Regina Hall to Star in New Hulu Pilot ‘Crushed’

REGINA HALL IN CRUSHEDHulu is finally getting some much needed colour.

The streaming service has reportedly picked up a new pilot starring Regina Hall titled Crushed. The comedy series is produced by “Peeples” director Tina Gordon Chism and reportedly tells the story of a fictional African American family that moves to Napa after they inherit a successful wine business.

The fish out of water tale was originally shopped to HBO back in 2013. However, the network passed and then in stepped Hulu. As always, the shooting of a pilot does mean a show will actually be picked up. The pilot is shot, shown to execs, and then if they like it they order more.

Production is set to begin this spring and by early summer we should know whether Hulu actually decides to pick the show up.

In the meantime, Regina fans can catch the actress on the debut episode of the new ABC comedy Uncle Buck.


  1. Netflix would’ve been a better fit. Does Hulu have any successful original shows?

  2. I don’t stream nothin’

    Analog girl and all.

    But I’m happy for Regina and I liked the Peeples film, so I hope the show is good. Will rent it later-later.

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