Rihanna Added To VMA Lineup+New Photos

Rihanna Singer Rihanna is the latest artist to be added to the growing lineup of talent set to perform at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. The diva’s latest two singles, Take A Bow and Disturbia, are both riding high in the top ten, with Disturbia topping the charts at #1 and Take A Bow sitting pretty at #8. Rihanna is set to perform Disturbia live for the first time at the VMA show on September 7th and flew back into the country just yesterday to start hehearsals. The singer was spotted doing her usual shopping with her entourage in West Hollywood. And proving just how powerful the internet and bloggers are in general, an obviously fake story that has been floating around all week about the singer being broke is now making national and international news. To my surprise MTV UK and many other reputable sites, including those in the singer’s own country, are reporting the story as true and linking back to gossip blogs as their source.

Rihanna hasn’t yet responded to the story, but with it growing so feverishly, we should probably expect an official response from either her or her record label any day now.

In the meantime… enjoy the new pics. I promise when you click them the singer will have a head (lol).


  1. Why are people acting as if this story can’t be true?

    I have three letters for you: TLC

  2. Well for starters the story claims to have been told and posted via the New York Post but it can’t be found anywhere on their website. Bloggers are the modern day versions of the National Enquirer. They make up ish routinely because they know it is human for people to run with bad news. Anytime people hear something negative they run off and tell everyone. Bad news travels at twice the speed of good news sites like MTO have grown huge because of that. Everyday new blogs are popping up making up lies and hiding behind their SOURCES to promote stories they know are false. Yes we all visit gossip blogs but some things people just have to learn to take with a grain a salt. Honestly I believe half of what I see and even less of what I read on these sites.

  3. I read about this earlier this week and I don’t know, anything is possible. But if she is that is a real shame…
    But getting onto those pictures I’m loving those shoes she has on…. Wonder where

  4. (How strange computer just went M.I.A )but I was saying…..* Wonder where I can get me a similar pair * cause they look real nice….

  5. If it wasn’t true I’m sure her people would have addressed it by now. I thought it was an internet rumor too but I guess not.

  6. I hope it’s just a rumor. I hope that her management team protected her from this. I’m going to keep an eye out for a statement from her publicist. She has accomplished too much to be broke. However, I know it is possible. The music industry has left many super stars in financial ruins. I guess we’ll play the waiting game for the truth to come out because bloggers are NOT credible sources.

  7. And what a big head it is BS! LOL ne who i havent heard this one and im the queen of gossip about people i shouldnt care about. but if its true is no wonder! the gurl spend money like water. those shoes u like so much Miss T they are 7G’s yes i said seven THOUSAND not hundred i said thousand. that is an unneccasary waste of money. now im not in that tax bracket but even if i was (despite the fact that i like to look fabulous and i do, mind u, on an H&M bargain shoppin budget)…i think thats dumb. Put ur money away…save it. She’s beautiful and talented but that is not go’n be forever. Be smart with ur money honey. Seven thousand dollar shoes…that’s not a smart investment.
    Over and out

  8. btw aint she gettin a little extra with the clothes lately? i kno she supposed to be a fashion ICON or whatever (oh n i do think they throw that term around too loosely in this day and age billie holiday was an icon janet..icon…rihanna not so much. ne who that cut is not even flattering and that blouse is sooo busy. she’s pretty but that outfit is NOT!

  9. I think these designers give/loan most of these clothes to Ri-ri. They give her clothes as free advertisement, so some dummy will actually go out and spend thousands of dollars on clothing that Rihanna wore.

  10. @dana u is right about good news and bad news. It seem like when u hear bad news people jump on it ride it until it end sometime it goes into other bad news. This the first time hearing this i hope it not true either. But it seem people get a kick out of people falling on there face. There alot of evil on this earth when it comes to people sucess even if u not in the entertainment circle u still get hated on. Like katt williams said the hater is getting too strong these days.

  11. Rumors, rumors, rumors! Yeah, yeah, yeah! I won’t believe it until I hear it with my own ears from Rihanna herself. That’s as bad as the people who went around saying that Barak Obama was a Muslim. And we all know how silly that rumor was.

  12. I mos def see a change in Rihanna’s fashion sense from when she first hit the scene till now. Those shoes are sick… Love them. Being famous is like a gift and a curse, you gotta take the good with the bad. Can’t believe everything that you read, hear, etc. Love her !!

