Rihanna and Samsung are Still Opening Doors or Rooms or Something

Whoever orchestrated the roll out of Rihanna’s upcoming Anti album should be demoted. The pop star has been releasing new music and videos for almost a year and nothing has come of it. Fans don’t have an actual album, and any excitement the public once felt for the project has been squandered.

Were Rihanna’s team on their game, they would have released Anti back in July when the singer’s name was on everyone’s lips. The release of the visual for Bitch Better Have My Money had the world talking about Ri Ri, and if that wasn’t the moment to strike, I don’t know what was.

Now, a full six months later, almost no one cares when or if Rihanna releases a new album at all. Her recent deal with Samsung has been a colossal promotions failure, with weeks upon weeks of doors being opened that lead to nowhere.

Fans have speculated that once the eighth door is opened the album will be released, but I doubt it. At this point, I think they’re waiting for the Adele hype to die down so Rihanna can snag the #1 spot on Billboard. All this hype for an album to debut at #2 is not what Rihanna’s label has been working towards.

Truthfully, I think ego ultimately played a part in how Anti’s roll out has progressed. Either Rihanna or her label felt it was time the singer was taken seriously musically, and decided that a song like FourFiveSeconds was the best way to go. When that didn’t pop, I think they decided to try and switch up her sound but didn’t know which way to go. All this could have been avoided had they let Rihanna be Rihanna.

I honestly believe they wanted the singer to become an albums artist, and that she is not. I don’t think a Rihanna album has ever sold over 250,000 copies in it’s first week. Yes, they usually go on to become platinum, but Rihanna doesn’t kick ass straight out the gate. She’s a singles artist and ain’t nothing wrong with that. Trying to turn her into Beyonce and use Anti to launch Tidal is why I think the singer has found herself stranded and without a release date.

Whatever the case, Rihanna is still opening more doors with Samsung, the latest of which you can view below.


  1. I would not go that far. Rihanna is a music powerhouse. She could sell a million copies of an album burping. 😆 It’s just too bad her label didn’t realize that. All this hype isn’t necessary and never has been. Just release the album and let it do what it do. The only people winning right now is Samsung cause they are getting a load of free promo outta her.

  2. These rooms are stupid. And what’s with female artists and their need to be crowned? Please stop. Egos gone wild. Def Jam is trying to pull a Beyonce and drop a surprise album, but no one will be surprised or excited. Stop the surprise album madness too. It’s not why Beyonce did so well. It was a one time marketing ploy. A one and done. Make great music videos and you’ll be okay. That’s Beyonce’s secret. Her videos are always exciting despite the awful songs.

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