is up with those shoes? I wish these starlets would understand that being “different” does not mean looking like a clown. a pair of black stilettos would have been much better with that outfit.

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