Review: The X-Files First Episode “My Struggle”

Review The X-Files First Episode My StruggleAs many of you already know, The X-Files is being revived by Fox. Nearly fourteen years after its last episode aired, the show is set to return in January with six new episodes. I just finished watching the pilot, My Struggle, which Fox graciously made available to bloggers for screening.

I watched a few episodes of the original series when it aired back in 1993, but was not really a die-hard fan. However, for those who are, I think you will enjoy My Struggle.

The show is exactly as I remember it, right down to the opening credits. Fox changed absolutely nothing in that regard. Not even updated images of how the actors look today.

As far as the episode itself, the story line was on point, and again, I see little to no change in how the writers have chosen to craft this revised version. In other words, I can detect no obvious interference from Fox executives, who have in the past been accused of tampering with shows until they’re rendered almost unrecognizable.

My Struggle is a return to what made The X-Files great in 1993. It was about aliens then, and its still about aliens now. We have conspiracy theories, crashed spaceships, humans claiming to have been abducted, alien bodies, and oh yeah, just enough Mulder/Scully angst to keep fans tuning in for the full six episodes.

I was on Tumblr some months back when a fan of the show told me the term shipping was invented by them. I have no idea whether that is true or not, but My Struggle definitely looks to tap into the portion of the show’s fandom that ships its leads.

I personally have no problem with this, because the show never loses its true focus. Mulder wants to believe. Scully thinks he’s crazy… and he kinda his. Throw in Tad O’Malley (Joel McHale) getting a little too touchy-feely with Scully and her belief that Mulder is getting a little too friendly with a chick who claims she’s been impregnated several times by aliens, and you’ve got yourself one can’t miss episode in My Struggle.

Also, this episode is heavily politicized. Heavily. I suspect the day after My Struggle airs the conspiracy theories presented about our government will be just as talked about as the episode itself.

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  1. This comment is in regard to Abbie Mills, SH, FBI agent. I believe Danny Reynolds is trying to recruit Abbie for The X-Files Team.

    I could be totally wrong. I’ve never seen an episode of The X-Files, but I’ve heard so much talk. It was, to me, the logical choice for a crossover episode, but that is neither here nor there, since we had the Bones and SH crossover.

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