Rihanna Album News+Shoot

SRP Music Group, the force behind Rihanna and her Dej Jam label, sent shock waves through the Rihanna community when they announced via Twitter that “Rude Boy” may very well be the last single to be released from the singer’s multi-platinum selling “Rated R” album. Released four months ago, “Rated R” has so far sold 2.5 million copies worldwide, with almost a million of those sales originating from the U.S. The album has also spawned 3 top 10 singles, including the #1 track “Rude Boy,” which has also taken the world charts by storm.

In other Rihanna news, while overseas promoting her new album, the singer recently posed for the Sunday Telegraph Magazine. You can check out pics from the shoot below and read the interview here.


  1. She looks Great


    She sold 1.7 million, 2.5 million shipped..

    I think another album will be overboard, unless next year. Im exited about her new album.

  2. I don’t see Rihanna being around five years from now. Her album sales are so mediocre for her to be such a big star. I don’t think her good looks and incredible fashion sense will take her any further than it has. Plus her fan base is essentially no different than that of people like Flo Rida. Flo has set and broken quite a few singles records and iTunes records and yet he is a complete nobody whose albums don’t even go platinum. Young people like to groove to him but don’t really connect with him. I think Rihanna has the same problem which explains why her singles do well but not her albums.

  3. Didn’t her album just go gold in the U.S. If most her sales are from here and its only sold 2.5 worldwide then it might be time for her team to rethink her strategy. Just my opinion

  4. Rih and Def Jam should stop that “Good Girl Gone Bad” image and straight to the “Good Girl Gone Stylish” as she did well before the news with Chris Brown.

  5. Yes And you know who’s company says her album is at 7.5 million when only at 6.6 million….I dont believe what these records companies say, i got the the facts on a unbiased website, they just add the shipped expecting it to sell and if i dont sell they still have that number……

  6. Hmmm…Rihanna has gone cold, IMO. She has sold herself cheap to Hollywood and now she looks like any number of chicks without talent relying on gimmicks-looks, sex appeal-to stay relevant. She will never be considered a great artist just a fad for the times. I used to like her, her style and the fact that she was not buying into the sexed up imagery of Beyonce and ’em. Now, she’s just another dime doing what most one trck ponys do nothing more.

  7. @Cicely

    PEOPLE SAID THAT 5 YEARS AGO…she still here…

  8. @liverpool i agree lol. Let this girl live at least she sold a million. She in her own lane and she doing very well in it.

  9. I am just happy another black female star is able to breakthrough and find some measure of success in this day and age. I dont get what people have against Rih. To me she is a great entertainer and doesn’t seem so contrive. She actually has some originality to her image. There is room for everyone to be successful. If it were all about vocals we would not have some of the greatest performers of all time. Not everyone is a powerhouse but a star is a star. I like her.

  10. And another thing stop using numbers to determine a person’s worth. Hell in the 90s I never knew who sold what. I lot of our favorite and most treasured artists only went gold and they are still here. Why are we discussing the business side when the music is made for US FANS to enjoy and groove to, not to go look up someone stats and then determine whether we like them or not. I never understood that

  11. @ cicely




  12. 2.5mil! That’s actually good I think. But I don’t care about Rihanna’s music but still wish her well.

  13. What I’ve noticed is that when some certain black sistas gets an accomplishment bloggers talk down on them and their success but when their “idol” gets an accomplishment they say things like “it’s great that black women are doing this and doing that”. Why doesn’t that apply to all? just sayin…

  14. I don’t like this Little thing, But sitting here and undermining her album sales is low, She is untalented, She is a little confused about herself, But she does sell a lot of albums;and if you people don’t stop with this “Black should all co-sing each other”,I hate ignorance, People are entitled to their opinions, I’m not supporting or Demeaning anybody based on their skin color, You all are not slaves anymore, Enough.

  15. 2.5 million albums sold in 3 months, 3 top 10 singles and 1 single number 1 is low??This is insane logic.I have really started to like Rihanna and I love her album.Her album is doing excellent, and if it sells like this the whole year it could sell 7 million albums.Thats low?I just love another sista making moves, same with B and all the other gals making that money.Go girls!!!!

  16. How does getting physically abused by her boyfriend get rihanna so hated? people can say what they want but she didn’t get so much hate on black blogs before.

  17. DELPHINE- You seem like a closeted Rihanna fan…Come on out it won’t hurt she makes good music.

    Uh oh I see BS has brought back the smiley’s, (people will have a filed day with those)

  18. DELPHINE- You seem like a closeted Rihanna fan…Come on out it won’t hurt she makes good music.

    If only you knew what i thought of rihanna Lool,I have passed the age to be a “closeted” anything 🙂

  19. Why is nobody talking about the images? SHE’S FIERCE and her legs are ridic!!!

    @ BLACKSISTA *hi-fives*

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