Reader Mail: Where Are The Black Women?

Ananda Lewis Host BET Special Last week I got an e-mail from someone named “Fed Up”, who wrote to me, and several other websites, to complain about the lack of Black women hosts on BET. Because I haven’t watched the channel in years I wasn’t sure what shows the channel had on or who the hosts were. I knew both AJ and Free were replaced, AJ by another Black male and Free by a Hispanic female. What I didn’t know was that the other two hosts BET has that are women are also not Black. Julissa, host of the now defunct College Center, was a Latina and Sharon Carpenter who has a news show on the channel, is half White and East Indian. Even after finding this out I found it hard to care and I definitely wasn’t surprised. I have been saying for years that there has been a movement to remove Black women from all things Black and replace them with multi-ethnic women, who oftentimes are just accepted as Black simply because they are of color. So the question is, does anyone care? As more and more people start to take notice of this, and they have, what will BET do? What will we as Black women do? Will we demand to see our own image represented on a channel with the name “Black” in it, or will we just fall back and disappear into oblivion?

Reader Email:

Hello Brown Sista,

You are being contacted via Brown Sista by FedUP. FedUP has provided the following information so you may contact them:

Email: [Blocked]
Website: http://
Reason: To Make A Comment

Sharon Carpenter, who is half Indian and half White, is bragging all over the internet and in interviews that BET went after her because they wanted her so badly. They didn’t think Black females could host a show. They have a Dominican American Rocsi as a female host of 106 and Park. They had a Puerto Rican Julissa as a host of the now defunct College Center, and now they got an Indian-European as a host for BET News. Sadly, colorism is still a problem in our community.

Sian-Pierre Regis is the Asst to the VP of BET News. His phone number is (212) 975-1513 if you want to voice your complaint.


  1. I interned at BET in the summer of 05. All the real black women are behind the scenes. Hell, the producer of BET’s uncut was a woman! I asked her if she enjoyed producing the (degrading) show, she replied, “no, it just pays the bills.”
    BET was very cold, no one wanted the interns to take their jobs so they bullshi*ted us around without providing any type of real training besides being their flunkies. I think host at BET should reflect their mass audience, when you look in the crowd on 106 & Park, all you see are black youth, mostly dark skinned. So why must we have to view non-blacks on the show who completely do not relate to our societal norms? I would like to see a male and female host that looks like me, has hair like mines (free) and is a respresentation of not European features, but REAL black features. Black Youth are already having identity crisis and self-esteem issues because of America’s standards of beauty, BET knows this! They just don’t care.

  2. Why do black people to this day still have issues with complexion and skin colour? Why can’t everyone just be proud of seeing a black face on television or in magazines? Because a few years ago wether you were light skin or dark skin your face wouldn’t be on televison at all….

    In the e-mail they mention Rocsi from 106 and Park, she is black (ok yes she is light skin) but that is just how some Dominicans are, if you look back into the history of Dominica you will see they were ruled by the English and French and also they had the arawak and caribs there in the beggining… but enough of the history lesson (lol). So yes they are more than likely going to have a slight european look to them, like alot of the caribbean islands that were ruled by the europeans.

    But as for BET I think they are not looking at wether there presenters are west indian or african black or mixed race, in there eyes they just see a black pesenter. Here in England it is the same thing they would more use a mixed race person than a black person, but all in all it doesn’t really bother me, black dark skin, light skin, mixed, I’m just proud to see sistas and brothas doing there thing…..I mean come on at least it is not the same ol’, same ol’ blue eyes and blonde hair….

  3. This is a big movement to make us as black woman try to doubt ourselves. When they put mixed women on black shows, they fool the youth into thibking that’s what desirable black women should look like.

    Its something we need to fight as sistaz. The power we have is so HUGE whuch is why THE MAN is trying to make us disappear FAST.

  4. Wow, it is 2008 and this coon (MissT) is telling Black women that they should be proud to see any woman of color on BET so long as she isn’t white, blond and blue eyed. BET is Black Entertainment Television and their advertisements and content is aimed at the Black community and that includes Black women. Shouldn’t we expect to see ourselves represented at a station that we primarily watch? In your book Miss T, I guess we shouldn’t.

    And for the record Rosci is not Black and I don’t need a history lesson to know that. She self identifies as Latina and reps her people every chance she gets. She has pride and would never even call herself Black cause she knows that would be an affront to her people. Meanwhile she is too dark to be featured on any Latin station because they harbor the same hatred for their darker skin woman as we do.

    BET is able to do what they do because no one fights for the Black woman. When you say Black woman everyone grimaces including Black men who could care less. So long as BET doesn’t fire the brothas they are cool with the influx of non dark women. The name of the Black woman has been drug through the mud so much that just self identifying as a Black woman, no matter how you look, makes people not care about you.

