Rihanna Reigns Again

That Rihanna Reign Just Won’t Let Up!

According to Billboard Magazine, Rihanna has scored her 11th #1 single on the Hot 100 charts, officially passing singers Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder, who each have 10.

With this latest accomplishment, Rihanna surpasses two of the greatest artists in musical history and ties another, singer Whitney Houston, who also has 11.

Should Rihanna’s grip on the Hot 100 continue unabated, and we all know it will, she will soon tie or even pass Madonna, who has 12 chart toppers and possibly Michael Jackson, who has 13.

After that, she’ll have to tally 7 more number ones to reach singer Mariah Carey, who has 18 or 9 more to reach The Beatles who hold the record with 20.

So, can she do it? Hell no! White folks ain’t never gonna let anyone match the record set by The Beatles. You see how when Mariah got too close her career magically took a downward turn.

Just sayin’.


  1. Mariah will most likely match the Beatles with her upcoming album…she’s a hit maker and am confident that is producing some more classic music.

  2. Congratulations to Rihanna.

    I don’t think people really think “ok he/she’s gettin to close to the Beatles I’m not buying or requesting the single anymore”…though I could be wrong. But congrats to Rihanna though we all knew it was coming sooner or later.

  3. congrats to Rihanna!

    I think Mariah still has it in her- in the sense that even if she just gets a #1 an album, and does 4 albums over the next 10-15 years , she can beat it. She’s alive while the Beatles are deceased.

    Sorry to beat a dead horse, but I really think if they had planned the Loud era better, they could have gotten a #1 out of Cheers, and also Fly with Nicki Minaj.

  4. “That Rihanna-reign just won’t let up.” I reckon it just won’t. 😛

    Congrats to her.


    I like Mariah, but she’s got to mature her music, otherwise, Rihanna is chart threat. But that doesn’t take anything from Mariah’s accomplishment.

    Yahoooooo!!!!!!! Rihanna!!!!

  6. I think with the release of that ColdPlay song that she is featured on…Princess of China…Rihanna is about to pass Whitney and tie with Madonna. But Madonna also has a few tricks up her sleeve since she is working with Nicki Minaj. Looks like Madonna is not going down without a fight…lol.

  7. I was just reading where she had to cancel another concert due to burn out/exhaustion. I really hope she has people in her corner making sure she takes care of herself (in terms of proper diet and nutrition etc)

  8. Good for Rihanna but I wouldnt count Janet, Stevie, Whitney,or Mariah out just yet… I know it sounds crazy but I wouldnt count them out yet.

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