Rihanna’s New Promo Cover

A few weeks ago I recieved an email from a friend saying Rhianna is currently developing a new fragrance (not yet titled) that is set to debut in July 2010, and she wanted to know if I would be interested in reviewing it so young girls and adults would have knowledge of it before it officially debuts, I said sure. As I was browsing on Rhiannadaily.com today I noticed her promo pick for her new single Hard ft. Young Jeezy,that made me think twice about my decision. I know some of you probably are tired of hearing about Rhianna, but I couldn’t let this one slide. I still don’t think after all the media chaos she fully understands the influence and impact she has on young girls lives. It looks more like a playboy promo to me rather than a single cover.




  1. Rihanna is whoring what is so chocking? almost every sister out there is whoring and where they are not people will find the silliest thing to tear them down, what is the problem i tought it was only “for entertainment purposes”? I’ve been saying that black woman in the industry (Music) Have got to stop with the soft porn, everyone wanna jump on me and say that it’s not like they walk around like that, like it matters? When are you going to catch up with all those young girls who look at rihanna and her likes and explain to her that it is JUST for entertainment purposes you are not supposed to degrade yourself that way? Whatever…In other news her minions are not playing i got a mailbox full of threat if i didn’t stop “messing with rihanna’s fans”
    Psychos i thought weave wonder people were wackos they are babies compare to those one Looool

  2. Let me get this straight, People BASH beyonce for her outfits when the gurl does stuff like this!!!!!! ARE U KIDDING M!!!! This photo makes Beyonce look like Mother Theresa..SMH!!!!!!

    Is this the same Rihanna that wants to speak for domestic violense..I THINK NOT!!!!! SMH!!!

  3. Rihanna is not married Just saying
    I don’t give a damn what some confused untalented lil chick does but when a grown female do it that’s when the problem come from, either way two hoes does not make a lady, support real music NOT SEX

  4. I think she and label just want to reassure her position as a `Good girl gone bad`. Look that comes with controversy always sells better than a plain one.

  5. LOL i agree Monica. Shes not going back to ‘good girl’ role ever again.
    Its stupid that she has to be half naked to sell a promote a song.Ughh

  6. I had a feeling she would get her own fragrance.

    As for her image, I don’t know what to make of it. I guess its all about the sex today. Oh well, she needs that extra boost. Russian Roulette is #9 on the charts but the single has fallen out of the top 10 on itunes.

  7. And what’s wrong with Playboy?

    I think adults need to parent and teach kids the difference between real life and artistry.

    When I was young I want to dress like Vanity everyday but my Mama was like “baby that’s tv” no one is dressed like that everyday. She young and growing and hopefully she will put the clothes on the older she gets but when I was 21 – I was half nekked 89% of the time.

  8. @k’sh

    Artistry? A scantly cald young woman sitcking her ass out on the cover of something tited “Hard” is porn, not art. It is exploitive.

    Don’t get me wrong, porn has it’s place, just not in music.

    She is a hypocrite because in the Diane Sawyer interview she was getting all emotional talking about how much she realizes that she is a role model for other young girls. Yet, her last CD makes you wonder which “talent” she is really trying to sell.

    I thnink the Chris Brown incident took her innocence away and she is now being “turned out” in right in front of us.

  9. The cover looks good. I won’t comment on her lack of clothing or anything. You all go ahead and argue that point. I don’t have the strungth.

  10. Whoa! This chick is going too far! I don’t like it one bit. She’s pushing this good girl gone bad image to the extreme. And this is the young woman who wants to be a “role model” for young girls. Yeah, right! I’m really starting to believe it was all hype just to sell her album. And if you go to Billboard, there’s a preview of the lyrics of some of the songs that will be on the album and most are filled with expletives that are not necessary. SMH I fear she’s going to the point of no return.

  11. Rihanna needs 2 slow her role, she is really losing fans. I was a big fan of Rihanna be4 she had blown up and I was like ooh I really hope they give her a chance but with her walkin around with outfits on where her nipple rings are showing, naked pictures, and now this?? come on Rihanna u do not have to sell yourself short just to make money. Even though I am not very big of Beyonce outfits when she is on stage performing I will say you will never catch her with a picture like this….this is sad that she is so young and has already conformed to the industry’s influence already…she really needs PRAYER!!!

  12. What they say about her – they said about Prince, Vanity, and anyone else half nekked. I’m 30 and I’m over it.

    The cover is hot. And she is still grown.

  13. it’s a sexy, editorial-type pic. i don’t want to see it as any type of album cover but let’s be real… we’ve seen “artists” do worse and when you’ve got Naomi Campbell “modeling” with her breast and nipples all exposed… how is this any worse? young women view magazines that have worse pics in them. she’s not naked, nor is she eluding to nakedness. you can see the damn body suit she has on. is it over-the-top sexy? hell yeah. is it “porn”… nope. we just had Gabrielle union naked as a jaybird in a magazine and most of you were crowing about how great she looked…how is this different?

  14. Prince is a music genius, he is a LEGEND!!!! Do not try and come for him. Prince like a music….IDK, how to put this, but do not compare PRINCE with the likes of Rihanna.

  15. I don’t like her doing this photo simply because it is all too easy to take this type of photo. I just figured that after all she has been through and is re-emerging musically that she could have challenged herself a little more and come with something nobody expected from her, something that took a little more thought. Yes she is grown but we have seen this before from her and several others.