    But sistas need to realize that we have the power. No matter what some of us think of the station now many young Black girls tune in to see their favorite artists and have a right to see themselves represented. BET isn’t going to disappear tomorrow so while it is here we need to fight to make sure they give us the respect we deserve or keep our ad dollars to ourselves.

  5. i read an in depth article on this on panache report a few days ago. they had an interior memo from the top of BET, about black women not being able to sell a show. sharon carpenter who hosts the bet news segment is actually white and native american. and was hired because of that. she was also told black women don’t sell. debra lee should be ashamed but this has been going on in varying degrees forever, i stopped watching bet a while ago only watching the awards show and keyshia cole. now i’m on bet blackout.

  6. @ celine… yeah it is 2008 and I don’t know if your walking around with your eyes closed but alot of black people are mixing with other races, so of course your gonna have mixed race people wether there mixed black and indian, black and white or black and Hispanic and yes there not gonna be dark skinned with afro hair … I’m not saying that that there shouldn’t be dark skin black women on telvision, im not saying that at all, I feel very proud when I see black women on the television or in Magazines, but what i’m saying is that society is changing, people are mixing and as long as the media are controling what you see and what you read that is how it will be. ( shoot me for saying this)

  7. as long as the media are controlling what you see and what you read that is how it will be.

    I won’t shoot you, Miss T, but I’ll agree. The key words above being AS LONG AS THE MEDIA CONTROLS what we see. And as BET embraces other ‘variations of us’ (from dark to light, from West Indian to South African to Venezuelan), it becomes incredibly politically correct (which is cool) but at the same time it contributes to a preferred homogenization of the rest of us. Suddenly all the ‘black’ beauties on BET are caramel macchiatos and coffee con crema and other lighter shades and hues. Yes, we should embrace us all, but the image it reciprocates are that ‘this lot’ of ‘black’ beauties are THE BEST and are what’s representative of ‘us’.

    Am I saying there should be ebony beauties hosting the shows? Deep mocha latte sistas in the videos, as well as the cafe con leches? YES YES and YES. 😆 Basically, representation along the spectrum is good, but what happens when ‘I’ stop seeing ‘me’? (Not that I watch BET) But let’s assume I’m a hip, young lady geeking for my urban video fix, I think after awhile I might be like WTF? 😆

    But that’s holding BET too accountable for ‘our’ representation on TV, isn’t it? But then again, THEY ARE BET (Black Entertainment Television).


    I ramble, but this is really a serious issue. I encourage all to read bell hooks’ Black Looks: Race and Representation and bell hooks’ Reel to Real: Race, Sex, and Class at the Movies.

    This is not only about how ‘others’ will see us if we’re represented properly or not, it’s also about how will we see OURSELVES?. There’s a chapter she does in the second book called “the oppositional gaze: black female spectators” and it was like a ‘woah’ moment for me when I read it. Anyhoo, might be too much for a Tuesday morning, but I just read the latter book this past weekend; this was the perfect outlet to share the info. 😉

    Also, didn’t some former staffer (a male) release some blog or something about when he worked at BET talking about how they (the programmers or whatever) wanted only the lighter skinned women in the videos shown or something like that?

    Frankly, I won’t demand anything of BET; of film and movies, I DO demand, but BET has long since fallen by the wayside for me. I haven’t viewed it since Bob Johnson sold the station to Viacom. Actually, before then; I canceled cable five years ago. 😆

  8. I don’t even watch BET any more unless I am watching Girlfriends or Diff’rent Strokes. It has gone to the Dogs! Straight up.

  9. BET is a prime example of IGNORANCE at its worst. The BET marketing team thinks that black women can’t gain an audience, YET Oprah and Tyra are knocking everyone’s socks off with their ratings as we speak. I know what the problem is BET. Black women won’t watch certain shows on that chanel because BET degrades us!!!! DUH! Bob Johnson is a disgrace for selling out BET. I have no problem with showing all shades of MY BEAUTIFUL RACE. However, when the decision makers think that you have to be MIXed or another race to be deemed attractive, I have a serious problem with that. Rosci is not even a good host. She’s less than avaerage tops. I know there were some talented sisters out there. What about Alicia Renee? Was she not good enough to get the coveted 106 & Park slot? She’s a much better host.

    To make black women appeal to the masses, all they have to do is put us in respectable positions. That means, stop showing us on those nasty uncut videos. Stop casting the angry black woman in reality shows. America thinks that all black women act like that because that’s all they see. Michelle Obama is an IVY league graduate, and even she had to deal with the “Baby Mama” jokes. This woman is MARRIED! I’m tired of this. The only time I see a black woman on BET is if she’s in an HIV commercial or if she’s a single mother doing advertisment for McDonalds or KFC! Get it together BET.

