Real Review: Season 4 Premiere of Sleepy Hollow


An Abbile Mills-less ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Returns

Just got finished watching the S4 premiere of Sleepy Hollow– decided to share some of my thoughts. For those of you still interested in watching the show, it returns Friday, January 6th at 9pm, right behind the winter premiere of Rosewood.

Here we go…

1. Cinematography is the star of the season four premiere of Sleepy Hollow, titled Columbia. Ichabod is in Washington DC and they don’t want you to forget it. Shot after shot is dedicated to showcasing the district’s spectacular scenery and landmarks.

2. Abbie Mills is really gone. While it’s only been two weeks since her death, both Ichabod and Jenny seem to have gotten over the death of the second Witness pretty quickly. Abbie gets a quick mention twice during the premiere and then everyone moves on. There are no new scenes featuring Abbie, nor any flashbacks. It’s pretty sobering.

3. Malcom Dreyfuss, played by Jeremy Davis, is essentially Henry and Pandora 2.0. He has a thing that needs another thing and when he gets those things he’s going to unleash hell on Earth. The End.

4. Diana Thomas is no Abbie Mills, but not for lack of trying. Like Abbie, Diana loses her partner to the supernatural and has a hard-luck story to tell. But where Diana falls short, is that she doesn’t make you care. When she’s confiding to Ichabod about her daughter’s mental disability, neither she nor Ichabod can seem to muster much emotion. It’s hard not to compare that moment to when Abbie tells Ichabod what she and Jenny saw in the forest that day and how it forever changed their lives. Likewise, whereas Diana is over her partner’s death in a matter seconds, Abbie grieves for Corbin and makes us grieve with her.

5. Ichabod and Diana are no Abbie and Ichabod, also not for lack of trying. Again, it’s hard not to compare Ichabod’s relationship with Diana to that of his relationship with Abbie. Ichabbie was fiyah. Chemistry is subjective, but few people can deny that Ichabod and Abbie just fit. Tom and Nicole fit. The writing for these two, especially in season one, was almost poetry. Abbie and Ichabod are and will forever be Sleepy Hollow. I pronounce Dichabod dead on arrival. But…

6. I’m calling it now, Diana’s daughter, Molly, is the new Witness. I’ve spoken about this with several other bloggers who have watched the show and they all disagree, citing Molly’s age; 10. But I’m sticking with my declaration. Yes, Molly is a child. No, she and Ichabod obviously can’t be partners in the sense of how Abbie and Ichabod were partners, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be the second Witness. I also think Molly will be the catalyst to strengthen Ichabod and Diana’s [so far] non-existent bond.

As I said in my review of the S3 premiere, this is a different Sleepy Hollow, even more so than last year. Abbie is gone and you feel it. The town of Sleepy Hollow is gone and you feel it. For most of the show even Jenny is gone, and you feel it. This is now the Ichabod Crane show. It’s all about Crane and making Crane feel good and loved and wanted. Now, is that bad? I don’t know, that’s up to the fans to decide, but for me, I can’t see myself watching this show on television week after week.

The heart of Sleepy Hollow was never the demons and much like the ones from S3, S4’s premiere demon feels like he’s been thrown in there for the sake of having a demon of the week. The same with the flashbacks. They seem haphazardly thrown in because hey, they think that’s what originally made the show a hit.

Quiet as kept, demons and twistory flashbacks were not the reasons behind Sleepy Hollow’s original success. It was the personal stories. It was the Witnesses and watching their bond and friendship grow as they sought to save the world and heal their own wounds.

Having said that, if you enjoyed season three of Sleepy Hollow, I fully believe you will enjoy season’s 4’s premiere episode. If you loathed season 3 of Sleepy Hollow, as I did, then you might wanna move along. Fox has a number of mid-season pilots that are actually worth your time, including 24:Legacy, The Mick, and the final season opener of Bones.