  13. all i can say is tearra marie, i could never understand how the better singer got dropped when both albums performed poorly.

  14. Rihanna first album did better then tearra marie that why the keep rihanna. Tearra marie had the one hit that was it.

  15. it’s possible. the article sounded very believable. And the stuff about wanting to drop her and Teirra Marie (sp) is quite possible. She has released an awful lot in 3 years and GGGB has barely sold a million copies simply because people can download the songs on the rerelease off of iTunes. And artist don’t get piad for internet sales (at least they didn’t at one point). While I hope it’s not true, I can believe that everything was paid with her money. I’m in GA and the only songs I’ve heard played by her here are Take A Bow, Umbrella, Pon De Replay & Hate That I Love You. Those are the only ones ever played and not even that much. She’s young and management can easily take advantage of young girl who just wants to be famous it’s not uncommon.

  16. Some folks are so ignorant they don’t know that bloggers are just regular folks, most don’t have any real industry inside stories.

  17. What you said is very much true politicallyincorrect. People always contact me thinking I know more than I do when in actuality I am sitting around writing this stuff while in my night gown in my bedroom. Yes, a lot of info is sent to me, but it’s sent to all bloggers, which is why you will often see them post the same thing at or about the same time. All that “Sources” crap bloggers be using is just that- CRAP. Most of these bloggers are college kids and come across their info via regular folks like yourselves. A lot of bloggers get their post content and pics from entertainment message boards where regular everyday folk post them. This is why you don’t take gossip bloggers seriously or believe everything they say just cause they throw up a few pics and claim their “sources” sent them personally. Have fun with it people, just know that not everything printed online is true.

  18. I would feel bad for her and then a little a mad at her for being broke. You never know, she could have dropped seven thousand dollars on those boots. You think celebrities get everything for free. Alot of them will pay that much just for that one piece of material.
    I hope with all those fly outfits Rihanna has, she invested wisely with her money. I know if I was her, my money would be locked, tight and just right. You never know when you’ll fall off. She is to young anyway, she is just 20, what will she do in another 5,10 or 15 years when nobody is still checking for her. Scary to think about it. I got mad love for Rihanna and I defend her when I hear people talk down about her. I really do believe she is a nice girl. By the way, her shoes are baaddddasssss.

  19. I hope her financials are okay, but in the end it’s none of my business. Her bag is awesome. Even those boots are crazy-cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. in my defense i kno i was kinda harsh this mornin. I looooove rihanna dont get me wrong, i really do she represents my native country well (big up barbados, st.thomas yo!!!) but its alot more plausible than ya think. sade’s right about one thing, celebrities do buy alot of that crap. Unless ur endorsing their brand publicly like at an award show or su’m they dont get that money back. celebrities are people too and tho they live in a crazy screwed up microcosm of life it’s not like their infallible. she truly could be in financial trouble i dont count nothing out to the fat lady sings. she’s still denying she’s dating chris brown and because she puts out statements stating that’s untrue we should jus take her word on it bc she said so…when’s there’s photographic evidence of the contrary. as ive said before love ri ri she’s the most beautiful, most of the time fashionable, hottest black female entertainer out right now. that’s rite eat ur heart out bey fans its true!!! i dont hate, i do nothing but love but shit hits the fan sooner or later. im jus sayin for the record, unless the son’s of bitches are insured seven stacks for anything that goes on ur feet is absolutely a ridiculous waste of money. At least she’s getting her wear of them suckers tho this is my third time seeing her photo’d in them. Work it out ms. robyn!
    Loves ya

  21. I read today that she fired either her manager or publicist because they didn’t explain the details of her contract. I don’t know…I think this whole thing is getting out of hand. I really do not believe that she broke and even if she does have $20,000, she can find a way to flip it and make 3x’s as much. Its just about being smart and having the right connects (which I’m sure she does). She betta start a clothing line, make some perfume or something. S*** wish I has 20 racks to my name LOL!!!

  22. OMG!! There go those shoes again!! I LOVE them!!!!!

    Not everything on the internet is true (sorry Stephanie ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I don’t know anyone who is broke going on vacations and doing the shopping that she does.

  23. Yes those boots are fabulosity! I like them better with the outfit she wore to 106 & Park though.

  24. I freaking love those darn boots!!!! I’d wear them every day til the straps fell off. Sucks to be short and not have $6500 to spend on shoes ๐Ÿ™

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