RHOA Super Trailer


Have you guys seen the just released super trailer for the upcoming sixth season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? If you haven’t, prepare yourselves for the drama. It appears the show has reached a new low and has officially moved into Bad Girls Club territory.

Just as I predicted, with her acting career taking a hit with the cancellation of The New Normal, Nene Leakes is back with a vengeance and looking to reassert her authority as top dog. She is seen in the clip arguing with everyone from Porsha Stewart to Kenya Moore and appears to be the catalyst that leads to a huge fight that involves both her female and male cast mates.

When asked about the clip via Facebook, Nene of course said she could not talk about the upcoming season, but did admit to being disappointed with “certain decisions that were made in the heat of the moment.”


  1. Nene was not going to everybody. what clip did you see? She was telling Porsha she was a bad friend due to lack of communication. She was going off on Kenya because apparrently everyone was mad at Kenya. Looks like Candi was being held back by Nene from fighting Kenya. Stop hating. and this is no where near BGC. and the only people who got into a fight were Apollo and Kenya’s assistant. No ladies put hands on each other just a verbal fight.

  2. and like everyone else yall will be watching and hating at the same time. #Multitaskers.

  3. Appollo and Phaedra are the sexiest couples alive, and they prove it by popping out beautiful babies.

    Nene and Gregg are the cutest couple alive. Nene worried about the prenup and it is Gregg who is going to be a MAJOR star if he keeps interacting with his cute dog LOL NeNe seems to be too high on the horse lately.

    Kandi and her Fiance are a cute couple

    Lord please let beautiful sweet Porsha go back to her husband. She is too beautiful to be walking around alone in a sea of vultures.

    Please bring back the one with the low life husband that wont pay child support.

    Cynthia and Peter just need to go away and take Kenya with them. Replace these 3 with an around the way white girl who has a hot white ghetto man

  4. Embarrassing. People call Kenya a troublemaker but I don’t agree. It is Nene who looks to start drama at every twist and turn. Who hasn’t she not gotten along with over the years? I too knew she would eventually come for Kenya and Porsha. Kenya owned last season and with a pending divorce Porsha was sure to get major screen time this season as well. Nene couldn’t let that happen, not with her Hollywood money drying up fast. She needs to be the queen of the hive and will sting anyone to be so.

  5. @JBL

    I don’t think NeNe came for Porsha in a bad way I just think she was saying you haven’t been a good friend to me lately, and we all know that Kenya is a shit starter but from the argument it looks like Kenya started with NeNe that’s what I got from it, but I do know that they had bad blood to start of with since Kenya didn’t show up to NeNe’s wedding but we all do know that NeNe doesn’t bring the drama for no reason, and I’m looking forward to Porsha going in on that ass because you don’t offer a blowjob to a married man, or text him calling him baby HELL TO THE NAW, and I really want to see who Kandi was trying to get.

  6. Nene hasn’t known Porsha that long. Maybe Porsha didn’t call more because she was going through her own thing after discovering via Twitter that her husband was trying to divorce her. Nene will always find something to complain about, something to give her a reason to act like a damn fool.

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