Rihanna as Josephine Baker?


Another Josephine Baker story is the works and producers have set their sights on none other than Rihanna to reprise the role that first earned actress Lynn Whitfield an Emmy Award back in 1991.

Per Shadow & Act, a production company called Noosa Films has won the rights to Baker’s autobiography and hope to bring the singer/actress/activist’s story to the big screen.

W. Lance Reybolds, a producer on the film, reportedly wants Rihanna to take on the role and has publicly stated so. “Rihanna is one of the most talented performers of this millennium, and with her unique acting and performing abilities, I have no doubt she will bring Josephine back to life on the big screen.”

This isn’t the first time a new Josephine Baker film has been rumored to be in production. A few years ago both Beyonce and Alicia Keys were reportedly up for the role. Beyonce was also up for the lead in a supposed Lena Horne biopic. So many of these films never see the light day. Chances are this one won’t either.

The original ‘Josephine Baker Story’ aired on HBO and cost a fraction of what it would have cost to put it up on the big screen.

Still, if anyone has an interesting life story that should be told over and over again, it is Josephine Baker. If you aren’t familiar with Josephine, click here. If you haven’t seen the HBO film on Josephine I believe it is available via Netflix rental only.


  1. I agree about Josephine and her fantabulous interesting life. I also feel a bio for Eartha Kitt should be done. That woman is my spirit animal. I read all three of her biographies. She led a fascinating life.

    Rihanna as Josephine. Beyonce as Josephine. I don’t know. Alicia as Lena. Maybe. Beyonce as Lena. Um…

    Saw the original with Lynn Whitfield years ago. My first exposure to Josephine Baker. Great film. Great performance.

  2. Trained actors have got to be losing it behind these “singers” taking their spots…smh

  3. I hope Rihanna portrays Eartha Kitt, I believe she could tell this story and well! I love Eartha. She was so way before her time! I watch her old videos (music, television appearances and interviews) on youtube and I am amazed at what she was doing in the 1950s, amazed! Another great story would be Lola Falana, she is another ground-breaking brown sista, who paved the way in Las Vegas (reminds me of Toni Braxton), her story is amazing. Lena, Josephine, Dorothy, Ethel Waters (a bad sista, love Cabin in The Sky)…these girls brought it and so many others! We need these historical women brought to the forefront of pop culture. Right now, our role models are current singers, athletes and celebrities (basically, rich people and their luxe lifestyle) and a few like Michelle Obama and Oprah. We need to continue to share our rich and diverse history!

  4. IDk about this. After seeing The Josephine Baker Story on HBO Starring Lynn Whitfield, who did an amazing job. I just don’t know who would be able to top her performance. I could see Beyonce doing it. Not with her acting because we all know how that is, but i did see a Fashion Rocks performance where she was paying homage to Josephine and she wore the Banana skirt. So as far as the dancing and the look. I could see her doing it.

  5. I agree this job should be given to a trained actress just as its been done in the past. But then again Josephine was an entertainer not actress so who better to play her? I am kind of on the fence. Besides Lynn did a WONDERFUL job and shouldn’t be duplicated but on the other side, kids today do not know much about Jose just as I hadnt before the movie. It would be good for the legend’s legacy… I know one thing. NOT BEYONCE! Jay aint having ALL her goodies out and personally dont want to see them either.

  6. I just want to add on in the Original Josephine Baker Story Lynn Whitfield had to have had the most beautiful headlights and rear end I have ever seen. Not that I’ve seen alot… Other than myself no one elses…

  7. Wait a minute what about Rih Rih’s acccent?

  8. Rihanna hasn’t officially been offered the part. The producer is simply flapping his gums about wanting her in the starring role. The Diamonds tour is still moving forward.

    Plus after Battleship I don’t see Rihanna rushing to do anymore acting.

  9. There was an article that said that France fascination with Josephine Baker and the other black performers who were apart of Le Revue Negre was actually because they performed in stereoypical roles, the French had about black people. Like Baker and her banana skirt.

    However, Joesphine Baker was a BOSS, she was a monster in Princess Tam Tam, and her voice was the most unique singing voice. Those performers back then were true superstars. Trained with natural talent.

    Eartha Kitt was labled the most exciting woman in the world by one of her alleged lovers, a popular English actor. Sir Lawrence Olivier. Before she died, she said that she wanted Janet Jackson her in a movie.

  10. Must be very few choices in hollywood, which I doubt. First she’s considered for the part of Whitney, now this. A disaster waiting to happen,smh.

  11. I agree, Janet would be great for the Eartha Kitt role…she would most definitely bring it! IMO Eartha Kitt was the most outstanding, phenomenal sex symbol, activist, humanitarian, all around super talented black female entertainer, Dianna Ross our most divine Diva, Aretha Franklin the best female music catalogue of all time! Josephine Baker, even Anita Baker, or Eartha Kitt, or any of these girls were originals and true ARTISTS!Something that’s sorely missing today!

  12. Honestly, I don’t think generation of performers have enough depth and talent to play any of these women. Excluding Janet, she needs to play Eartha, and Kerry needs to play Dianne Carrole.Janet has Eartha’s sex appeal, and Kerry has Dianne Carrole’s class, sophistication and elegance.

  13. Gosh, what happened to getting actors/actresses who have great depth and have studied…truly studied this craft called acting.

    Lynn Whitfield did a wonderful job as Josephine Baker several years ago. Hollywood goes from Lynn (a seasoned actress) to Rihanna. @Bohwe, I agree with you. None of these young performers today has what it takes to truly bring out the depth and the richness of the complex lives of these legendary entertainers. I think today’s generation of performers would not do any of these bio stories justice and would be sorely lacking and leave the viewing audience feeling cheated. I mean did anybody see Rihanna’s performance in that Battleship Navy alien movie??

  14. Love Rihanna but this is a NO. Just….no, lol. Saying that this role would be too much for her is an understatement.

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