  10. The CW gets a thumbs down too for replacing Girlfriends and The Game. God forbid they show successful black women (in my sarcastic voice). Those shows had good ratings. Why doesn’t BET make shows like that? Oh my bad, BET won’t creat shows like that because the woman are fully clothed and speak clear English.

  11. Everytime I read a post like this, it reminds me of how much I miss Girlfriends. There you had sisters of every hue represented as beautiful, intelligent, and funny on a popular tv show and no one thought twice about it.

    You have Serena Williams being chosen sexiest female athlete of Men’s magazine so all of this black women don’t sell is false and just evidence that self-hatred can exist in the super-ruch and influential as well.

  12. There are other black females on BET. There is Aleesha Renee or however you spell her name. There is the female who hosts the Black Carpet. There is Tocarra and Egypt. Black Entertainment Television is an American cable network based in Washington, D.C. targeted toward young blacks and urban audiences in the United States. There are more than blacks in the urban community. Why must everything be about race and color? Instead of worrying about the color of the person hosting the show, we need to focus on is the prgram education for our children. We need to focus on what message is being given to our children.

    BET is currently owned and operated by Viacom, which is led by Philippe Dauman, who is white.

  13. Of course we should all care, it’s telling our children and ingraining in many of us that light is right, black get back. It’s totally unaccecptable but at the same time what would really expect from a network not owned by accountable black people, but by people who have no intrest in seeing an improvement in our communities or educating their viewers in anyway. Sure we can expect a fair, true or honest view of us from a network with the word BLACK in the name but it does guarantee we will recieve it. We have to do that for ourselves one by one. As long as BET has an audience they will continue to exploit and embarrass us at every turn…and yes I agree, the CW, WB and VH1 are all guilty as well. Why VH1 thinks all black people love purple, hot pink and leopard print is beyond me…

  14. Wow ladies very strong points here. I agree being a beautiful dark sister myself, I look and look and I never see anyone that looks like me on TV, Ads, Commercials etc. Like most of you all said we all come in beautiful shades but you can’t forget the most dominant one of all. I have a Theory, I mean really and I may be naive but are there a lot of lighter skinned Africans in Africa? How did we start to become so much lighter when most slaves that came to America were black dark skinned people. Because they started raping slaves to pump out more for the Master and boom you have lighter shades of Africans? Just a Theory yall so dont jump down my throat. I still and will always believe we will always be the most disrespected race in America. Just sad……….

  15. Well keep in mind that we had one of the biggest coons of all time running BET Bob (undercover republican) Johnson..When Bob Johnson came out and attacked Barack Obama in support of Hillary Clinton I truly understood what kind of Uncle Tom he is and why BET is the kind of organization that it is..Look at the videos that degrade black women and promote a culture of sex, ignorance and bufoonary while perpetuating negative stereotypes to our impressionable young people..I am also disappointed in the lack of African American woman of color who are put on t.v. at what is suppose to be only black station on air which sould serve as a stepping stone to break these kinds of stereotypes in regard to European beauty standards..They even gave vidoe ho Melissa Ford a hosting spot, now how many educated women of color were passed over that were more qualified and better suited for that job, but they gave the job to her because she’s the norm, light skinned eye candy..I’m not just angry about the lack of black women but the lack of quality, cultural and educational programming for African Americans in general..I saw BET do something positive and worth while ONE time and that was when the Sean Bell verdict came in, they actually shut down 106 and Park and dedicated the show to speaking on police brutality and the racist justice system..Why can’t BET do more positive shows like that..BET would rather keep promoting mainstream bull$h** like horrible rap music, video ho’s, light skinned women as the beauty standard & all types of coonery so they can appeal to the masses..

    BET is a joke, they have the power to do so much more and create better more positive programming that put black people in a more positive light..Why do we have CNN and MSNBC doing shows dealing with our issues, to show you how a$$ backwards BET is..However, I do give Bob Johnson/BET it’s props for opening the door for people of color but the BET platform is not being used to it’s full potential.

    Here’s a list of programming I would like to see on BET:

    *24 hour around the clock news updates
    *Medical/Health Programming
    *Positive teen talk show
    *Black Political Program
    *Black education program
    *Black panel talk show dealing with different topics and issues in the black comm.
    *Black History/Black Inventors Program
    *A program for black women/black men issues
    *A program for black acheivers/entrepreneurs
    *Black Entertainment
    *Black Music Program (no rap videos)

  16. The best thing that could happen is that there would be NO Black women on BET. This is a wonderful thing that there are fewer Black women on BET. If we aren’t on BET, we aren’t being exploited and stereotyped as much. This is a good thing, I can’t believe someone is complaining about it.

