Five Reasons Why Successful Women Are Attractive To Men

The question “what do men really like about women” has been tossed around for ages with little to no concrete answers. Instead of trying to corral that titan-sized question, I’ve decided to get specific and detail what men like about successful women. Read on to see how many of these qualities you possess.

1. They’re Mechanics

Women who have tasted success understand the kind of lifestyle they want to lead and have no qualms about saying so because she knows that she can get it herself. When I say “mechanic”, I mean she KNOWS she’s high maintenance and has taken all the necessary steps to facilitate that. From a man’s perspective, a woman who can satiate her own needs and wants without always looking for Daddy Warbux to help her out is worth her weight in gold and most definitely wifey material of the highest order. She doesn’t need me to buy her a new purse because she can buy her own without any worries. Here’s the secret ladies, when you know you better than anyone else, that builds a confidence level that is simply unmatched and indescribably sexy. That clues us in that you don’t “need” us, you “want” us and once the monetary equation is out of the window, that’s when true “love” can come into play. Otherwise we might see you a financial burden before we see you as a soulmate.

2. Their priorities are correct

A woman who has her priorities correct knows that while money isn’t everything, not having it is and it is the root of the kind of upscale existence that both you and your man should want to enjoy. Whether that means you need to sharpen your entrepreneurial skills or put your career first for a while, in the end, it is a far better thing to have yourself in line than focus primarily on the relationship itself. Even when things are splendid, you shouldn’t put the relationship before your hustle because you can guarantee that he sure isn’t. To him, kids and love will always come second to that house on the hill. A woman absolutely has to be as voracious on her grind as her counterpart. Absolutely. Remember that ambition is sexy.

3. She has more to offer

Not monetarily mind you, but a woman who is successful has more of herself to offer. Think about it, does Will need Jada’s money at all? No. She’s paid, he’s paid and the family will more than likely never want for nothing. What keeps them together is what will keep you with your guy; a true admiration of your partner and giving of oneself that includes no need to include money. Money gets in the way, ladies, and it transforms your loving experience into a business deal. When you’re not worried about bills you can give of yourself to the other and really test out what love is. He can focus on nurturing a stable environment that his seeds may prosper from…. To Read The Rest Visit YeahSheSaidIt

Written BY: CZA The CEO


  1. Sounds like a woman wrote this. NO pun intended

  2. I agree…this sounds like a woman wrote this. I totally disagree…overall, I don’t believe men are naturally attracted to successful women. Why women are appalled to see who their spouse or boyfriend cheated or left them for…Not to paint with such a broad stroke, NOT ALL men. Successful sistas, beautiful sistas, independent sistas CAN have a tough time. Black women have a rough time that stems from societal issues, standards of beauty, etc. and post slavery conditioning. I think they feel “she” wouldn’t be interested in me…or “I can’t believe this is my woman, she wants me?!”…”I better mess it up before she comes to her senses and leave anyway”…or “she’s high maintenance”…”I know the line is long” while the sista is at home, alone, listening to some Sade, ok!

    Steve Harvey spoke about the notion that black men are intimidated by successful black women with the panel with Sherri Sheppard, Hil Harper…I forgot exactly what he said, but he referred more to the man being embarassed…men really don’t care what a woman has or the lack thereof…he’s more concerned with “how the woman makes him feel when he’s around her”…sometimes this balances out to a power couple, Will and Jada and we don’t know their private life. Jada stated how Will likes long hair and we know Jada likes to rock a short cut and never really wore it long before him that I can recall. Compromise is essential and it’s only hair, she reduced her acting career to have a family and support her husband, good call!…Every home needs a foundation and someone to hold it together…now her children’s careers consume a lot of her time as it would any caring mom…the same for Denzel’s wife, Pauletta…both ladies brought so much to the table, but at the end of the day they’re homemakers, not moguls. The have business interests, careers and outreach built around their families. We can see from the show “basketball wives” and real life interviews, our athletes aren’t checking for Princeton or recent grads, Tiger Woods and many others. Corporate men need a bad chic because if he wants to go up the corporate ladder, she has to be sharp, able to entertain, educated or well-read…personality +…(The Joy Luck Club Film) but, often times he’s away from home so much that the corporate wife ends up alcoholic with infidelities plaguing the marriage and feeling like a single parent and at the end of the day, she, too, is a homemaker…power couples like Beyonce and Jay-z…don’t know, but, I know they’re human beings…Nicole Kidman now travels with Keith Urban because in order for a relationship to last and grow you need to be together…Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt (Angie keeps them in close proximity)…men get bored…sucessful or not…the two people have to be around and spend some time together…Halle Berry…her bad marriages, disappointing, not because she’s difficult, but she just haven’t found “the one”…or perhaps, she hasn’t found “the one” within?…like all of us…I truly believe…”what you’re seeking is seeking you”…true love or soulmate love may not mean “forever and forever, forever”…I believe men look for vulnerability…someone who will look up to him…women work from instincts and men work with radar…successful sistas have to be like the Sade video…”Babyfather”..strong yet sexy and soft…beautiful but humble…smart and independent, but needing and able to listen…the greatest success is to know yourself or at least what’s right for you…I read the model Alex Wek say that for her success is happiness and if she’s happy then she’s successful and this is what men and women alike want…happiness!

  3. Cynthinia …Brilliantly put. You should have been on the panel with Steve Hardy you would have shut it down!! What you wrote here is powerful!!

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