Rihanna Attends UK Premiere

Rihanna has been spending a lot of time in the UK recently. If you think the singer is big in the U.S. you should check out her European fan base which is twice as large and far more loyal. Whereas the American press seems to be turning on the singer, The European press, the U.K. in particular, seems as fond of the star as ever. Case in point, Rihanna was mobbed by the paparazzi the moment she left her hotel to attend the premiere of “Inglourious Basterds”, leading U.K’s finest to have to personally escort the singer to the event.

Here she is below with all eyes on her as she walks the red carpet…

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  1. Loving Rihanna’s look at the premier… Still not sure about the hair though… Can’t make up my mind…

  2. the back of that head looks funny as hell..popularity moves in circles..after the incident she had america at her feet now not much..if i were her, i would drop some mucis whilst people are interested.. her popularity is based on appearence, you need to be on top of your grind for longevity..i can name lots of people who were ocnsidered hot at thier time now they are not..someone new will pop in the scene and that is what happens..stars are born everyday..she looks alright but dnt like the outfit..they put too much make on her though to get that picture perfct look and i like more the natural beauty not makeup beauty!!!

  3. she look a bit like Grace Jones to me, especially the eyes look at the second pic, this Goth crazyness is getting a bit out of order!

  4. Im sorry, RIhanna looks a hot mess from the waste up but i love her music. But I cannot stand the fact that people go all crazy over this chicks outfits. I dont wanna say it, but it seems to me that Rihanna is a little bit Media Whorish…SORRY, IM REALLY SORRY

    Mark My words, if Rihanna comes out with all that “HE HURT ME”, “I WAS DEVESTATED” and “I Felt That MY Life was OVER”, she is losing a fan. Cause u and me know, that that is sooooo fake. Oh and is she says “I could’nt eat, I could’nt sleep”. “I was headed for a breakdown”, i would buy 20 copies of chris brown’s next album. Cause that is so fake.

    If she starts this Fight against Domestic Violence, Oh Hell Naw i would buy 30. In my opinion that is a smack in the face to all the wemon who suffered “FOR REAL”

  5. She look good like always. She make the clothes look really good on her. I like when people are not scared to do them and turn up the heat that what she does. Go Rhi-Rhi.

  6. Jimmy Neutron with a Janelle jacking. Talent is the Key and we all know she dont have it. Style is not going to cut it all the time and that’s the only topic you can use with Rihanna..

  7. Forgot the rest! I love how people really want to give her credit for others hard earned work. Rihanna has no choice but to wear stuff like this and the American public has seen all she can do, she does it all the time.

    There is nothing new, it’s just who is she going to swagger jack this go round, Grace Jones is now in the mix.

    Let’s see:
    Michael Jackson
    Lady Gaga
    Grace Jones
    Hallie Berry
    Prince and many more, but she’s a style ICON, ICON’s or original, what is original about Rihanna except for the fact she cant sing and became famous for her songs?

    Stop! just comment on her outfits that the puppet master put on her and go on, No Icon, No Talent, No endorsement seller, just plain ole overly made up girl!

  8. @BORED…..U just hit it at the right spot; I couldn’t have said it better. She needs to get on with the singing now and let’s see!
    Can I just say that in the UK (as I leave here) Tabloids writes about everyone and everything that is out there in the hunt for some attention (so they are not doing it exclusively for Ri Ri).
    When Rihanna has become this larger than life with more loyal fans here? I don’t think so!
    Yes she was v popular among teenage girls in schools because of Chris Brown coz my niece would tell me that’s what they talk about, as far as being so popular right now, I doubt it (also remember that the Brits likes the underdogs and people still have some sympathy for her)

  9. I think she looks like a sexy assassin – really digging her bold approach to fashion.

    But still the question remains – how is she getting any work done with these constant appearances? Doesn’t her team realize the potential of burnout from overexposure before her 4th LP even drops?

  10. I love when people say “if you hate her so much why are you the first one on her posts” “Why are you typing long posts about her?” But turn around and do the exact same thing, rihanna got the stans intimidated and it is so laughable, She look fierce from head to toes, If she is tired of the us all she has to do is move to the uk and do her thing, some people here are shallow closed minded RACIST and more, i can’t believe some are actually praying for her demise how pathetic

  11. Rihanna is absolutely stunning. Drop dead gorgeous. She should lose the glasses though. No one could rock that ugly a55 haircut but her. Rihanna always manages to look like she walked out of a fashion magazine. That old ugly chick from Vogue is a mad hater. I bet that wh0re Vanessa Hudgens will cover it someday.

    Note to Rihanna, Go on and get that album ready girl.

  12. LMFAOOO you need to removed Beyawnsay from that list because she is the queen of swagger jacking!

  13. There are those who look pretty & stunning on the red carpet, and then there’s rih rih…THE GIRL IS FIERCE!

  14. I loooooove her look and her stance minus the sunglasses, Don’t think they were necessary. The hair….meh. Better than I’ve seen in other Pics.

  15. I thought we had to give props to our “sistas” for their achievements and not break them down? And no I don’t like her music…

  16. I love it. It’s different and keeps people talking. That’s the point.

  17. @voice, I totally agree.

    & btw, so what if Rihanna is in paparrazzi pics left & right? Its not like she called them to take her picture when she goes out…she shouldnt have to hole herself in her home just so the fickle public wont consider her a “Media Whore”

    She’s living her life, going out, enjoying herself and looking GREAT while doing it. Say what you want, but Rihanna still got the females breaking their backs trying to be like her. In the industry, on the streets, etc. Maybe not some of YOU, but her influence is still followed.

  18. Goon always go from site to site spreading hate on rihanna. What a way to live your life waking up every day with the same hateful venom on the mind. Please, rihanna is living her life, and your negativity is positively fueling her success.

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