  17. Monie you’re missing the whole point. Black women are on BET. They’re on the ghetto uncut rap videos posing as the low class strippers. BET puts non-black women in leading roles and TV slots, but puts black women in degrading videos and shows. They’re contributing to the negative stereotype that our kids are watching. BET is casting black women as second and third class citizens on the regular basis. If I’m going to watch a network for BLACK people, put some black people in it, and don’t make everyone “ghetto”. I hate using that word because it’s a state of mind, not a location, but it sums it up. That’s all I’m saying.

  18. Monie, there doesn’t necessarily have to be this dichotomy where black women are either not shown or exploited. I think the point of alot of people who posted is that there needs to be a POSITIVE representation of black women on the only network that is geared towards our community.

    I wonder if El Telemundo would regularly cast black women as hosts on its network? Of course they wouldn’t. We really need to get it together.

  19. Teeda,

    Okay, thanks. I don’t have cable anymore so I obviously can’t watch BET, so thanks for breaking it down for me. All I can say is that Viacom doesn’t give a hoot about Black women or people in general, they just want the money. So don’t expect things to get better at BET, VH1 or MTV.

  20. I called Sian-Pierre Regis, and he said he knows someone has put his name and phone number all over the internet with this message. (Hey Sian! I could put your email address too if you like, but I don’t know how you would handle it.) He said they will no longer comment in regards to this. That sucks! I really wanted to leave Sian contact numbers to the National Association of Black Journalists, The National Newspapers Publishers Association, and some HBCUS communications departments. Also, Sian doesn’t know there is another suggested media campaign idea that could really make him look bad that a journalist gave me, but I wanted to give BET time to straighten this out despite being fed up and sick and tired of being sick and tired of this mess.

  21. Miss Tee

    The Dominican Republic and Dominica are TWO different nations with different histories.

    The Dominican Republic shares the same island as Haiti and was inhabitated by Native Indians, Spanish Explorers and Africans (both free and slaves.) hence they speak Spanish.

    Dominica is MILES away from the Dominican Republic and was settled by the Dutch, the French and Africans. Hence they speak Patois a mixture of Dutch, French and African dialects as well as English.

    Rocsi is not Dominican. She is Honduran.

    BET should have Black Males and Black Females as the hosts of all their shows. If viewers want or need to see a represntation of any other race, they can turn to ALL of the other channels that continue to marginalize and negate African Americans. It is a shame and an outrage that a station named BET has nothing positive to offer Black people at all.

  22. Preach Princess!

    FedUp- Thanks for calling Sian-Pierre Regis.

    BET needs to know that we’re not just trying to complain. We just want things to get better. No more excuses.

  23. Black people, BET is no longer a black owned company. The reallity of it is they could care less about how fed up we are. We still haven’t learned our power yet. Because we get stuck of the stupidness of a skin complexion. Your power is not in your complexion, but, in your dollars. If you start a campaign that states you as black women won’t watch BET then guess what they loose advertising dollars. Let’s stop having this same argument. The problem with BET is not the lack of black female host. The problem with BET is the crapt they put on the idiot tube.

    Let’s stop the foolisheness in black American and let’s realize our power. Our power is over six billion spent every year in consumer dollars. That is your power your wallet. Learn it, seize it, and use it. And stop with this foolish black/white or light skinned/dark skinned. Because I am black and I am tired of hearing it and I can imagine that so is everyone else. Move on.

  24. I agree. We are comfortable w/ seein other ethincities (sp?) in the media as long as they look “Black”. I suppose it’s b/c if we see them as Black the “other” man will def see them as the same. I for a fact did not know that Sharon Carpenter was mixed for the simple fact that she looks “Black”. As for BET, let’s not put on the masquerade about the channel being diplomatic/democratic. It has long been said by SEVERAL past employees that the channel is just plain out right cold. It so bad the animated series the “Boondocks” did a controversial piece on it, which is VERY funny btw.

    So for them to not have any TRUE sistas on the shows is not surprising. But maybe the lack of sistas is by CHOICE & not by force. I think that a lot of sistas don’t want to be apart of the channel for the reasons of the poor treatment dealt to employees & the lackluster/copy cat shows, I know that BET HARDLY ever gets ratings from me b/c their roster SUCKS imo. BET doesn’t produce the quality shows that he had years ago, i.e. Teen Summit, Tavis Smiley show, & etc. Those shows would always give thought provoking dialogue. Now all you get w/ the channel is those “Hip Hop vs. The World” shows. Like the discussions on booty shakin in a music video will solve the world’s problems. I am sure that the “Hip Hop” show touches on some area , but DEF not enuff. We need MORE. I think the reason that you don’t see more sistas on BET is b/c no self respecting sista would not want to be apart of the sherade(sp?) & you know what seeing what I have seen, whenever I watch, I don’t blame them.

