Remembering Your First Bra

Bra Yesterday I had a hoot as I went shopping with my daughter and brought her what she thinks is her first bra. Shopping with her reminded me of when I went shopping for my first “play bra”, only down part of my experience was that I did it with my Dad. Seeing how uncomfortable he was with the experience still causes me to crack up whenever I think about.

Luckily, my daughter picked out her first bra with me and to say she was excited would be an understatement. Let me first say that my daughter is nine years old and has nothing at all that resembles a breast. She simply wanted a bra because she saw some of the other girls in gym class with one. They aren’t even real bras but rather undershirts with a bra like shape. This however is no deterrent to my daughter as she has been playing with them since yesterday. I brought her 4 sets with the matching panty and she has managed to wear each set since yesterday afternoon.

Watching her have a blast with a bra that has pictures of Dora the Explorer and flowers on them causes me to literally fall out laughing. Was I this happy when I got my first “play bra” and what is it that makes little girls act this way in the first place? I wonder if she will be this giddy when I buy her first set of panties with the day of the week written on them… lol? Will she be like me and sometimes wear Thursday’s panty on Tuesday?

Whatever the case, what really dawned on me was that my little girl will not be a little girl much longer. She is growing up so fast and every day she does something that reminds me of myself when I was her age. From hair, to make-up, to bras, she is truly her mother’s daughter.

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  1. My daughter will be 10 on Saturday. When she first started wearing the bra/panty sets, she loved them. she would even sleep in them. Now I am nervous because they went from being fashionably cute to a necessity. Last week she was dressing for camp and neglected to put a bra on. When I saw her little chi-chis through her shirt I wanted to cry. Where did these little things come from all of a sudden. She is supposed to be a baby forever. (smile)

  2. @Mo’star I was just saying the same thing about my niece. Like overnite they just popped out.

  3. I remember being about 9 or 10 when I got my first bra. I can’t really remember the age, but I just know at the time I didn’t really need it. My mama just got me one to make me fell good. I was about 13 when I really needed one though :).

  4. I got my first bra at age 8. My mother stitched the cups so that they were flat and would hold my poor little boobs in flat as well, like a sports bra.

    My oldest daughter started getting boobs at age 7 and I was totally shocked to look at her one day and see these little nubs growing on her chest.

  5. I remember I got my first bra when I was 9 and I actually needed it but didn’t want it. To this day I’d love to walk around w/o one BUT that’s not an option. What made the experience memorable was that when I got home I cut the straps to make it strapless and needless to say my mother tore me a new one. YEAH!!! LOL!!!

  6. I don’t remember an in between bra lol….one day I had no boobs and the next day I was rockin’ a small B it seems like and this was about 9-ish kinda like AALIYAH. And I remember hating it…..for a few reasons I didn’t want to wear one and even then I was a creature of habit and didn’t want this new thing strapped around me lol and it was a light pink and I’ve never liked pink and it felt too girly for me and I was a super tomboy. Now though I have a love hate thing with bras. I do like to shop for em and get sexy and cute ones too but by the end of the day even though I rock DD’s man they sit okay enough where I say eff it and can’t wait to take my bra OFF. I’m braless right now woot. 😀

  7. @ EBZ202
    you’re a riot. hehe.

    naw but seriously i’m 19….ya think i’d remember all the little details but geez. all i remember was that at the age of 7 i got one of those bra-undershirt thangs and never wore it. didn’t need it. my little tummy stuck out more than my chest did. lol. when i turned 11…all i had wre the nipples….no breast meat behind them. lmao! in a flash it seemed i went from training bra to a B-cup. now i sit somewhere between a D-DD. can’t stand bra’s….but i gotta keeps these bajonkers still somehow. man if i turn around to quickly…call the medics…a girl caught whiplash. haha!

  8. I remember shopping with my mom for my first bra. I didn’t realize I needed one and my mother embarrassed me by saying in shock…”You need a bra.” and laughed. I grew overnight and I was 11. My first bra had some stretchy material was itchy, too tight, and I hated it. I still would rather go braless but don’t know if I should. I go without one sometimes just because they are uncomfortable…who invented these things anyway!

  9. I agree with EBZ202. Bras are a trap. It’s the first thing that I take off when I come in the house. I’m starting to get bold & not wear one at times. In taste though, it depends on what I am wearing. After I breast fed, the little I had disappeared anyway. Thanks, Elijah! LOL

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