Rapper Eve Plans Club Tour

Eve is not about to let the fact that she isn’t signed to a major label hinder her from making music or promoting that music. The raptress recently told late night host Jimmy Fallon of her plan to release her new single “Me n’ My B*tches (Up In The Club)” and promote it via an overseas club tour. The rapper also said she would be experimenting with a new underground U.K. sound called “dubstep.” For those of you who want more of the actress side of the rapper, you can check out her new movie “Whip It” which is in theaters now- and look for her to also make an appearance on the hit Fox television series “Glee.”

Gallery Update: Check out Eve’s new photo shoot she did last week while promoting her new movie.


  1. I love the pics. But she needs to keep it moving with the hardcore music. The female rappers miss the point when they try to be so hard and not show their real talent, which for a woman is way more diverse than the male rappers. I wish her the best though as I admire her a lot.

  2. i luv but i don’t like that title sorry, c’mon Eve leave that 4 a cdfiller not a single.

  3. I’m glad she isn’t given in! Eve is a really good rapper and it’s great she is trying her luck over sea’s in the U.K. because here in the U.S. the music scene is going down female rappers are barely looked at, female singers are getting no love either….this is what happens when children run the music scene and we just follow what we are told is hot!

  4. I’m glad Eve is coming back just cover that head girl. Female rap has fell so far off. Eve is nice.

  5. Really EVE? Thats where you are now? In juke joints? Oh wow! Its time for Barbershop 3.

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