Rihanna Avoids Testifying In Court

Rihanna “Thank You Your Honor”. Those four words are the only words that came out of Rihanna’s mouth yesterday afternoon as she appeared in court for the hearing of Chris Brown. The press, and most of the public, were expecting to finally hear the singer tell the world exactly what went on between her and Brown on Grammy night of this year. Instead Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, stunned everyone with the news that the case had been plea-bargained. In other words, Rihanna’s version of what Brown did to her that night would never be told in a court of law and Chris would never spend one day behind bars. All partied seemed pleased as both Chris and Rihanna left the courtroom (separately) with smiles on their faces.

Check the inside video from the courtroom below.


  1. She looked stunning and very classy~ reminded me of some Jackie-O attire. However, she looked petrified and rightfully so. It’s almost like once you get wrapped up in the “system” it’s a curse because everything you do is going to be put under a magnifying glass even more than before!

    So if I heard right, initially Ri didn’t want the protective order, she still wanted to be able to see/be in contact with Chris but the judge made the ruling of no contact within 50ft unless at industry events then it’s 10 feet then after August 5th or somewhere around there, she’d (the judge) would be willing to lift the order to a level 1 which means they are allowed contact. Is that right? I know it sounds naive of me to ask but all that court jargon sometimes blows over my head
    ! 🙄

  2. Sad situation all the way around. To think that just a year ago we were all wowed by them and thought they were such a perfect young couple. I really thought Chris loved and cherished her. So sad to see young love end this way. I hope Rihanna stays single for a while and doesn’t allow herself to be used by these young whipper snappers out there (Drake) who are looking for a bit of extra attention. As for Chris, I pity his next girlfriend.

  3. LMFAO!! i mean seriously? she didn’t even want her side of the story hearda??? I’m sorry, but i just find that oh so suspicious. They both just looked like they were ready to get out of there. I’m glad this crap is finally over, i’m sick of hearing about it

  4. Who knew she owned church clothes! I’m sure they’re glad it’s behind them!

  5. The title of the thread is “Rihanna Avoids Testifying In Court”. It should read “Chris Brown Avoids Jail”. Every brown sista who posts here should be pissed as hell about this. What did that chump get, 5 years of probation plus he has to do 180 hours of community service? Here in Los Angeles you get punished worse than that if you don’t pay the fine for a stupid traffic ticket! What kind of mess is this? 😕

  6. Mrs. Jones Chris Brown plead guilty to a felony. He is the one that had something to hide.

  7. Im just tired of people saying there more to the story. We got the story now it over with. If she really wanted to be a b*tch about it she would of threw him under the bus.

    She probably happy this over with too. I do not understand people talking down about her.

    There alot of women getting beating like this and you going to say that what she get or there more to the story everytime a man put there hands on woman like come on people.

    If she really did something to him why he did not press charges either or say anything about it. To me she did the right thing and not speak about that nite.

    I hope both of them can get back on the right track and continue doing good thing for thereself and for people in need.

    When i see other blog and some people on here saying there more to the story she deserve it or she started it. I know the world is coming to an end. I will pray for you.

  8. @ Brownsuga Diva How is he hiding something if he turned himself in from the jump??? I’m confused about that. I mean, he plead guilty cause he did it, so how is he hiding something.

    And for all of you women still saying that she’s not suspicious… Ummm… He beat the hell out of her and she didn’t say anything againt him, she’s not pressing charges, she didn’t originally want the protective order… How is that not suspicious if she never did anything???

    Either way it goes… they are both adults. I think they pretty much made up a bit before this day even happened. I think they were still contacting each other based off how this all went down…

  9. @Lady….you said truth!

    Chris got off completely easy!….I think if he would had admitted to it sooner ppl would have much more respect for him but that fact that he didn’t show any remorse, makes me sick to my stomach. Rihanna could of dug into him but I think she’s just glad it’s all over. But something tells me that she still wants to see him.

    Sadly both of them will live with that for the rest of their lives, but hopefully they both could get through it. As far as their careers, I still think both are in good shape. Rihanna will always do her , you know her, an for chris, sadly there’s still little girls who love and worship him and will continue to support him…. all in all I hope they both do what best for them…..STAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER!

