Relationship Deal Breakers… ?

While watching Iyanla Vanzant try and fix Basketball Wives star Eveleyn Lozada’s life, I couldn’t help but wonder what the latter’s relationship deal breakers are?

Evelyn admitted to being physically manhandled by her husband before they were married and even to knowing that he was sleeping with other women. Still, with all this knowledge in hand, she walked down the aisle and before God and family, vowed to love Chad Johnson for life.

I wish I could say Lazada is some rare case, but truth be told, I know many men and women who don’t seem to have boundaries or deal breakers when it comes to their relationships.

My ex-husband’s brother loved his wife dearly (they were childhood sweethearts) and stayed with her for years as she went through her midlife crisis- hanging out in clubs and cheating with men half her age. The marriage eventually ended when she left him and their children to move in with one of her young lovers.

You would have thought cheating would have been a deal breaker but it wasn’t. You would have thought abandoning her children would have been a deal breaker but that wasn’t either. For my ex’s brother there was no deal breaker when it came to his wife because he loved her just that much.

But for many of us, we do have deal breakers. Mine is any form of physical or emotional abuse. I also don’t play that DL ish. If I find out my significant other has a thing for men, I’m out!

What deal breakers do you have?


  1. Evelyn did have a deal breaker. She bounced when he popped her in the head and she knew there was no way she could hide or excuse it. Had he just just pushing her around and not leaving bruisese she would have stayed. Image was everything to her. She was happy so long as she had the world fooled into believeing she had a great marriage.

    As for my personal deal breakers. There are too many to name. But cheating and sbuse is right at the top.

  2. unfortunately emotional abuse is not a deal breaker, for im in one right now 🙁 But i know for sure DL is a deal breaker…

  3. DL, physical and mental abuse and cheating are definite deal breakers for me. somethings i am just not going to deal with.

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