  16. It has to get really extreme for people to really start really doing anything about it. This is just plain old whorishh and their is no excuse for it. And no this does not make Beyonce look viginal either to the person who said something to that affect. It looks like she and Rhianna are trying to see who can out skank the other one. It is really a shame and embarrassing and when it’s all over and done with they are going to be left out in the cold looking like the skanks that they are. You don’t do something like this unless somewhere in you it is in your character.

  17. For the blocked out words I had a word that equates to prostitute and the other word rhymed with wank but started with an S. You can put this soft porn on your website but you can’t take a few four letter words give me a break.

  18. This is very trashy, why take your clothes off to sell a single, a lot of young girls look up to her as a role model, what is she promoting, sex? I think she is talented, she shouldn’t have to resort to soft porn, or is that a new talent of hers? I am disgusted. I am a big Rhianna fan, but seeing this makes me think twice.

  19. bottom line she looks like a slut. yes beyonce is raunchy, but i believe rihanna has taken raunchy to a whole new level

  20. Rihanna has to tone it down! It’s not a matter of who’s the worst, whether in overly sexy photos or croutch shots or stroking microphones…most of the women in the music videos are serving soft porn…Rihanna, Beyonce, Ciara and the random video girls…it’s not right and girls and young women will and do emulate them!

    This marketing ploy has to stop! Letoya, Keri, Melanie and Alicia demonstrate you can make a good video, sexy and all without the strip tease action!

  21. Here we go again with who’s sitting on a high horse and what not.
    Im tired of hearing and “this is what girls are supposed to look up to”. The only thing you can do to stop your child from seeing certain things is…NOTHING. Are you going to be there 24/7 to hold thier hands, cover their eyes, ears, etc. and especially teenagers you can forget about it. But most of us on this blog have had sex before we were married I mean technically theirs something wrong with it(sin) but there really isn’t because it’s reality. It’s reality that your baby is going to be in the presence of sex sex sex whether its sex appeal, or having sex get over it.

  22. I mean which is worse(OBVIOUSLY this has never happened) Alicia Keys going out gettin drunk and driving, doing drugs etc. or Rihanna doing this??? Thats the bigger issue because this doesn’t really HURT anyone, if it does it should be Rihanna and no one else.

  23. Nooo, she is not naked..its art.
    How dare you call someone that is naked…naked. You haterrrs! This is a masterpiece. i mean how many girls have the ability to pose like this.? Pure class and talent. Her father has 2b beaming all the way from Barbados. i bet he is dying for his male friends and his family 2c this. is grandma alive? if she is she must be proud of her baby girl too. Matter fact this exact pic should be hung at her parents’ home for all 2c when they enter. i mean she is all grownup now, turned out 2b a real lady. i hope my lil girl turns out just like this. No sarcasm..im dead serious.

  24. I knew once i came on here, i would run right back to the Bible. Thanks Rhi, im pray till i need knee pads..for the kids, for the kids and the easily influenced young adults and adults and for Rhi. i got 2. Erryone-stay focused.

  25. Russian Rhoulette was her acknowledging she killed the “old her”. She is nowhere near the girl she was when she came out. And we all know this. Stop with the “artist is growin nonsense” She has transformed into…i don’t know what im lookin at. but its scary.

  26. 17150918 go on the video post and agree with her there too LOOl youa re a sad soul

  27. @some strange girl babblin-im assuming 12345 was being sarcastic like in my previous post. its kinda obvious where he stands with people being naked-He’s all 4 it. Wow, i thought by 5th grade people understood the concept of sarcasm. Guess i was sadly mistaken.

  28. @ruserious- Am I really a sad soul? or is that going too far lol???

  29. Lol at Ruserious’s scarcasm. I agree with you about Rihanna and her fans thinking just becuz your grown that its okay to be like this. Its basically like saying, “You’re over eighteen now. It’s alright to look like a ***.” And if it was alright to look like this, EVERYBODY would walk around butt naked. And dont tell me everyone already does it becuase I sure dont. Ya feel me?

  30. @12345- no your not, your just 12345. You like how edit people’s names??? i think its one of my hidden talents.
    @YouKnowwho-4 example-lil kim came in the game bugged out-raunchy, naked-now that don’t mean i appreciate seeing her naked more than Rhi, but its like in Rhi’s case-where is this coming from?? Pon de replay days i wud have neva expected this. i just don’t see the change 4 gud.

  31. @RUSERIOUS- I think it is one of your hidden talents you gotta name 4EVERYBODY lol.

  32. Oh my god, some of you people are completely and utterly absurd. Yes we are all entitled to our opinion but are you serious??? Parenting is for the parents. Let them decide what is appropriate for their children. In music, well pop music, especially for people with barely there vocals like Rihanna, image is important and that is EXACTLY what this is. An IMAGE. she is not walking down fifth avenue in this, NO she is posing for a picture to support the THEME of her song and CD. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being provocative. And you people on here bashing her like bitter old women just further support the idea that this creates a bigger “hype”. If you disapprove, do so quietly, rather than inadvertently aiding her sales. And, while we are on the Beyonce tip, let’s think about this. She is one of the BIGGEST selling R&B artists of the decade, and on several NATIONALLY accredited lists of the top pop vocalists including Cove Magazine, MTV, and Rolling Stone. So let’s face it, her and Rihanna are of different calibers. I haven’t commented in a while because I was tired of the bickering, but let’s get real here. Beyonce is a trained and skilled singer, Rihanna is an image artist. Can we please find a more relevant comparison! Thanks!

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