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What’s good Brown Sista family!  GT here. This week I’m just poking my head in to conduct a little survey. This week over at the Get Togetha blog I’ll be featuring some great gift ideas for Valentines Day. Now I know that Valentine’s day is a little over two weeks away; but if you walk into any drugstore the red hearts, the Russell Stover chocolates and the cutesy cards have already began to surface. But I also wanted to take a little reader poll. It seems as if many of us are divided when it comes to celebrating this Holiday. Some of us love the thought of celebrating with gifts and the finer things and some of us are dead set against the commercial material aspect of what Valentine’s day has turned out to be. And better yet some of us might be inspired by the love of Michelle and Barack and do something extra special this year.

So Brown Sistas and Fellas…what are your expectations for Valentine’s Day? Are you the traditional roses and candy type, or do you treat it like it were just any other ordinary day?  Valentine’s Day: Yay or Nay?


  1. i love this day even if it is too commercial,i love the meaning of love and that we get to raise the consciousness of love on the same day,i feel we shud raise the consciousness of love more than material things but a gift is also a token of appreciation,even if you are single you shud participate in the celebration and pamper your self if you can afford to so that the man of your dreams can find a woman who is already self loving and embracing herself.I’m happily single and look foward to this special day

  2. Valentine’s Day is a yay for me! I love it! Call me selfish, but I think Valentine’s Day is for women, and perhaps that is because I hear a lot of men say it. I can always expect a dozen roses from my father, as he’s been getting them for me since I can remember as a little girl. My valentines usually give me gifts of stuffed animals(that I usually throw in a closet), candy, and we often take mini getaways to nearby cities where we enjoy dinner, sight-see, and enjoy each other’s company.

    I agree with Lizz…if nothing else this Valentine holiday…love and enjoy yourself!

  3. well unfortunately my hubby will be at work from 3-11 pm that day so we really won’t get to do anything special, but after work i plan on gettin real seductive on him. with the lingerie and fake rose petals (yes i said fake, we are newlyweds with a new house so the real ones are unaffordable right now, lol)leading from the hall to the bedroom. then i’ll give him a lil strip tease a put it on him! lol, maybe i’ll cook too, i’m not sure. He’ll definitely feel how much i love him though

  4. Vday just reminds me of how single I am. I guess if you have someone to celebrate it with you definately should.

  5. If I’m dating someone then I welcome a dozen roses (and not from the grocery store). lol If I’m not dating anyone then I don’t even notice Valentine’s Day.

  6. @UK i agree lol. Im single too so im going to buy myself a valentine card and flowers lol. Because i love myself. Happy Valentines for me. But yay for me too if you have someone that you really love.

  7. Valentine’s day isn’t only about romantic love…we can love our kids, our grandma’s, our dogs, and like lady said ourselves….

  8. @ Mrs. Jones3

    Congratulations on your new marriage and home and there’s nothing wrong with fake petals at all!!! LOL!

  9. For us single folks Valentine’s Day is just that… a day lol. Yes luv yourself & others, but it’s a lil bit more fun w/ that significant other lol… I think Mrs. Jones gave us a good idea of how fun that it could be lol. Either way I am a neutral person… I think the yay or nay depends on the couple & what kind of mood they are in @ that time.

  10. Nay. Just another commercialized attempt to get consumers to spend more money..and if you can’t, then you feel guilty about it. I would rather get flowers and candy any other day of the year except for Valentine’s Day. Random acts of love done on any ‘ol day carry more weight in my opinion.

  11. Everyday with the man you love is valentine’ s day with me, the idea of having a day to celebrate love is stupid to me love should be celebrated every day

  12. We’ll see what happens. I was in a relationship that ended and I am now dating 2 guys (just dating, nothing else). So if they get me a gift-which I would like-then they do. If not, oh well!

  13. I love celebrating Valentine’s Day. I try to make everyday romantic but this is a special day to give it that extra little spice. Dinner, a night out, some candles when you return and no kids. Sounds like a good night!

  14. I’ve never really been a fan of valentines day. I guess i’m still bitter. But i don’t like the corny red gifts that come with it

  15. I’m a huge fan of Valentine’s day..even though I expect to be loved every day; I love the fact that there’s a day where its acknowledged that having and giving love is important. Thanks ladies for all of your wonderful comments!

  16. My husband and i will spend valentine’ s days with our twins because i don’ t trust no one but my sisters and mother to watch them and they are all busy so …

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