Raven Comes Out Via Twitter

Actress Raven Symone has officially come out. The 27-year old former child star, best known for her roles on The Cosby Show and That’s So Raven, tweeted a message earlier today that officially ends all speculation about her sexual orientation.


We think it’s safe to assume Raven is referring to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act, which was struck down back in June.

Raven’s personal life has been a source of intense speculation over the years. Back in March when she was spotted with a known lesbian, she quickly shut the media down, claiming her personal life was not open for discussion. “My sexual orientation is mine, and the person I’m dating to know. I’m not one for a public display of my life,” she wrote on her personal website.

Since coming out Raven has been bombarded with questions via Twitter, but has so far remained quiet.

All that’s left to see now is how her career will fare now that she has openly admitted to what we all kinda knew in the first place.


  1. What career? Raven just starred in a TV show last year called The State of Georgia. She is hardly washed up or off the radar.

  2. Good for her! Raven is rich and I’d watch anything she stars in! @ Oh yeah you seem a hater, what was the last show you started in?! Go Raven be yourself express yourself love and marry who you love!

  3. I love her for this. She also re-tweeted tweet of support from fans because some people thought this would effect kids that watch her on tv bull at its best.

  4. You might want to check your numbers but Ravens career has put her in the 400 to 500 million net worth and this was just a couple of years ago! Just because she is not insecure and need to be in the medias face 24-7 to stay relevant for which she is also reported to be worth more than certain individuals who do this (I want name any names) lol! Go raven with your rich self less is more!

  5. Nobody’s checking for this chick anymore and nobody cares about her so called career either.

  6. People are rewarded today for simply being gay. Look at all the praise heaped on Frank Ocean. It is gay people’s choice to lie and hide who they really are. Raven could have come out ages ago and put the gossip to rest. She did so now that she feels she has something to gain from it. Same with Frank and the same with that gay basketball player who strung that white girl along until he found a “D” he felt he couldn’t live without.

  7. I really would have never thought that she would be a lesbian.

  8. Im proud of her and if yall have a problem with it you can kiss her ass. your opinion doesnt change Ravens money. IJS

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