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Mariah Carey is trying to up her fashion game and has been named the face of the Pinko Fashion House.Check her out below at the phocall in London.Also spotted in London was Naomi Campbell dining at Cipriani’s.Back in the states Vivica Fox was busy having a “Love Affair” with Glamour.Meanwhile, Beyonce was seen at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue party.As you all know the sista grabbed the cover this year which showcased singers and models alike. Goce!!
Mariah CareyNaomi CampbellVivica FoxBeyonce

Mariah CareyNaomi CampbellVivica FoxBeyonce


  1. Naomi’s jeans are fierec and Vivica’s dress is hawt too.Beyonce and Mariah look nice too.

  2. Vivica looks that best that I have seen of her in a long time. Beyonce’s dress is nice and different (from what I have seen in her lately). Naomi – eh.

  3. Beyonce continues to do big things.She is breaking down barriers that Black women will benefit from years from now.She is just picking up from where Diana, Whitney and Janet left off.

  4. Yall keep thinking Beyonce is breaking down barriers. The girl is overrated and trying to do big things that her father and boyfriend hook up. She is so overrated it’s not funny! She may be Diana! But no Whitney or Janet! Especially Whitney! Before and after crack!

  5. I agree she is breaking barriers.Just as many African American women have done in the past.The sister has earned her spot at the top and I’m not about to try and tear her down.She is good for us as Black women.Okay, so she may be a bit of b!tch, sometimes you have to be to get to the top.

    Naomi looks great there and I agree with you cutie-in-cali her jeans are cute but they are for skinny girls.That lace wrap around is designed to make her look a little thicker.Put those jeans on an average girl and they’ll prolly make her look too hippy.

    Vivica is a class act I love her as an actress and I’m glad her face is getting better.

    Mariah still needs a style team.How can someone so big not have a top notch style team behind her?

  6. Beyonce is FIYAH:booty:

    She is NOT overrated, just yet, and I agree that she is breaking down barriers. If you are black, positive and successful you do that on a daily basis, no matter who you are or how much money you make! :brownsista:

  7. bee is sooooooo stunning! viva va vaoom looks great and mariah (yawn).:oops:

  8. :hater: Kitten you love Beyonce why wont you just admit it. You desperately want to be like her. Stop trying to deny it. Every post and website, you always commenting on her. Get a grip,dig.

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