Reggie Bush: Essence Cover Boy

The Essence boards are reeling over the fact Kim Kardashian’s boy toy Reggie Bush is being featured on the cover. The major consensus is that a man who is dating outside of his race should not be on the cover of a magazine aimed towards Black women. What are your thoughts on this?


  1. Kim might as well be black when you see her body. Love is love. Thank God Jesus isn’t as petty as discriminatory as humans.

  2. Kim Kardashian’s well documented body transformation doesn’t make her any more Black than Vanessa Williams’ green eyes make her White.

    As for Essence, they put this old pic of Reggie on the cover to get a rise out of Black women. Remember- they are White owned and operated now.

  3. @Sista- actually i remember her tryna to tone down her buttocks in one episode,but at the end of the day her body isn’t the typical white, greek whateve she is, but that is neither here nor there. Whoeva run Essence white, black , green sure didn’t get a rise out of me. I don’t care who that man date, she could be a martian. I was neva on that”White women takin our men” conspiracy theory. if he happy wit her so be it. Amen.

  4. Essence has always been bad at picking Black men Black women are really attracted too. I wish they would stop putting men on the cover completely because it is always a bore. From Tyler Perry to Reggie Bush, whoever is choosing these men need a reality check. I prefer to see women on my women’s magazines. If I want to see men I’ll go by GQ or something.

  5. Doesn’t this society always applaud black men for keeping black women out of the equation? Nothing new.. won’t be buying it. I support those who support Us.

  6. He’s gorgeous, but this image is RECYCLED and Essence gets a serious DOWNGRADE for using another mag’s photo.

    C’mon! Essence is ‘supposed’ to be premiere! SMH. Nevermind the rest of the ish with “black men, love and RELATIONSHIPS [sic] (with non-black women)” is what that ish shoulda said.

    Essence 2010 – falling OFF.

    (gosh, I’m mean. LOL)

  7. I really dont care who this man dates but i do think that he is a beautiful chocolate man. I do agree that this is recycled and i also will not be buying just because I don’t buy essence ne more for a variety of reasons.

  8. I’ll pass on this edition. Reggie Bush doesn’t appreciate black women and I don’t appreciate Reggie Bush. I could give two hoots about how big Kim’s rear end is. She AIN’T black and I’m not with any African American man who thinks a sista is not worthy and chooses to only date non/black females. He don’t support us, so why should we support him? No. I don’t think so.

  9. It is a bit odd to me especially with the “black love and relationships” headline in the background and also Bush doesn’t seem to have much to do with the black community.

  10. Maybe if it wasn’t a magazine specifically targeted for Black women it wouldn’t matter, but it is odd to put someone on the cover who has nothing to do with black women on the cover to me.

  11. This is an old recycled photo. Essence needs to get it together.

  12. The only thing I’m disappointed in, is that it’s a recycled photo. BUT, ummmm… I think this whole race situation is wild immature and stupid. If it were somebody like Robert Dinero, would you guys cry? He’s not black but he dates black women. President Obama is half white… do ya’ll hold that against him? It’s not like Bush has been in the lime light running through different females. Sheeessshhh. We as black women shouldn’t need a black man to make us whole and tell us that we are not worthy. Yes it is always a good thing to hear a black man speak highly of black women, BUT we have not lost anyone to benefit the way we live and how we handle ours. At the end of the day, I think black women are just as strong and BEAUTIFUL as any other race or gender. *SHRUGS* But that’s just me!

  13. The same magazine that keeps Gabriele Union on the cover every other month, no suprise here, but there are a ton of more dserving, intelligent black man they could have chosen to put on the cover besides this white wh**e chasing c00n..I have lost all respect for Reggi Bush, it’s sad when a brother has the potential to do so much better but compromises his morals and lower his standards for a white b**ch.

  14. i think reggie bush on the cover wouldn’t be a big deal, if it was their love and relationship issue.

  15. Yeah, I’m mad Essence used and old photo of Mr. Bush. It would’ve been nice to see new shots of him. I think Reginald is so handsome and I like him & Kimberly together so, it doesn’t matter that they’ve chosen him for the cover but it is disappointing that they didn’t have their own photoshoot with the brother.

