Rhianna Shows Off Her Bikini Bod In Barbados

Rhianna like most of us decided to take a break from her hollywood lifestyle this holiday season, to spend time with family and friends back home on the beautiful island of Barbados. While doing so she gave the paparazzi a show in her fab pink two piece bathing suit. It must be nice to vacay on an island while most of are bundled up in layers of clothing:) Is it just me or does Rhianna always seems happier and more herself when she’s not in the states?


  1. yeah It must be nice to vacay cause I be colder than a mug lol but that lil bathing suit Is cute though

  2. I am convinced that the media and other folks are obsessed with both Rihanna and Beyonce because they are fair skinned attractive women of color.

  3. Her legs…I’ve an appendage-crush on her legs. LOL They’re sick! She looks great. That bikini is ‘cute’ but………………………….LOL

  4. Ahhh!!! That bathing suit!!
    My aunt bought me one like that when i was 12. Omg! but she looks great anyway.

  5. lol @ james but i can imagine she is happier at home! i would be too 🙂 with her lil wrap thingy on her head lol she looks cute tho

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