  1. No one cares. Absolutely no one cares about this show anymore. Not even enough to hate watch.

  2. I’m reading conflicting reviews. Either Abbie does or doesn’t appear, which one is it?

  3. We published the real review to counteract those lies. Abbie isn’t in this episode. No new scenes. No flashbacks. We see a photo of her, an old one, and I can only assume that’s what they may be considering an appearance. Albert Kim also told fans at Comic Con Nicole was not returning.

  4. WTF!!! The 3rd season came off like it was written by middle schoolers, now its more of the same but worse!! Wow the showrunner and writers must be on their knees a lot to still have their jobs…

  5. Thank you. Only one or two other reviews out there. Where are the fans? I may not love the show anymore but I am curious to see where it goes. Can’t believe so few people care anymore. I think the show may end up being like CSI. That show gets great ratings but because the audience skewers the more mature crowd they don’t tweet and talk about it via social media.

  6. It’s absolutely crazy that the other source who previewed this S4 premier would blatantly lie about Abbie/Nicole appearing. I realize journalist are just like anyone else, we all make mistakes but it’s a flat out lie to say Abbie appeared in S4 premier when she DID NOT. To mislead those still hopeful about her return by saying she “appeared” when it was just her image in a picture is beyond low. I already lacked respect for this particular journalist but I find her disgusting after this. Makes a person wonder WHY she would lie? Are BTS scoops & interviews with the show worth her professional integrity? I guess so. I’ve said it before but I’m so glad Nicole is free of this failure of a show and the people involved with it. They treated her so poorly and she has shown nothing but class & grace in return. Nicole is super talented and from everything I’ve heard and seen she’s an extremely sweet person. I wish her the best. As far as Tom is concerned, he can NOT carry this show on his own nor can he make those around him good enough to want to watch this show. Nicole was able to do that as Abbie with EVERY other character. In fact, the only reason I found Jenny tolerable was due to her relationship and interaction with Abbie. Lyndie is not a great actress and she left a lot to be desired on screen. She was ok enough to help move the scenes along but nothing more than that. A lot of times Crane would’ve been unbearable but the way Abbie dealt with him made me not strongly dislike him when he was very annoying (S2 Crane was the worst). Don’t get me wrong, Tom is a good actor and seems like a fairly decent guy but Nicole had that special something that made everything and everybody better. I miss Abbie Mills and will never ever watch that show or support those despicable writers. Everything about this show since that awful finale has sounded terrible. After watching Tom and Janina at DragonCon I knew they were a terrible match. Plus the “sizzle” reel from NYCC left no doubt they lacked chemistry. You hit the nail on the head when you said Nicole/Abbie & Tom/Ichabod were fiyah?and even that is an understatement when it comes to their chemistry. It cannot be replaced and I will miss them together. I just hope Nicole is well and will bounce back strong.

  7. Didn’t Kim Roots claim Abbie fans called her a racist recently? She’s probably trying to get back at y’all by writing that review.

  8. I am not a mean person, but I was not sad that the overnight ratings were so bad it was embarrassing. To only be slightly better than My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, speaks volumes. I take no pride in admitting that I want the show to fail, but what was done to NB/Abby put a taste in my mouth so bad, that the thought of the show returning brought it back stronger.
    I refused to watch, and decided to put on a scary movie instead, but my husband wanted to see what the fuss was all about, and kept shouting critiques from the other room, until I yelled at him to stop, and shut my door. Bottom line is that he gave a similar review as this one, although he couldn’t make it past the quarter mark.
    Earlier today, I read a great review, like this one, on Yahoo News, which focused on the strong feeling of loss. The review made some really salient observations about the fact that the deliberate effort to replace Abbie made the reviewer miss her even more. I didn’t pay attention to the blogger’s name because I intended to return and post a comment later, so I bookmarked it, and was surprised to find that the article had been removed and replaced with a silly season 3 recap from the International Business Times.

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