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Beyonce in Jakarta – Tyra Banks on Madison Avenue- Kelly Rowland at Cipriani’s





    ALL MY LADIES (STAND UP)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😎

  2. Happy Halloween OSUG 🙂

    I actually think everyone looks great minus all the goo. Tyra in particular looks so good as “herself”. Same goes for Bey and Kelly is always cute, as she rarely applies pounds of make-up in the first place :brownsista:

  3. tyra look thinner what happened? she looks good tho!
    awwww kelandria is so cute love her

  4. Tyra looks ten times better without the usual “freakshow”. I cant really see Kelly ‘s face. Bee looks like normal 26 year old.

    This is what we look like when we embrace our natural beauty rather than someone else’s difinition of it.

  5. Bey is very pretty. I don’t get when people say she’s like so beautiful! She looks pretty and average here and relaxed. But that hairline…darnit, I seeing her ‘this’ close when she’s wearing a lacefront! My eyes are always drawn to the ‘hairline’. :brownsista:

    Tyra is just…she’s fierce and just scary as heck. She’s so tall and mannequin looking! LOL Great skin. :brownsista:

    Kelly is really pretty. I love her skin, I love her smile and she seems so sweet. :brownsista:

    Great images all around!

  6. Kelly looks the cutest i think shes so sweet, love Tyra Banks!!! Beyonce looks pretty but i agree her hairline looks funny?

  7. Damn! Is this a “let’s hang onto Beyonce’s nuts” site? Everytime I come here, I see Beyonce!I knew before I came here today I would see something about her. What about other talented singers? Janelle Monae anyone?

  8. Beyonce looks so nice without all of the make up.

    Tyra is working it like a true super model.

    Kelly is such a beautiful woman. Love her smile.


  9. Beyonce is pretty but she is very average in terms of looks. This is what a lot of people have been trying to get across about her for the longest. She is extremely over made up all of the time.

  10. Bee is always on every site not just here…………..I must agree she is not beautiful she is average and I really am tired of those wild wigs….she lokks kind of tired here……………I like kelly’s boots finally she is posted…….as for Tyra not diggin that look at all. :hifive:

  11. Beyonce looks good :banana:

    Tyra looks like she’s going to pick up her welfare check and then hang on the corner for a bit :lol2: :thumbsdown: :lol2: :thumbsdown:

  12. It is absolutely amazing how much more attractive — to me anyway — they are without all of the makeup. Beyonce looks like a completely different woman.

    BTW all, did anyone else read the ny daly news’ not so blind item today? It reads “Which famously un-single hip-hop powerhouse recently had a booty call with three women in a private third-floor room of that very trendy restaurant on Greenwich St.?” Now clearly the restaurant is the Spotted Pig (excellent brunch btw) which is partially owned by Jay-Z. Unless Jay-Z permits other hip-hop powerhouses (and how many of them truly qualify other than Diddy?) to have booty calls at the Spotted Pig, my money is on Jay-Z – particularly since he is always there.

    If it’s Jay-Z then it’s just another glaring example of how entertainers create this facade of bliss to keep us coming back for more. Makes me wonder who would win out in a break-up – Team Bey or Team Jay-Z? [My money is on Team Jay-Z – he created a persona long before she entered the picture that transcends his relationship with her. On the other hand, her identity seems to inextricabley tied to her relationship with him. The interest in her definitely picked up when they got together] Or would they both lose out because the adoration for them is based on what many thought they represented as a power couple or rather what many fans need them to represent in light of the dearth of postive long-lasting black relationships. Just some Friday musings …

  13. Beyonce is such a random looking girl that someone need to take a week to teach me why they say she “stands out” and what makes them call her gorgeous the more i see the dumber and dumber i find her worshipper she do have make up on but even then she looks random what the hell?

    tyra: love you girl but wassup with the scarfe on the head?
    kelly: can’t see her but still love her

    she come undone: girl you state it rigth out they can’t break up because jay z will loose the title of the one that bang the “hottest ho in the game” and a lot of beyonce’s fan are jay z puppet that accept whatever comes from and with him he gives her the street credibility errbody kno she a punk!!!!!!! errbody knows he cheats and have kids there and there she aint saint mary neither but hey… that’s her and his life if they feel good like that then ….

  14. Go Tyra! Walking alone like that in NY, and apparently not trying to hide who she is at all.

  15. i think bee is reaaly fly. Lets not hate on the girl . She stands out so does tyra. Makeup has got nothing to do with anything. If an individual looks good in whatever way they present them selves then they are tight period

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