Rihanna’s New Clothing Line

According to Elle U.K., Rihanna’s relationship with design house Emporio Armani is about to get even more exclusive than it already is. The 23-year old Baja beauty, already the face of Armani underwear and jeans, will reportedly get her own capsule line under the brand, consisting of lingerie, jeans, t-shirts and biker jackets.

Images posted online do not reveal any original designs, but rather items that appear to be created using Rihanna’s image and trademark “R” logo.

Still, if you want to get your hands on a few of the pieces, they are set to hit a store near you in early December… just in time for the holiday buying season.

And in other RiRi news, the singer’s latest album, ‘Talk That Talk,’ is #1 on the iTunes album chart and is shaping up to be the singer’s first release to land the top spot in the U.S.

The album has gotten amazing reviews and may very well sell north of 250,000 in its first week- amazing numbers by Rihanna’s standards.

Good for her. ‘TTT’ is a solid album packed back to front with radio friendly pop hits. She’s clearly coming for that Beatles record.


  1. Congratulations to her on both achievements. I heard the samples of the album and didn’t really care for it though, it all kinda sounds the same.

  2. Bshit sista, i love rih but that album sucks majorly, i only like “we found love” and “farewell” it seems rushed rushed, idk, but of course she is probably going to sell many copies off of her name alone, but for the first time in 6 years, i’m not with this era… too much sex, too raunchy, i can’t …

    (puts adele cd on….)

  3. Good for her. But, I think I will save my hard earned money for my needs. I am done making other people rich as I make myself poor. LOL!

  4. These clothes look like Avril Lavigne’s version of House of Dereon…not impressed

  5. gonna get the album this weekend! I def prefer ‘we found love’ over ‘you da one’ so far

  6. hate her or love her…. her album and clothes will sell.

    those are just facts

  7. @the weekend- you’re sure right though! I’m interested to see the prices.

  8. Look what this girl has become so sad. The smoking pics is not a good image either. Satan has taken over her soul.

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