  10. People need to mind thier own relationship problems and leave rihanna and chris alone.

  11. LaDY I’m with you,However you can see a pattern in the “we need the whole story” people, Just a bunch of pathetic folks leave it alone i had rihanna is okay the animal cannot approach her and i guaranty you that he is going to fuck up again and get LOCKED UP then we’ll have the whole story!

  12. This is sad beyond words. I truly pray that America wakes up and realizes that domestic violence is a sickness that is killing millions (mostly women). I second the notion that he had something to hide to plead guilty to a felony. 😳

  13. I am so furious that he didn’t get any jail time, but I knew it would happen, Bastard… I am not worried tho I know he is going to do something and get himself in a world of trouble all over again,It’s the law of karma no matter how long it takes it will get you, For now hopefully rihanna take this experience with her, and matures, I would hate to see her go back to him, or ask for the stay away to be lifted, She can date whoever she wants whenever she feels ready, I will always support her for people have to go trough hell to get to heaven, now that this is all over she will emerge bigger and stronger!

  14. 😎 rih-rih walked in court with a serious SWAGG though.

    As for chris breezy i still think he is able to go back to this 😡 in amount of minutes.

    And the judge just keeps on stuttering 😆

    hope both of them learn something out of this 😳

  15. @ Toy:
    Uh, Toy, from the original “jump”, after he finished busting-up Ri-Ri’s face, if he didn’t have anything to hide, then why did he run ❓ As to her not pressing charges, in the state of California, the victim has no say-so about that. If you assault somebody, you will be charged no matter what the victim says or doesn’t say. And besides she did file a complaint with the police saying that Chris Brown did assault her.

  16. I read somewhere that alot of teeny boppers showed up outside the courthouse to support chris…..that is just sad. These young girls are so misguided and easily brainwashed its pathetic. We have to teach our children better!

  17. I think he did the plea deal because it is inevitable to get around the fact that he did put his hands on her… how else did, ya know? If he would have went to trial I think her dirty laundry would’ve been aired out and somemore of his (possibly)…. and if he would’ve lost the case he would have been lock up for a min!!!
    But it is obvious that there was more to the story on Rihanna’s part (everyone heard the information that Teyanna Taylor’s folks said about the situation… I believe it’s true) because he plead NOT GUILTY at first… I think in his own way he felt as if he was not guily… he was probably provoked to the maxium… which doesn’t condone a thing though.
    I think taking the deal saved him from jail time and more humiliation for him and her… and for that I applaud him.
    I wish them both the best! I am in their age range and they were the two going the hardest for music in our generation (Now Drake is but that’s about it really). I hope they both heal and bounce back to 100%!
    Side note: His punishment is just right. But if I was him I woulda did a little jail time and the probation if the charge would’ve been named a misdemeanor… now he’s a CONVICTED FELON! It’s sad but you can’t avoid consequence when you do wrong. And if Rihanna is wrong in anyway… She’ll get what she deserves too, trust. But since they are so young… and probably still in love with each other… the worse part of the punishment is how the judge made it illegal for them to have contact with each other… I think at the end of the day that is the best thing for them both!!!!

  18. OF COURSE SHE DIDN’T,SHE WAS NOT INNOCENT 🙄 !!!!! she was just as wrong as him,chris cheating was not lawfully wrong but it was morally 😐 ,however it still didn’t give her the right to REACT the way she did WHEN SHE FOUND OUT which caused him to lose his temper to hit her back 😐 IN TURN causing this whole sh*t to blow all out of proportion.and to my understanding there were rumours that chris was set to breakup with her anyway cause of her abusive ways!!! another young brotha taken down by another,WITCHIE A^S DRAMATIC SISTA !!!! it didn’t have to go that far in the first place had she not threw that first blow !!!! NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE,MAN OR WOMAN,HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT THEY HANDS ON YOU!!!!!Chris should have not gotten punish by himself then again the state prosecuted him 👿 .Im not gonna look at this situation one-sided like alot of you women did,in my opinion,THE BOTH OF THEM WERE WRONG :|!!!!! Oh P.S. the reason she didn’t testify was not to save chris but herself and career she would lose fanbase if she state her fault in the matter,and making everyone look stupid for supporting her lying A*S 👿 I HOPE CHRIS CD BE FIYAHHHHH CAUSE I DAMN SURE GONNA COP IT!!!!!! 😀