  25. @bria

    AMEN Sista! For the luv of Pete, plz let the light dark skin go!

  26. to answer your question if we should care…well i don’t. I stopped watching BET since 2004. BET is not a loss to me or black women after the way they degrade us. Maybe now, these other women will understand what it’s like to be called a hoe and bitch every second of the day, cause these rappers are sure aint’ talking about me now.

    Black women who are hoping to host a show, look elsewhere, cause BET ain’t it. Go host shows like ET, Accesss Hollywood, The Insider. Better yet make your own show and put it on regular channels and showcase black entertainers who don’t have gold in their mouths or speak ebonics. Showcase real, smart, community driven black entertainers. If not that have your own show on politics on CNN, MSNBC, or BBC News. BET is not the beginning nor the end. They shouldn’t even be on your options list.

  27. Having dark skin does not make you a Black person. I am not happy just because I see a dark or darker skinned woman on TV. I am happy when I see a BLACK woman on TV.

    BET is just a name that is why it is now called BET and not Black Entertainment Television. BET doesn’t know what it wants to be. I know they do not represent me. That is why I watch and respect TV One. BET needs to be replaced with TV One anyway. I guess BET feels that they are doing justice by showing a thought provoking show every once in a while and it’s suppose to combat all the negative images they are showing everyday. I only watch Girlfriends, A Different World, and The BET Awards on BET and that’s it. And yes, we do have to speak up about this. If not us, who will???

  28. Seriously, is this some kind of joke?

    Are y’all going to drag out the paper bag next?

    Danella and Egypt aren’t Black now?

    BET just got finished doing a Keyisha Cole marathon.

    You dont do that if you dont think Black women aren’t marketable.

    Rocsi is a light skinned Black of Hispanic descent.

    Race and nationality are two different things.

  29. I dont watch the shade of skin too much as i see even within my own family (mothers lightskinned fathers dark, sisters and myself all shades in between) the difference that make us as a race so unique and beautiful. What worries me is the negative images that are used to define who we are, that needs to change desperatly because that does more damage than the light is right theroy besides when you walk into a room of white/non black people no matter your shade they will only see a black woman before them, thus you are automatically beneath them, with the images currently being churned out replaying in their heads confirming why you should stay there…so again when the images change so will perceptions amongst ALL move for the better. Love u all my Brown sistas cos we all are BEAUTIFUL! ;0) x

    (they might let you call them black when it’s time to USE black people to make money off of our culture; and have access to rich black entertainers ie julissa and rosci)

    EDUCATE YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    (just as latin networks only hire latin women, chinese networks only hire chinese women, indian etc etc )


    DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    BET is no longer owned by black people, Bob Johnson did sale BET out to Viacom.



    BLACK PEOPLE ARE LIVING LIKE SLAVES IN PUERTO RICO DOM. REP. ETC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. I too was not aware of this. I dont watch BET that much but I definitely think out of all the media outlets BET should be representing black women. This is why BET was created, right? ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN, TBS, Telamundo and the list goes on and on… all of these represent their audience. There is absolutely nothing wrong with BET doing the same. Why is it that everyother race can and do express their culture, but when Black America expresses our culture “all hell breaks loose”. Frankly I dont think we show enough Black Pride. In our community there is a lot of self hatred and we need to begin to repair the damage.

  35. Most sistas could care less about bringing out the paper bag to complain about who’s light and who’s dark. We just want more positive images on TV when it relates to black women. I thought that was clear. Now I’m getting confused with all of these comments about getting over the light/dark issue. It was never just about the color of the skin. Why is it that everytime people bring up several good points/ issues about blacks in the media, we go straight to skin color. People made a lot of good points on this blog. Why are we skipping over the more relevant issues? LOL. I’m done for the day. TTYL sistas!

  36. I don’t have cable, but this is upsetting that black women aren’t represented on a t.v. station targetted towards their community.But, in reality we can’t blame the owners of BET, because we have to be upset with our black men on this one. Cuz, if MTV TRES or other latino outlets pulled some garbage like this, latino men would be upset about their women not being represented. Yet, our men sit back and say nothing, if anything they probably gravitate towards the show moreso because a nonblack woman is the host. Until, black men start acknowledging the black woman’s beauty and desirability, noone else will.
    But, if this were reverse, black women would be up in arms about the lack of black men on BET, if BET had nonblack men on their programming. This proves how loyality black women are to black men, and it’s pathetic.I’m waiting until I hear of a black rapper or singer say that he won’t go on BET to promote their product, oh wait, they won’t do that because in the majority of their music videos latinas are the women being featured.

    For the record, Black women really need to get over being upset over these issues, it’s not going to change.

