Reflections Of Mary J. Blige

Reflections Cover To your left is the new cover for Mary J’s Greatest Hits CD and I have to say, I really like it a lot. “We Ride” is set to be the 1st single which was produced by Bryan Cox from her new album “Reflections – The Journey” out on the 12th of December. Ludacris 2nd single which will feature Marry is “Runaway Love” & it’s being rushed to the radio stations, however, “Never Gonna Break My Faith” duet with Aretha Franklin will be the lead single from the soundtrack of the new movie “Bobby”.


  1. Mary is the Queen and looks like such on the cover.Love her to death.She is one of the few artists out there who are actually geyying better as they get older.

  2. Mary hasn’t made an album I likes since Share My World.:arrow:

  3. Mary’s growth is nothing short of pheonominal.She is an inspiration to what women can accomplish when they get out of their own way.:smile:

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