Rihanna Attends Her Manager’s Wedding

Rihanna took time off from her busy schedule of walking the streets of New York City looking fabulous, to fly overseas (Venice, Italy) and attend the wedding of her manager Marc Jordan. The island beauty looks like she may have just stolen the show from the bride with her shoulder baring wrap dress, creamy skin and glowing smile.


  1. She’s such a beautiful young girl. God bless her for smiling despite all the chaos that is/was her love life with Chris Brown. Keep smiling baby. Peace XXX

  2. Ummm…no this looks like funeral couture…not sexy, and her hair looks dry, You and Beyonce need to learn how to apply grease…SMH

  3. @Ysugarcoat

    HUH!!!!!!!!!!! Are u new, Rihanna Been smiling, I bet she was smiling 2 days after she got beat up laying next to Chris in Miami.

  4. i cant wait for her album to drop so sick of beyonces diva single ladies bullcrap

  5. “cant wait for her album to drop so sick of beyonces diva single ladies bullcrap”

    So dont listen to it, They dont even play it on the radio that much anymore…OMG, TEE, Whats the Tee…..In the worlds of Quideer “U are a Late ballroom Queen” Lawd, Help this child…I think u being funny, not even sandrarose is that pathetic…SMH

  6. Stunning
    People need stop quoting QUAADIR and try to come at people like they know something

    This girl is just wonderful and the baddest in the game!

  8. Her hair is gorgeos here. Over all she looks cute, but between the lipstick and the earrings, something is not happening.

  9. yeah her hair Is on point here…..looks like 80’s 90’s couture fashion here

  10. she look good, but the first pic she looks old the way she’s smiling.

  11. Her expression in the 1st pic is so cute. Although I don’t have any body piercings, I can admire these earings from afar. I wish the fury wrap wasn’t obscuring the dress’ design. Her makeup is on point here.

  12. She looks soo regal. Blonde isn’t growing on me, but she looks so young, fresh & stylish.

  13. Oh how convenient, it is to be pretty in the entertainment industry. There are so many other talented women who would be more deserving.

  14. Anyone who doesn’t think this woman looks absolutely gorgeous in these photos is an absolute liar and hater. I am not a HUGE fan of hers but she makes enjoyable tunes, travels the globe, and looks fly as hell while doing it. I ain’t even mad…LOL

  15. @ BARON

    She’s looks terrible are you crazy!

    I’m just kidding i already said she looks good but people have different opinions jus cause you think someone looks good doesn’t mean everyone will.

  16. I don’t see what’s so HYPE about Rihanna’s look. Then again, I’m into Emma Watson’s fashion sense, sometimes Beyonce, I just like old fashion couture.

    Please release an album or something, actually do something for the reason you became a celebrity. or just go ahead and go into modeling, sense that’s all you seem to do lately

  17. @ shanice

    cut her some slack lol she went to a wedding that day she wasn’t walking around new york city.

  18. She don’t even have to try. She just looks damn good no matter what. THe make up is the best I’ve seen on her – LOVE IT! You better work girl!

  19. U know what, im actaully startin to like rihanna again. but that doesnt mean im buying her album… or maybe i will.

  20. now thats how u know her ppl gives the paps tips cuz she is in a forign country and is goin to a wedding but she is the only one they took pics of.. they took one pic of the bride and groom but that was most likey to show who they were.. sad.. but i will admit shenlooks nice here

  21. she look old and her stlye starting to drop, guess because she dressing a little older than her age.

  22. I don’t really like the hair…that color is not doing it for me…other than that she looks great.

  23. Yeah we know, she looks nice!Please stop putting the Chris Brown stuff on her behalf for some pity. This girl is so fake and when it comes to light I wanna hear what you got to say then…Rihanna knows she is a wash-up (Amber Rose). If she has not done anything with them vocals and what I’ve heard from these last two performances she has not if you buy the CD it will be a fake also..

  24. The highlights need to be toned down a bit, other than that she looks beautiful.

  25. I get it now, the same ones on the Beyonce post talking crap, are truly Rihanna fans/stans. Have no idea why I am suprised. Its just really tired and sad.

  26. @Bored STFU whining!!!!

    Rihanna is all the rage!!!!!

    She has sold millions, no superb vocals necessary. LOL

    No matter how much you focus on her “vocals” you can’t take away her success. The young woman is doing bigger things and about to release a single and rock the world.

    Rihanna is outselling so called singers! LOL!!!!!!!

    She is gorgeous and living her life.

  27. she should just be a model and leave music alone. that’s all she does anyway. she is a complete snore on stage

  28. @Mrs. Jones-so true. give real singers a chance. But she would kill a runway.

  29. @rockon
    This maybe so. But the fact still remains that she has not a single talented bone in her body. Rihanna is the epitome of what is wrong with the record company and entertainment industry as a whole. Thus, resulting in disillusioned fans such as yourself. The very fuel of her new found “High Fashion” career is based on, pure superficiality, as the music “industry” is all about beauty. Rihanna knows she’s untalented. This is why she still shivers upon having to deliver a live performance. No wonder LA Reid has got her prancing all around town half naked. Youre right! Rihanna is young, and cute, and “fashionable” NOW. But what goes up must come down. Which is why it will be all the more hilarious, when her rein falls. Just look at Beyonce. For now, the sole purpose of keeping Rihanna around, is to get rid of Beyonce. She was once on top too. And shes beautiful and extremely talented, despite some major draw backs.

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