  37. I`ve read most of everyone comments and i must say that as a Black woman from the caribbean thank God I never had to experience that kind of ignoance and hate that i see in america , and spcially among ou own black people. EVERYONE, I man EVERYONE black, brown, yellow, light, white, indian, spanish or whatever is bautiful and unique in their own way that`s why God made us all different. That`s why America is so messed up and upside down. Let`s all live in peace and harmony bcause no matter what anyone says: ANYONE, WE all are BEAUTIFUL. And that`s a fact. Stop Hating and fighting, We all are equal. Whether anyone want to accept it or not. WE ALL ARE ONE.

  38. I was always confused why they replaced Free with a latino girl on Black Entertainment Television. Thats like replacing a latino cohost with an asian one on Telemundo. So they couldnt find a good looking articulate black girl for that hosting spot? There are way too many smart black women out there that could be chosen to be on t.v. it really is a shame

  39. Sorry but if your’e from the Carribbean, you really can’t tell American black women to ignore the blantant racism that is going on. And, no we aren’t racist, we just point out the reality of BET. We have every right to be upset when we are told daily that our beauty isn’t worth jack, even when the targeted market is us.

    And for the record, if I’m not mistaken, the Carribbean is affected by Colorism. Everyone knows that in Jamaica the “Brownies” women are treated better, and just like out here are considered the staple of beauty. So, where is this whole thing about it’s not a reality in the Carribbean. Even, Cindy Breakspeare, Bob Marley’s former girlfriend talked about those issues in Jamaica.

    I, do agree that black women need to start their own programming, but then it won’t be diverse either, because black women do not acknowledge nonblack men’s beauty, or biracial men beauty either. It would be the dark or dark brown afro-feature men that gets the attention, like always.

  40. Sorry but for the record, you can’t write and call BET producers or whatever, you have to hit BET where it counts, stop buying the products of their sponsors, boycott their sponsors, get people to stop buying stock in Viacom. Go on international new programming and discuss it there.

  41. I think that the point that was trying to be brought across has been misconstrude(sp?) by some. Which is not surprising because every time this type of topic is discussed the whole issue of light vs. dark skin is brought up… smh. I believe that what FED UP is saying is that BET doesn’t hire/cater to African/Black AMERICAN women. In other words the sista has to be Black American born & bred. When she fills out an application she checks the box African American & NOT Hispanic or any of the other nationalities. I REALLY don’t think that the poster cares if she is light skinned or dark, as long as she falls in the Black American category he’s fine w/ it. As many have already stated BET is irrevelant in the community b/c of its lack of postivity & substance in it’s programming. I could be very well wrong about what FED UP is trying to say, but that’s what I get from it.

  42. sorry correction on my name.. I cleared my cookies & my name was off lol.

  43. Where to start?

    Colorism is a hot topic among black women …on the internet, I see. Rarely do conversations take place on the heated, slavery-derived topic in real life. How represenative is the internet of public consciousness?

    Anyway, Julissa was Dominican, she’s perfectly of African descent, as are most Dominicans and other Carribean “Latinos”. I saw no problem with her being a host on one of BET’s centerpiece shows. I would actually like to see more Afro-Latinos on television since the vast majority of black people outside of Africa live in Latin America. Hell, most folks still think of the US-created “Latino/Hispanic” tag as a seperate race. It is not! It’s merely a demographic term.

    As far as Rosci …you’re blind if you don’t think that woman doesn’t have any African blood. Her face says a different story.

    As a previous poster said, there’s black American women on the channel as well. In fact, the majority of black female hosts are African American. Don’t look at Rosci, and then make a sweeping generalization.

    This leads me to my next point ….

    Most of the black women, in the media, in terms of skin color, are perfectly brown. Not “light and bright”.

    Name a bunch of big name black actresses who are percieved as “light skinned” (a very subjective term).

    You can’t. They’re mostly brown.

    I’m not saying colorism doesn’t exist among black folks or in terms of how some black women are presented in the media, but what I’m noting is that when you look at black folks in real life or in the media, you definetely see variety. When it comes to hue …and defintely, size (you got skinny women, thicker women, heavier women …white women in the media simply don’t have the same range).

  44. @ J I agree 100% with your post.

    And someone said latinos don’t identify themselves as black but guess what it doesn’t matter. A nigger is a nigger is a nigger, regardless of what they call themselves everyone will still see them as black.

  45. Bohwe: You’re so right about the color issues Carribean people have. Fair skinned black women are referred to as brownin’ (not brownies) there. There was a very popular Raggea musician who made a song about his brownin’ and all the darker skinned Jamaican women were in an uproar. These issues exist all over the globe where the population has deviation in pigment; anyone who denies that is…well, just fooling him or herself.

