Random Pics – Gallery Update

The beautiful- yes I said beautiful- Keyshia Cole was spotted out in Los Angeles earlier week and word is she was none too pleased with the photogs and got into a shoving match with them. I have no pics to prove that but I do have a few of her below and quite a few more have been added to her gallery on BrownSista.Net. And in other KC news, the single Last Night which she recorded with Diddy has entered the top 10 and is so far the most successful track off of Diddy’s Press Play album. Congrats to Keyshia on scoring her 5th. top ten R&B hit and 3rd. top ten Pop hit.

Here we have Tyra @ Mr Chows. I’m just now noticing how beautiful Tyra’s skin is and how much she and her lips remind me of Meagan Good.

And speaking of Meagan, here are some pics of her at a club down in Atlanta with her sister Lamaya and Kyle from Jagged Edge.

Finally we have Nia Long and a friend taking in the Knicks, 76ers game at Madison Square Garden

Don’t forget that to see more images of these ladies and many more you can head on over to our official galley- BrownSista.Net.


  1. I saw a small pic of her pushing someone but I think it was actually a fan. She needs to learn control now. I’m sure she’s not rich so getting sued should be something she should be trying to avoid.

  2. I was with you on KC being beautiful until I enlarged that joint, LOLOLOLOL!!! Just kidding! :booty:

  3. Yes Keisha is pretty and has a great figure. She just needs to tone down the hair a bit and get rid of the tattoos. Besides that she is a beautiful as people say Beyonce, Cassie and chicks like that are. :brownsista:

  4. She’s cute – beautiful might be a bit much. But to each his own :koolaid:

  5. I saw the pictures and she did not push no fan; it was the papazzi. You don’t know what happen so maybe there was a reason. Those parazzi are rude and not everybody is going to let them get away with it. Let her live.

    I agree about her needing to tone down her hair…but I stil think she is pretty.

  6. I became a Keyshia fan after I watched her show on BET last year. She sorta reminds me of Mary when she first came out. She is raw and untrained and that actually appeals to her fan base. I do hope this time around her record label brings in some sort of style team to help her out though. Keyshia could be a fashion icon is her own little way. No need to remove her street edge, just clean it up a bit.

  7. I think she’s pretty. I didn’t realize she was so pale! But I agree about the tattoos and stuff. Same thing with Monica…all those tattoos are just not cute after awhile.

  8. They never were cute to me and they take away from a woman’s femininity imo.

  9. Keyshia Cole beautiful? :lol2:
    Ok let me stop. She’s a cute girl, but her choice in hair color is just a little too much for me to handle. She can sing though :thumbsup:

  10. Keyshia is attractive, but the hair color has got to go! It washes her out and that’s all you notice. The colors are just too bright!

    I’m with JBL. After I saw her show, I had a new respect for her. She cares for her family a great deal and she seems to be the one holding their family together. She has great potential to be long lasting in the industry.

  11. Keyshia’s a hood, ghetto cute. Her hair color is absolutely horrible! She looks like an orangutan!!!! I love her music and her voice. It’s gotten a lot better. It was never horrible before I’ve always thought she had a nice voice but it’s better. Except for that song with her and Diddy she sounds awful like she’s on the wrong key around the end of the song when she’s adlibing it’s a mess! Love her anyway!

  12. I am soooo feeling that song “Last Night!” I love her voice and how she slips into the varying octaves during the chorus.

    I agree with most of you all – the hair color needs to change. But she’s cute and she’s had that red hair for as long as I’ve known.

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