  19. DARKSISTA,PUHLEEEEZZZZZZ GIVE IT A REST 🙄 !!!! rihanna is not innocent 😡 !!! i hope chris learned that looks can be decieving judgment of character is everything. 😐 and remember how he is now as a young man (WHO JUST MADE A TRANSITION FROM A TEENAGER) 😐 he will not be the same person when he turns 25.trust this have been a good learning lesson for chris and im sure it have strenghthen his writing skills to make meaningful music from his experiences like this one.I’m just don’t understand how most of you sistas on these blogs can be so one-sided about THIS issue,yet i bet you and many others alike are the type to do the same thing she did,when you get all emotional you want to start hitting on your dude then when he knock your a** silly then you want the courts to put him under the jail !!!!! im a sista and i dont do no shi* like that!!! so i can understand how chris felt !!! 😐

  20. I do not respond or entertain madness “str8 4ward” Your opinion does not matter to me,Get some help
    for whoever is/has been abusing you and made you feel like it is okay to hit on a woman , Look at you you’re pathetic
    a disgrace for real black women such as myself , don’t you dare putting me in the same box as you or anyone else for that matter, we are not the same, I do not thin as weakly as you do so please next time you see a post by me skip it, for you are making my head pound with your idiocy

  21. whoopi made a good point when she said that it was suspicious that the judge also asked riri to stay away from him. the judge issued a stay order and riri’s lawyers jumped up and said she didn’t want one. however, the judge implemented it anyway which leads me to believe that there is more to the story. i don’t doubt that he put his hands on her and i believe he deserved to be punished, but there’s more to it that i think that we don’t know.

  22. Rihanna is not an innocent victim here, if he was not scared of going to jail he would’ve kept his not guilty in the first place. Chris knows he’s in LA the dirtest place you can be when it comes to the judical system for black men..

    And people! quit! calling this DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

  23. Pushed to fast,

    Domestic Violence is a repeated or habitual pattern of abuse, this was an altercation that got carried away in which ole girl started…

    Her day is coming I dont care what people say! She should’ve been ordered to do community service also, picking up what she is “Trash”.

    I hope her insides are eating her up for doing this to this young man. I applaud Chris for taking responsiblility for his part, she should do the same!

  24. DARKSISTA…….. first of all don’t misinterpret what i said!!!! if you read BOTH of my messages which only 1 out of the 2 was to you, you would have saw that I AM NOT for domestic violence on no parts from man or woman.Chris didn’t jump on rihanna like Bishop weeks did to juanita now that was domestic. chris hit back after she started the fight physically first.

  25. @darksista and @lady..i hope you dnt put your hands on a man coz one day he will have enough…. the judgement was harsh and rihanna should have got some punishment on her side.. i am glad that the judge put the stay away order in place for both.. that girl was no good..she messed up a good boys life…like what whoopie said, there is more to this..rihanna put her hands first on that boy that night and she did it aggressively..she has been mistreating him for a while..its so sad and hope he has learnt not to get himself in such a situation again…

    anyways the truth always comes out at one point or the other.. its just a matter of time.. and no, in cali the victim can lay charges, if she refuses that is when the state can lay the charges of her behalf..in this case she did not want to and you tell me she was innocent, ya right??? up to now she has not said a word, what is stopping her??? why not come out and say how chris bashed her??? give me break, this girl started that shit and just did not expect her bullying ways to back fire…hold your head up chris, you will be alright.. 😀

  26. GOONS,THANK THE LORD FOR YOUR WELL ROUNDED MIND 😛 !!!! i’m a sista and i don’t like what rhiliar did to him,it was uncall for and all the sistas bashing this young man like DARKMISTA 😀 makes no sense,he is practically still a young boy!! 😐 i have lil brothas and wouldnt like it if a chick did that to them and he (CHRIS) was in the middle of losing his freedom for defending himself from a maniac black bitc*!!!! chicks like the ones you mention only see this situation from one angle like oprah & tyra did and it makes no sense!!!!!

  27. He should’ve gotten some jail time……yeah I said it ….. nice message was sent to the girl beaters out there…. screw a plea bargain bra freekin vo criminal justice system. Rihanna wanna hit to she should pay as well.

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