Rapper LIV Dedicates First Single To Beyonce


There have been several rumors circulating around the reasoning behind Solange’s vicious elevator attack against hip-hop mogul, and husband of Queen Bey herself, Jay-Z that took place in late May of this year. But, perhaps the most recent speculation that Mr. Carter and model turned hip-hop rap artist LIV have been rendezvousing it up for quite some time, will perhaps become the explanation that fans have been so desperately seeking.

LIV, who is allegedly Jay-Z’s mistress, has released a single entitled, “Sorry Mrs. Cater”, a dreadful lyrical open letter to Beyonce, regarding her interactions with Jay-Z within the last 6 years.

Olivia ‘Liv’ McFaller claims that in 2008, while dating Beyonce, Jay-Z made several advances at her and even offered giving her his number, but she turned him down because she didn’t want to “do that” to Bey…as if she knew her personally.

LIV’s music video has been released, and has become the social media buzz for the past week or so. The video looks rather homemade, and almost hard to watch without becoming completely confused as to why she would think it was okay to release such nonsense.

LIV claims to have pulled the cat out of the box to initiate a movement of women who are able to say NO to men in power positions. LIV made a statement on Instagram on Wednesday that read,

This is the problem with OUR CULTURE…when SOMEONE tries to come in and help the situation, we wanna resist their help and stay COMPLACENT…. This is not a song, it’s a movement. I thought of a way to clarify the situation so there would be no more confusion… #TheInvasion is what changed Nicki Minaj from geek to sheek and now I’m working on changing all of her fans from stupid hoes into LADIES…. I love all my #Barbz #Beauties & #Beasts…. And I love all my PEOPLE…. I’M HERE TO HELP….Bey already knows what she’s dealing with, instead of making the situation worse she should be making more tracks about how to become a WIFE, NOT A BABBY MOMMA… #ImJustSayin #TheINVASIONhasBEGUN #ShuttheF%&^UpForever #YesLivCan

Wow! This woman sounds delusional, jealous and desperate. She is coming across as if is trying to make a quick come up! I’ve made several attempts to google underground, or even well-known LP releases of hers, and I’ve failed to come across one! Well, except the “Sorry Ms. Carter” music video, which I’m sure, will get her nowhere fast.

What do YOU think? Do you think her story holds some truth to it or do you think she is just a desperate hip-hop artist trying to make her way to the top by any means necessary?


Kara Warner is an upcoming author, blogger, and educator from Omaha, NE, by way of Hammond, IN. She has placed much emphasis on supporting, and becoming an advocate for women and youth who struggle with self- esteem, image, and perception issues.

In 2009, Kara founded a program entitled, ‘Beauty Is Skin Deep Movement, Inc.” in order to reconstruct the perception and image of women of color in American society. She has conducted classes for the YMCA, Urban League of Nebraska, Middle School Learning Center, and Girls Incorporated of Omaha.

Kara is currently working on a book titled, ” False Feelings Appearing Real”, a compilation of experiences and stories by women who have, throughout their life, struggled with understanding their feelings and are now learning how to cope with them.

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  1. I think there is ‘some’ truth to it, but…I don’t know. I’ve yet to watch the video. Reading the lyrics is enough. It is HARD to get to Beyonce, so I’ve heard, so I can understand, in a way, and with a little side-eye, why this woman chose to address Sean Carter’s transgressions against his wife, on a public platform, a la the video/radio show she did initially. I guess she thinks #elevatorgate was reason enough for her to really come out with “the truth” via dropping “bars” on a “track” and shooting a home-video.

    Either she really feels as if she is doing something to help, or she is just jumping on the bandwagon that Solo judo-kicked off when the scene went down in the elevator.

    I…I have no more words.

  2. This is sad when someone desperately seeking attention has to make a song in an attempt to get onto the rap scene. At the most she will get time on Wendy williams, the breakfast club and other gossip sites. Money can’t buy you love but then again it can. Beauty and the beast? Nah, more like Beauty and Camel.

  3. The elevator fight gave the media the opening they needed to start speculating about the Carter marriage, which up until that point the world thought was flawless. True or false, this Liv chick is nothing short of an embarrassment to herself. Being a mistress is nothing to be proud of and in no way can she shade Beyonce, the wife. Women today, I just don’t know man. Everyone wants their five minutes of fame ad will do anything to get it. As for the Carters, at this point there marriage is a business arrangement and they know it. They get far more press together than apart and will never admit that anything is less than perfect. Beyonce took the elevator incident and put it in a song. It’s all business to them. On the same note, what they choose to do is their business. I don’t worship them like the rest of the masses seem to.

  4. I laughed throughout that entire video. That woman looks scary and like she’s on coke. I do not believe a word she is saying. However, we’ll see if J and Bey decide to sue her for defamation. If not, then maybe there is some truth to it.

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