    Essence just can’t seem to get it together :-\

  16. Essence has featured black women that are dating/married to white men, so what’s the problem?

  17. Dam some people on here sound racist and they know who they are.

  18. First, Essence magazine is garbage a complete waste, and for the new owners to think that that pseduo-afrocentric nonsense was worth the thousands they paid for it, should really feel stupid. Second, the content in Essence is such a bore and predictable, I’ve read 2nd grade papers that were more interesting. 3rd, why is Reggie Bush on the cover? if Essence magazine really wanted to be groundbreaking and daring, they would have Robert Deniro on the cover , since he has always dated and marry black women, and is a father to black children. But, Deniro has enough self-respect never to capitalize on his family or himself. 3rd. Reggie Bush publicist had alot to do with that, it’s getting him attention, and for some reason the Kardashians are embedded in the black world, so maybe they thought, he has a rreepass. But, what I find funny is that after years and years of black women being ignored by black men who make it, why are black women still supporting black men? Black women kiss black man’s butt like they are the best thing walking. It’s pathetic at this point, a brotha ain’t checking for me, and I’m sure ain’t checkin for them. It’s funny how in the issue with Anika Nona Rose on the cover, there is an interview with The U.N. Ambassador , and her husband talks about the fact that he loves that his wife the ambassador challenges him, and won’t back down. He’s white, yet black men hate that about black women. Black women, could it be that black men hate the agressive in your face attitude of black women, because his social standing is at the bottom, thus he needs a woman that will make him feel equal to that of a white man, so he goes after nonblack women. Whereas a white man posistion is already solidifed in society, so having a strong, aggressive woman is intriguing to him.

    But back to the issue, if Essence wants to stir controversy, get better writers,write better stories, and stop recycling celebrities for the covers, and stop making every little thing about race. Atleast with nonblack magazines, you get interesting fluff topics.

  19. Lmao! i dont think it matters!

    Black women are attracted to black men!!


  20. I applaud you Bohwe!
    YES, “But, what I find funny is that after years and years of black women being ignored by black men who make it, why are black women still supporting black men?”


  21. I dont read any magazines.

    And who cares if he’s on the cover? Just because the magazine is “supposedly” targeted at black women doesn’t mean that black women should read it or even support it. They can put whoever they want to put on the cover. Like someone on here said, it is now under new management. SO whoever owns it now, is gonna do whatever they want to do. And that fact that some of you guys and the crew at Essence boards are mad about it, just perpetuates a stereotype that “we” (black women) get mad at black men in interracial relations. They get y’all women every time. Smh!

    And I gotta agree with Bohowe too. Seriously SISTA’s…. “let it go”. Damn, I really dont get why some black women are so stuck on black men. Whats so great about black men, that you cant find in others? You know how many men are on this planet? Hop off their damn balls already….ughh!!

    Instead of moaning & complaining, keep it moving. Damn !!

  22. Bohwe that was brilliant what you wrote regarding: “thus he needs a woman that will make him feel equal to that of a white man, so he goes after nonblack women.” I have been on the short end of that stick. Brothas know who really have their backs, but so many of them have self-hatred and only feel like they made it when they can snag a woman who isn’t black. It’s like we can put in all of the work, sacrifice, and love and all the non-black woman’s requirement is to not be black. Truthfully, I wish brothas who don’t love us, should stop wasting time in the first place and just say, “look I need some financial help, a shoulder to cry on, etc, and then I’ll be on my way to the other.” At least we wont keep getting blindsided. Okay, I’m done venting.

  23. I have to disagree with the recent comments about black shouldn’t feel touched by this and what is so great about black men

    Black men are great! And, so are black women!! The problem is that we do not know how to handle each other greatness. Black men are intimidated by “the black woman’s greatness/strength” And black women sometimes are afraid to support their black men greatness because of fear that he will leave once he make it. Sad reality they usually do; as Reggie is a perfect example. This is why Reggie being on the cover is a problem.

    It is not that Reggie is with someone outside of the race, I could care less who he is with or who he loves. “Love” can penetrate race. It is more of what him being on the cover symbolize-successful black man / with a woman from other race with the title “Black love”, Black love” is between a black man and black one. With Reggie on the cover it should have said “Black & Armenian love.”

    Essence sales are largely from black women-this is why it is an insult. I would have rather had Denzel Washington on the cover. He clearly and openly loves his black woman, who happens to be dark skin by the way. I would have rather had Will Smith, hell, even Derek fisher from the Los Angeles Laker. There are plenty of successful black men with black women, who could have filled the “Black love” category, but Essence chose not to use them.

    Enclosing, black men are great and black women are too.

    Unfortunately, at the end of the day regardless of our complaining, Essence can put whoever they want on their cover. Will I support them by their chooses, only time would tell.

  24. The issue is that this is a black women’s magazine. So if you are featuring a black male on the cover he better be partial to us . . . otherwise why is he on the cover? I mean he can be as scrumptious as he wants to be . . . but if he’s not interested in black women . . . what’s the point?

    And as for the probability of Dinero on the cover . . . he dates black women . . . it’s a black women’s magazine . . . so it would make since. Featuring black women who date men of other races . . . again its a black woman’s magazine . . . so it wouldn’t matter. But to feature a black male on the cover . . . who is in a very public relationship with a white woman in a love and relationships issue . . . in an age where there is a story every other week about black women struggling to find a mate . . . its like spitting in a black woman’s face!

  25. Essence is supposed to be a magazine targeting black women. So…Why is there an issue about black men, relationships etc… feature a man on the cover who is not dating a black woman? That is just bad marketing, bad business. Somebody needs to lose thier job, what a PR mess. Reggie Bush is a mediocre athlete, not that good looking, and from my sports journalism friends…I have heard he is also a real jerk. I am so happy I canceled my subscription when the mag was sold years ago…

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