Regina Hall Does ‘About Last Night’ Promo


With her role in Martin Lawrence’s CBS pilot officially canceled, actress Regina Hall says she found herself with a bit of extra time on her hands and used it to tape her latest film “About Last Night,” due out February 14th.

The romantic comedy co-stars Kevin Hart, Joy Bryant, and “Almost Human” actor Michael Ealy.

If the success of Regina’s recent films are any indication, “About Last Night” may shock everyone and become another unexpected urban blockbuster.

Both “Think Like a Man” and “Best Man Holiday” topped the North American box office, tallying receipts of 30-million dollars in their opening week.

In a recent interview with Essence magazine, Regina says she is enjoying the success and isn’t the least bit shocked by the success of her films, or the recent Kevin Hart/Ice Cube comedy “Ride Along.”

“People of color like seeing themselves and stories that speak to them,” Regina said. “It’s just that simple.”

Agreed !


  1. I think this woman is GORGEOUS and hilarious. I was so excited to hear that she was doing a pilot with Martin, I was equally disappointed to find out that it would not happen. Not a fan of Kevin Hart, but I will go see it with my girls, just for a laugh I guess.

  2. I love it. She’s so pretty! I probably won’t go to the theater to see this but I’ll definitely rent it. 🙂

  3. Black/urban movies are always at a disadvantage because they rarely play on as many screens as mostly white movies. More screens equal more money. Check out Box Office Mojo and you’ll see what I mean. A Black/urban movie will be playing on maybe 1200 screens across the country, while a white movie will be playing on over 3000. Had Best Man Holiday played on as many screens as Thor, they would have easily bested the Norse God.

  4. JBL you’re right, that’s really why I go and support our movies. Not all of them are great ones but we have to support them before we are extinct (so to speak). LOL!

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