Meagan & Gabrielle Sighting

Future Bratz Doll actress Meagan Good was spotted last night at the Athletes for Charity 2007 Initiative hosted by fellow thespian Gabrielle Union, Jay Galvin and Michael Strahan. As always Meagan was a vision of loveliness, as was Gabrielle Union. Also in attendance was actress Essence Atkins who starred with Meagan and Gabby in the 2003 romantic comedy “Deliver Us From Eva”.

High quality pics of Meagan arriving for this event can be seen here.

Below: Gabrielle and Essence Atkins


  1. OMG – yes, she totally looks like that cute Bratz doll my daughter has! Meagan is adorable, ever since I watched Eve’s Bayou I have liked watching her on the big screen.

  2. I love the Bratz dolls too. Little Black and Latina girls ain’t messing with White or Black Barbie anymore. The Bratz dolls are so beautifully ethnic and I love that. A movie about them will probably be corn-E though.

  3. For a long time people have wondered if Meagan Good had breast implants and now we have the answer.Meagan’s breasts look awful as one of them is up and the other is down. You can actually see the bag in one of them.Her breasts look wrinkled and saggy like Vivica and Janet Jackson’s did in pics posted last year. :thumbsdown:

  4. [quote comment=”5769″]Meagan’s breasts look awful as one of them is up and the other is down. You can actually see the bag in one of them.[/quote]I hate to say it but you are right.She usually wears a push up bra and looks great.I guess she ran out of the house and forgot to put it on or something. 😆

  5. Why do people act so shocked when they find out celebs aren’t what they claimed to be? Yes Meagan said she didn’t have implants but instead wore a pushup bra to make herself seem more volouptuous but that was obviously not true from many of her photos. I mean she has been out since she was a kid so we have seen her all her life and it was obvious that she was altered. Why don’t celebs just fess up? Who cares about her buying breasts.If I had money I would buy me some too :lol2: Only bad thing is like a lot of people hers aren’t well done. Like Cree said one is higher than the other and the saline bag print is a dead giveaway. Can you imagine how bad they must look when she is naked? When will people learn that small breasts can be beautiful too. Beyonce is proof of that. Just accept what you got or get a better plastic surgeon.

  6. Megan really needs to put some clothes on. And yes I see them crooked ta-tas too :noway:

  7. :bag: I just want her to get a new pair of earrings, if I see her with those on 1 mo time, ain’t no telling what I might do!! Real Talk!

  8. I wish you guys would take the Meagan pictures down. They make her look bad. I thought you were about lifting the Black woman up. Why post such awful images of her?

  9. Gabrielle Union is becoming quite a party girl :booty:

  10. WHY Meagan, WHY! Why would you ruing your beautiful pettite body with implants? WTF-SMH

  11. Meagan is a classic example of recycling clothes and accessories, but I think she’s taking it a bit too far by wearing the same earrings and carrying the same bag to EVERY SINGLE EVENT!! I can’t even call them earrings because they really look like spray painted wreaths of bamboo with hot-glued letters in the center. They look like something one could buy at a flea market or garage sale half-price. I was positive that she had enough money to dress/look better than this but it appears she’s fallen on some hard times. Either that or she lost a bet or something, and now has to leave her house everyday looking like a scrub’s wifey. :thumbsdown:

  12. You ain’t told nothing but the honest to goodness truth. She wears all her stuff over and over again and is photograohed doing it.She really is che p and trashy and I can’t imagine why she keeps getting roles or is talked about on this blog.Most people don’t even know who she is.

  13. I have to disagree with some of you all. Meagan doesn’t look trashy even if she is recycling some of her clothes and accessories.

    She may not be a household name, but she is a recognizable face. Not all of Hollywood receive gifts and presents from high-end designers, but that doesn’t mean she won’t get to that point one day soon.

    As far as the implants, the verdict is still out. She was small for a long time but we all have to remember she was very young when she got started. She might have just grown into her body in the past year or two.

    And as far as the lopsided-ness (is that a word?) maybe it is the way she is posed – leaning to the side a little will have that effect.

    Just give this young sista a break and let her mature a little before bashing her.

  14. Everywhere i read about Meagan– the only complaint that i ever see is about those damn earrings– and it’s true. I don’t that she owns them (they ARE classics) but she wears them EVERYwhere and i’m getting tired of seeing them. But she’s still fierce. And who said she had implants? That girl is blessed in the upstairs department…

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