‘Return of the Broom: Cookie’s Revenge’ (Review of Empire’s March 30th Episode)

Empire Death Will Have its Way

Empire Returns with an All New Episode March 30th

So, as you guys can clearly see from the image above, Cookie’s infamous broom will make a dramatic return on the March 30th episode of Empire, titled Death Will Have it’s Way. This episode appears to pick up just moments after the mid-season finale, which saw Hakeem dramatically oust his father as the head of Empire.

As you can imagine, Lucious doesn’t take the ouster well, but neither does cookie, who re-introduces Hakeem to not only her new broom, but her Gucci purse as well. LOL. You know a woman is mad when she’ll risk messing up her purse to whip your ass with it.

Cookie demands Hakeem take his vote back and when doesn’t, goes all Joe Jackson on his ass.

Ya’ll know Empire is a show I struggle with, and scenes like this and Cookie dressed in a gorilla suit is why. I don’t demand or expect black characters to be all Cosby Show-ish, but damn, sometimes Empire seems to scrape the bottom of the barrel for their content.

Cookie’s repeated physical attacks on Hakeem are troubling. A broom, a purse, what will she beat him with next? There is something about a mother being so callous towards her child that troubles me overall. It’s personal, I admit. Many of you may just see it as entertainment, and I admit, this episode was entertaining.

The Lyon family is in trouble and as always, it’s one another they seem to always be fighting. Even when trying to stick together, they can’t help knifing each other in the back, which leads me to Lucious and what he’s willing to do to regain control of Empire.

Death Will Have it’s Way includes several Godfather references, including “I’ll take care of Frado.” If you’re familiar with The Godfather, then you probably know what’s coming next.

As I wrote in a previous review, no one is really prepared to go up against Lucious because he’s willing to do the unthinkable, something Hakeem discovers firsthand.

And speaking of Hakeem again, how he continues to be as semi-well adjusted as he is with Cookie and Lucious as parents is anyone’s guess. He catches more hell than Andre and Jamal combined.

As for other things you may be concerned about it, like who pushed Rhonda down a flight of stairs, something tells me it’s not who we all think. As a matter of fact, let me go on record right now and say I believe it was either Andre or Lucious. I’ll have to go back and re-watch the winter finale to see what they were doing at the time, but my gut says it was not Anika.

Other notable moments of Death Will Have it’s Way is the continued diminishing of Serayah McNeill’s character, Tiana . Empire came under fire from Latino media last season for its lack of representation on the show. Lee Daniels answered by adding several Hispanic characters, including Jamila Velasquez, who now plays Hakeem’s girlfriend, a position Serayah held during the first season. It’s obvious that outside of Hakeem, they have no place for Serayah and thus her screen time continues to be diminished while Velasquez’s increases.

I’ll save my commentary on that for another time. In the interim, promo shots from Death Will Have it’s Way can be seen below.


  1. That colorful suit Hakeen is wearing looks like a child’s outfit gone wrong. They need to stop dressing him like an overgrown toddler.

  2. Seraya is a black actress on a black who has been sidelined for a Latina. Empire will eventually lose viewers because theyre trying to accommodate people who have no real interest in watching the show was in the first place. Latinos are not going to watch if they don’t already want to. A few well placed beige faces is not gonna bring them in in droves. If anything it will diminish their loyal black viewers. This season has a lot of white, gay and Latino characters who want quick representation and nothing else. Empire done already lost about four million viewers this season already. They better get back to what made them hot and leave all these outsiders alone.

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