  46. While I am writing this as a response to the general topic I want to specifically address Sher: In other countries/ city-states/territories//, race may not be a super big problem, but in America, a land that was socially, culturally, religiously, and structurally built on racism race will ALWAYS be a problem. So stop hollering about how we are all one- We are not all one! Trust and believe white people do not think we are all one.
    I have long been saying how displeased I am about Rocsi hosting 106 and Park- first because she’s horrible, and second because she isn’t a sista. 106 and Park is by far the most watched show on BET- why isn’t a sista on there? The treatment of Black women on BET gives other stations and Hollywood the backing to continually place non black love interests opposite our Brothas- has anyone noticed that?? Look at HITCH
    Anyway- I don’t care if the woman looks to be of African American Heritage, if she ain’t a sista she shouldn’t be on BET!
    And YES OUR BROTHERS DO NEED TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE and call BET out on it’s constant treatment of Black women.
    But I do give u props Sher for I dentifying yourself as a Black woman from the Caribbean- most of the people I know from the islands staunchly refuse to call them selves Black! They’d much rather be west Indian, or Jamaican, or anything but BLACK

  47. We are so stupid as a race. As long as we keep focusing on things like this we won’t move ahead. Here we are on the crusp of having our first black president and this is what we are still stuck on. Stop looking for television to give you your self worth. How did black women think they were beautiful before any black women were seen on television. It just make me sick with this topic. Why do we care what anyone thinks about us or our race. We don’t need anyone too hate us or put us down or hold us back because we have that on lock down.

    Let’s get over ourselves and move forward. The reason no one barely wants to hire black women is because they have to constantly deal with crapt like this. If you look at most of these rap videos now they don’t use black women in the way that we think they predominantly use hispanic women of color now. And that is what these young men seem too like and that is who they are catering too on BET. These rap videos are not made for women they are made for guys. Grow the fuckkk up people it is not about color anymore unless the color is green.

  48. I have to agree with the last post, and that is why black women need to move on. It is so sad that many black women are so stuck on the black man that they want and crave for black men’s affection and attention, and when that doesn’t happen it’s WW2 all over again. Black women issues is that everything is based around approval of the black male. And that is sad, I’d say forget about the black man, just seek out a good man. And we are in a sad state as black women when we lower our self worth to be with a black man, just because he’s black. And this is what’s happening. If a woman has self-worth she will not degrade herself to be in a music video that is derogatory towards women, or even promote the degradation of women. If ,anything we should be upset that women in general accept this garbage as a way to make money and to validate their beauty.

  49. Bria …you are the truth. I agree 100% with you.

    Although, I can name a few black women who (sadly) are popular in the video music modeling world.

    Why would anyone want a black woman objectfying herself in a crappy ass video???

    Also, the women in the videos are NOT handpicked by the artists in any way. They’re chosen by casting directors. By using racially ambigious women, it’s a crossover tactic. Most rap music is purchased by white people. By giving them something that’s not specific, it’s “safer”. But then again, I can name examples of black female “video” models who are prominent.

    But yeah …if you’re using the media to dictate how you should feel about yourself, you’re crazy. White America will never elevate black beauty or any non-white beauty towards the same level as white/Euro beauty …that would throw white supremacy and racism out of the window, and how can this country operate without it?

  50. People expect BET, looking at the programming they have and the stereotypes they promote, to properly represent Black people and especially Black Women? Whom they’ve never seemed to have a problem degrading when it pays? Anyone remember Uncut? That hot ghetto mess controversy? Please. The few times I find myself watching BET, I feel like some kind of outsider. I can bring myself to be offended that they are refusing to hire black women, but I can’t bring myself to believe BET would promote a good image even if they did hire all Black women.

  51. Amen Bria! I agree with you 150%! Couldn’t have said it better myself. My best friends are of all races – like the rainbow – my black best friends do not subscribe to the “woe is me” sh*t that I am reading here. We set our own standards and men flock to us. Black, white, latino, etc. We love ourselves we do not look to be validated by the media or the rest of the world. We’re educated, classy and self confident and believe me it shows to the outside world. We’re automatically taken out of the “box” that a lot of black women like to place themselves in or allow others to place them in. Oh no not this sister. That’s never been me. Reading this sh*t angers me to no end. Move forward people with the rest of the world. Racism’s not going anywhere so we have to keep being strong and smart and push forward and sing a new tune.

  52. I think where you are missing the ball is that it’s not so much about validation, it’s about representation. It’s not that we need to see black women on TV to feel pretty or special but that we want and should see then on TV because its 2008 and there is a channel that was created to address black America. Last time I checked, black America did not consist of black men and Latinas. Any community would have a problem with what this. Take all of the hispanic women off of Telemundo and see if their community doesn’t have issues with it. Shit, Mexicans had A FIT when J-Lo was casted for the Selena role because she was Puerto Rican and NOT Mexican. We’re not talking about a channel full of 24-7 programming there…it was a 2-hr movie. Wake up.

