Reagan Gomez Preston Backs Up Nia Long

Reagan Gomez Preston “Parenthood” actress and regular King Magazine covergirl, Regan Gomez Preston, recently blogged about a subject everyone seems to be talking about lately: Being a Black actress in Hollywood. Nia Long recently caught flack for comments some say were aimed at Beyonce, and now Reagan has decided to add her perspective to the conversation as well. Reagan goes into a bit more detail in her blog than Nia did- but still seems to back up the actress [Nia] in her assertion that music artists are sometimes given roles over established actors simply because they have a built in fan base.

A majority of girls from back in the day, who are still around, have to give credit to their families. I know I do! They keep you sane, and keep you grounded, in a world that can literally make you LOSE YOUR MIND! From drugs, to men, to partying, to trying to maintain the “Hollywood” standard of beauty, aka, staying thin, (and there’s lots of drugs for that) it’s all one big house of broken mirrors.

Not to mention, the “ROLE” of the black actress has changed. In the 90’s, everyone was working. From Parent’hood, to Moesha, to Family Matters, and movies like, The Best Man, Love and Basketball, Soul Food, Love Jones, Set It Off, there was always WORK! It’s not the same. So many talented people are out of work. So when 1 or 2 roles do come around, 30 amazing actresses all go out for it. Only 1 can get it. So where does that leave everyone else? Why, you ask? Let me make this perfectly clear. HOLLYWOOD IS FOR EVERYONE! IF I WERE BEING THROWN OPPORTUNITIES, I WOULD ABSOLUTELY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM TOO!

If Hollywood would rather hire, a MUSICIAN, because they know this person has a set fan base, as opposed to an ACTRESS, then, there goes the work for actress. Plus, Hollywood thinks, no one is interested in seeing new black, FEMALE faces on the big screen. But they’ll hire new white faces and new black males all the time. Double standard…. yes. Hollywood is for everyone. But there has to be balance, and black actresses are getting the short end of the stick. So what do you do? You live your life, hustle, keep studying your craft, and keep God first. The minute you let your “job” become your “life”, you’re done. When you see a black female face on the screen, it makes it easier for ALL of us. It’s still a battle. But we’re up for the challenge.

So to all of my fellow actresses, who are still around, and even those who have chosen to give the business up, and pursue other things, I respect you. I love you. We know, all too well, the good and evils of this business. But we’ve learned how to “Work” the business, and not let it, “Work” us:)

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  1. Halle Berry winning that Oscar didn’t mean a darn thing. Sistas still can’t find work and it is getting worse and worse. Even roles once reserved for us are no more. Now if Denzel or Will need a leading lady they will choose a Latina or White woman for the role. Men like Will and Denzel also bare some responsibility. They can see to it that a sista is hired if they wanted to. Truth is for Hollywood adding a Black woman would simply bring the film one step closer to being thought of as a Black Movie and they don’t want that. No one is fighting for us. At this point most sistas now are only finding work via straight to DVD films.

  2. Let me just say that I commend Nia Long for speaking up and telling the truth. I love both Nia Long and Beyonce but the craft of acting isn’t for everyone. I was upset that people were saying that Nia Long was hating on Beyonce. Whatever! Nia Long doesn’t need to hate on Beyonce! Furthermore, I am glad that Reagan Gomez Preston spoke up but I wonder if people will say she’s hating as well.

  3. Reagan’s comments were refreshing to read – it’s good to know that people can be happy with what they’ve accomplished and not bitter about the success of others – it really gets you nowhere. As someone else said in the Nia Long post, it’s not like Beyonce is snatching every role available for black actresses. Hell, her last two roles were produced by her, so I say more power to her. She ain’t immune to the racism and sexism of Hollywood, just perhaps lesser so because of her popstar status.

    I think Halle’s Oscar win has helped some, because we now have several actresses who could very well have an Oscar of their own someday – Sanaa, Taraji, Kerry, Rutina Wesley (from HBO’s True Blood), and Gabrielle. No, that’s not a lot, but it’s better than none. We just have to keep pushing.

  4. What has Reagan been up to? I don’t think I have seen her in anything in almost 10 years. I had no idea she was now married with children. Time sure does fly.

  5. On Ms. Gomez blog entry I love it. I’ma go find her on twitter lol.

  6. Reagan is too pretty to be rocking that awful hair color. Back to Black ASAP! Anyhoo, “ditto” on her blog.

  7. Movies as a whole have been lame IMO. There are black actresses out of work, but look at how many older white ones that are older than 40 being reduced to mom roles or none at all. Hollywood is about surviving, otherwise everyone would do it. Its not fair, nothing in life is fair and that’s what makes the grind in acting even harder and success so fair few and inbetween

  8. dam i aint seen her n a long time lol! but the moral of the story is you have to WORK for what you want in life ex: MJ WORKED to be the first african american artist to ever be on mtv because of how talented he was. so i truly believe that if nia long n reagan wanted beyonce and alicia keys roles they would TAKE them.

  9. Somebody needs to call Ms.non acting I so desperately want an Oscar Beyonce Knowles out. I am seriously on Beyonce overload right now. I am also sick of Beyonce and her big lip husband paying folks off to get what they want. Oh yeah, the truth shall come to light real soon.

  10. i feel people in hollywood are gonna gang up on Beyonce,nobody had a courage to tell it like it is and now with one or two people speaking up things are gonna slowly change,people were kind of sucking up and complimenting her coz they didnt want to be called jealous and bitter….i feel there is nothing wrong with possesing multiple talents thats why they are called artist janet jackson is a perfect example and not forgeting miss latifah,beyonce dsnt respect the art of acting she is in it for an oscar and recognition,an actress has to invest time and love to her role.

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