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I have gotten a lot of requests for Toccara pics over the last few months and finally I was able to get my hands on a few.Like I have said so many times before, getting images and information on many Black female celebs is incredibly hard because many of us still have not come into the twenty-first century and gotten ourselves a website.How one can be a celebrity in this country, even a small one, and not have an official website is just mind boggling to me.Anyway, I could rant on and on about this but I won’t.You can view a few of the Toccara pics we have in our gallery below and head on over to BrownSista.Net to see more.
Toccara JonesToccara JonesToccara JonesToccara Jones

Btw, should anyone have info on a Toccara fansite that we may not know about, please send us the link.



  1. Good lord Tocara ain’t scared to just put it all out there.I love this woman.She is fearless.She is truly what the average woman probably looks like naked.I know people are going to call her fat nut hell naw she is beautiful and I love that there is no sirbrushing at all.These pics are as raw as they come. :brownsista:

  2. I won’t call her fat Fran but some toning would do her body good.Yes I agree the average American female prolly looks more like Toccara naked than Tyra and the realness of these pics will hopefully make more women comfortable with themselves.I actually applaud Toccara for taking them.Not many women would feel comfortable exposing themselves and their flaws in a world obsessed with ultra thiness.:thumbsup:

  3. Toccara looks great.I don’t know too many who would kick her out of bed or be ashamed to be seen walking down the street with her.I know plenty of men who like their women built like Toccara.:booty:

  4. Ok I don’t wanna be the one to break up the love fest here but Toccara could stand to lose a few pounds.I’m not implying she go rexic on us but 20 or so pounds would really do her body good.She will clearly always be a big voluptuous woman but she has stretch marks and fat which clearly shows her skin is being stretched more than it should and thus weight loss is in order.Let’s be healthy here people and stop promoting fatness as if were sexy or healthy.

  5. I disagree. I think if she lost 20 pounds many women would no longer be able to relate to her. Tocarra I believe is a size 14. I am a 10 with the same figure. I think she is staying the way she is b/c so many others have not. J-LO & beyonce lost weight and although they are still curvy, I still feel like the bodies they have now are very strenuous to maintain, therefore the average 9 to 5er like you and I can’t really relate. I vote that she should stay at that weight, after all she is not waddling all over the place. She carries it well. Go Toccara:banana:

  6. :stop:@Grace: Why do you automatically assume that because Tocarra is full-figured that she’s “unhealthy?” Just because you have a few extra pounds doesn’t mean you’re not taking care of yourself. And just because a person is skinny doesn’t mean they are automatically healthy. In reality, it means they don’t gain weight easily. You really need to get a reality check. My best friend is a size 4 and this chick does not take care of herself like she should. All she eats all day is candy and McDonald’s, but never gains a pound. And you call that healthy, just because she weighs 115 pounds?

    Maybe “fat” or “big boned” isn’t sexy to you, but plenty of people out there appreciate a body like Tocarra. And since Tocarra is a celeb now, she probably is taking extra care of herself, but doesn’t need to fit in a size 0 to prove it. :hater:

  7. Exactly. Toccarra may very well be healthy. As I said, I am a size 10 & 5’9. My doctor always praises me health. My cholesterol, sugar & blood pressure are better than normal. I don’t know if you know the meaning of fat or unhealthy. But I am very happy with my doctors report & when I look in the mirror.:dance:

  8. :iagree:That’s right! I’m a healthy and happy size 14. I get regularly scheduled check-ups 3 times a year, and according to Dr. Frazier (yeah I put her name out there!) I’m doing better than good. So I don’t know where these pencil thin hoes thinking that a big girl can’t do the damn than when it come to health.:dance1:


  10. I think she looks o.k. but her stomach could use a little work. I’m all for the plus size girl doing her thing but at lease make sure that your body is toned if you’re going to take off your clothes. I feel that big girls have the right to represent.


  11. [quote comment=”2548″]I think she looks o.k. but her stomach could use a little work. I’m all for the plus size girl doing her thing but at lease make sure that your body is toned if you’re going to take off your clothes. I feel that big girls have the right to represent.

    And that is all I was saying.She isn’t Porky the pig yet but she could be and will be if she isn’t careful.He stomach is flabby and she has stretch marks that could be fixed with some weight loss or liposuction.It’s one thing to be a natural size 14 and another to eat your way there.Toccara has definitely eaten her way up to probably a size 18 or more.

  12. Well she looks good in my opinion. If her doctor says that she’s healthy, then who gives a damn about a stretch mark. I sure as hell don’t. Go Toccara :booty:

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