Random Pics For 8/18/06

I always like to do a random pic roundup at the end of each week, so here we go.Today’s roundup features pics of Janet Jackson, Fefe Dobson, Beyonce, Monica, Meylissa Ford, Rochelle Aytes, Black Buddafly, Essence Atkins, and MC Lyte.

Janet Jackson at the Radio One 25th. Anniversary Gala

 Janet, Jermaine, and Natalie Cole @ Radio One's 25th Anniversary Awards GalaJanet @ Radio One Gala

 Janet, Jermaine, and Natalie Cole @ Radio One's 25th Anniversary Awards Gala
Janet @ Radio One GalaJanet Jackson Radio One CelebrationJanet's Back

Fefe DobsonFefe DobsonFefe Dobson

Above we have pics of Fefe Dobson performing @ AIDS 2006 48fest Film Competition

Below we have more promo pics of Beyonce

Beyonce Promo PicBeyonce Promo Pic

Pics of Miss Beyonce performing at the Radio One Gala

I haven’t featured much of Monica on the site lately and that is mostly because I am not particularly liking her new image.Nevertheless, here she is promoting her new album on Power 105.1 in New york during a live telecast at Planet Hollywood.


Here also are pics of Rochelle Aytes, Black Buddafly and Meylissa Ford at the launch of Stephon Marbury’s clothing line, “Starbury”.

Rochelle AytesRochelle Aytes

Black BuddaflyBlack Buddafly

Meylissa FordMeylissa Ford

Essence Atkins and MC Lyte at Eclectic Vision 2006 2nd Annual Fundraiser

Meagan Good at The Mansion nightclub

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Janet Jackson images courtesy of: JJ.cn


  1. I have no idea who Black Buddafly, FeFe Dobson or Rochelle Aytes are.Beyonce however looks stunning as usual.Monica on the other hand looks awful and her new thug misses image doesn’t fly with me either.

  2. fefe dobson is the shiznit and should have all the fame and attention lavished on that dumazz Cassie.She is a truly musical talent but she seems more rock than rap so maybe that is why you haven’t heard too much about her.

  3. Janet is looking fresh and youthful.She looks best with little to no make-up.Everything about Melissa Ford is perfect.Beyonce lookes like a hooker in the first pic and like Annie Mae from the Beverly Hillbilly’s in the last one. 😆

  4. Janet is looking good and Bee looked like she rocked that lil small stage.

  5. Melyssa looks nice she needs to gain her weight back but I guess she’s not too skinny! Who in the world is Black Buddafly? Beyonce looks soulless like she is just fake or something! I used to love her but she is beginning to be a little annoying! Those promo pics are sad! And Rochelle looks nice! And for the ones who don’t know who she is I believe she played on Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Family Reunion”! And she played Blair Underwood’s fiancee.

  6. MC Lyte is mostly in her mid to late 30’s and maybe even 40 by now.She was grown when I was still in highschool.

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