  53. This is a very important issue, black women today are seen as nothing we are just a place for men to screw. If we do not stand up now and not allow ourselves to be put on the back burner we will fade away more and more until we are of no importance….Wake up people when they have light skinned or high yellow females I cant relate to that and neither does a lot of black women cause I am not white nor am I appreciated and it just reminds me of the fact that our black men runs to white women now the media is putting them on a pedastal.

  54. BET should stay on air- With some new programs and content this could be a network that everyone is proud of. The thing is people do like to watch raunchy videos and pointless reality shows and the other half want sophisticated programming with stimulating topics.
    Why cant we have both?
    In regards to the light/dark topic….unfortunately, that will be discussed until the end of time.

  55. Black women have more power now than we have ever had in anywhere in the world. If you want too look for validation and what you can accomplish as a black woman look at Oprah. The most powerful woman on television. But yet what is the first thing I hear that comes out of most black women’s mouth when Oprah is mentioned, I can’t stand her. Don’t know why but just don’t like this successful black woman. The real power in Hollywood is behind the scenes. Has anyone heard of this show called Grey’s Anatomy? Do your research find out who created, produced, wrote, and sold that idea. You will find out she probably looks like most of us on this site. You can do anything you want too do all you have to do is do it. I am starting my own company and I am extremely excited and if I can get a tenth of Oprah’s success I will be the most happiest woman in the world.

    So we have two choices here. We can keep waiting for BET to do something that they don’t wanna do and have no intentions of doing or we can create our own path. I choose the latter of the two.

    BET Networks respects the power and importance of blogging, but we also believe that for the benefit of our audience, we must distinguish fact from fiction. In response to posts on’s Ya Heard blog and the Panache Report, Julissa is no longer on BET, and hosts Danella (BLACK CARPET), Alesha Renee (THE 5ive and BET NOW) and Jina Johnson (BET NEWS) are African American. The names of the BET shows and Rocsi’s nationality as described on are inaccurate.

    BET Networks is proud of the incredible Black women we have representing our channels – not just on our hosted shows, but on all of our specials and series across the board. From the compelling young females on Baldwin Hills to our talented judges on Sunday Best to the knowledgeable panelists we’ve had on Hip Hop vs. America, to name just a few of our shows, BET Networks has been and will continue to be committed to ensuring we have strong Black female representation on our networks.

    Above all, BET Networks proudly seeks to include and explore Black women throughout the African Diaspora, as shown through the “Am I My Sister’s Keeper” segment of Hip Hop vs. America II, moderated by MC Lyte, where our brilliant all-female panel crossed complexions, ages, homelands and backgrounds.

    We thank and all of our viewers, supporters and critics for contributing to the dynamic conversation of Black women’s roles at BET Networks and the media at large, as it is our goal to not only host and participate in this dialogue, but to also incorporate some of the solutions that come from these discussions.

  57. if the hosts of all them shows on BET were white men, none of you so-called sisters would have one bad thing to say and Rocsi is black whether you want to admit it or not.

  58. That is hands down the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Luxor you aren’t even Black or have any concern for the Black community as damn sure not for Black women. The only people who agree with BET’s decision to remove Black women from their programming roster are those who are benefiting from OUR removal.

  59. @ Luxor you lost me with your last post. Bria, again I agree with your posts 150%. I validate me not the media. Racism is everywhere. Everyone faces discrimination at one time or another no matter the color of their skin – yes even whites face it. When people on this board rant against other races that’s discrimination. People wake up and work to validate yourselves. BTW I love Oprah!

  60. BET should have women who are reflective of the community. If you notice, BET didn’t even mentione Sharon Carpenter in their response letter. She whiter than white! Not one time has this chick ever said she was black. She’s always mentioning that she half of everything else under the sun but black. Has everyone gone deaf and blind? BET now is in the UK, why doesn’t she go back there?

  61. Another thing, BET commented about Rosci’s ethnicity being misconstrued. But, where are they coming from with that ’cause if you look her up on the internet, you’ll find out that she’s half Chilean and half Hunduron (see Wikipedia, which is a very credible source!). Sorry, but if this is true, she’s certainly not black.

  62. Luxor aka Vic Vega don’t hide your self hatred with the “can’t get a white woman let me get the next thing” stance because it’s not working. Sharon Carpenter is half East Indian and half white European. No iota of Black. DON’T YOU DARE TRY TO CLAIM THERE IS NO POINT IN HAVING A DARKSKINNED BLACK WOMAN ON TV YOU DUMB F*CK!

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