Rihanna’s New Shopaholic Single

Rihanna Shopaholic Pop diva Rihanna is back with another single. The Good Girl Gone Bad singer is holding firm to that theme and has teamed up with boyfriend Chris Brown to release “Bad Girl”, a track that will be featured on the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack. The single is reportedly produced by Palow da Don, who also helmed Ciara’s new single, Never Ever. Look for Confessions of a Shopaholic to hit movie theaters on February 13th. However, you won’t have to wait until them to take a listen to the new single. Click here to check it out.


  1. totally off topic of the song, i hated those shopaholic books, even though i liked other stuff by the author.

  2. I like this song! It’s perfect for the movie soundtrack, and I can’t think of a better person to sing this song.

    I usually feel some kind of way about artists bragging about material things, but if I put the politics aside for a second, I think the song is fun and energetic.

  3. That song is so arrogant, that’s worse than another cocky female song that i wont mention but, i guess

  4. Hmm, Rehab failed to become a hit…maybe it’s because she’s been promoting this same album for almost 2 yrs and it’s only sold 2 million in the U.S. whereas Beyonce has already sold 1.5 million in 5 weeks..sound odd to anyone else but me. And then beyonce did so on 4 very LOW budget videos. Thought that, for once, i would start the beyonce vs. rihanna debate because it always gets SOOOOO Funny.

  5. Someone who actually knows:

    Rihanna has sold more than 20million singles and over 7million albums worldwide from GGGB and still continuing to sell. It is still in the Top 40 on the U.S. and World Chart. It will most likely sell 8million or close to 9million, becoming the most sold album of the last two years behind Amy Winehouse and Justin Timberlake. Please visit the United World Chart, google it and then come back and post. Her album sold more than BDAY (6million) and Bday had hits and a world tour.

    Please check your facts. Rihanna is a WORLDWIDE STAR. Beyonce’s album debuted at #1 in only the U.S. Rihanna’s album debuted at #1 in over 8 countries. Madonna doesnt do that great in the US but her album debuted at #1 in over 23 countries. Rihanna will be the black Madonna.

  6. @Someone Who Actually Knows Music :

    Alright so let’s start the beyonce vs. rihanna debate:

    First do you know a lot of artists who release an 8th single which make the top 20?
    Me no! Maybe Justin Timberlake…so maybe Rehab wasn’t as successful as her previous singles but it’s still a hit ! I know a lot of artists who would even like their first single to make the top 20, so for an 8th it’s awesome.
    You talk about Beyonce but maybe you forgot that:

    -Get Me bodied who was the 6th single failed to even reach top 50 ( it was 68)
    -Upgrade U : 5th single reached 53
    -Listen: reached 61
    -Work it out: didn’t charted
    -Fighting Temptation: didn’t charted…

    That’s what I call single which failed to be a hit…Actually all Rihanna’s single from the good girl gone bad era are top 20 hit with 3 number one, 5 top 10 hit, 7 top 20… I don’t remember Beyonce doing so good in any moment of her career..

    As for album sales yes I admit Rihanna ONLY sold 2 millions is the US while Bey sold already 1.5 miilions in 5 weeks!
    But B’day sold 3 millions in the US and 3 millions worldwilde with a total of 6 millions…GGGB sold nearly 1 million more and after two years is still in the top 20 in the UK and in france, Top 30 in the US,top 40 in Australia…
    GGGB sold 7 millions worlwilde being the best-selling album of the last two years ahead Bey, Alicia, Mariah…and will probably sell nearly 8 million! Bey is bigger than Rihanna in the US you can’t deny that…But worldwilde Rihanna is way bigger and nobody can deny this too!
    I don’t know where you live, but I live in Europe and all can say you is that that girl is doing her thing here and Bey isn’t as successful as her since the GGGB era!

    I love Bey she’s great but I miss the old Beyonce of the DIL era, the one who sold more than 8 millions copies of her fantastic album!
    I don’t think she can do so with I am…this album is just..well isn’t as good as DIL!
    RhiRhi is doing great and she’s the black female artist who sell the most in the world right now.

    As for the song I like it and it’s perfect for the movie! I’m looking forward to see it !

  7. this song is horrible. and naw when her first album came out she only debut at number two u can go to billboard and see that for urself she has never released an album and went number one in first week. only two females who have done that lately is ciara and beyonce.

  8. @marie you know someone going to bring up beyonce in the posting. Thank you for breaking them number down. Now bee sold a million now people want to talk junk like she the only one that can shine in the industry. RIRI hade a great year and she going to do better. Like i said her stage presents have to be better other then that LIVE YOUR LIFE RIRI.

  9. Tell ’em like it is Marie.
    Beyonce is not the top selling female artist, she is just a whole lot of over promoting, marketing and hype.

  10. These two artist have so many people torn over them. It’s funny because its hard for a lot of people to just admit that it’s ok to like both artists. No doubt, they are both successful. Beyonce made 80 million dollars last year despite the fact the RiRi sold more records and/or singles. The bottom line is Beyonce is a great performer. Most people will pay more money to see her knowing that her show will be hot. Rihanna has really catchy songs. I like all of her singles, but I would not spend my money on a Rihanna concert because I know she doesn’t dance or sing that well live. Beyonce’s songs are not always as catchy as Rihanna’s songs internationally, but they BOTH are pop icons. Rihanna is just newer. You can love them, hate them, or not give a whoot about them.

    I personally have my days where I can’t stand either one of them. LOL… especially when the radio plays their music back to back to back. But overall I can respect their hustle and their individual accomplishments. I like how Rihanna is trying to be different, fresh and new. Beyonce is great at “perfecting” what others have done in the past. (Bey stans don’t take that as a back-handed compliment)… I feel kinda wack now 4 devoting 5 minutes to this post. LOL. I’m out!

  11. I don’t like the song…the beat is hot, but very similar to Bey’s unreleased track, Back Up. CB should never rap again.

    B’Day vs. GGGB? Why compare Bey’s second album to Rihanna’s third??? Here’s a better question….why compare them at all???!!! There’s room for both! Quit beating a dead horse!!!

  12. I agree!! Rihanna and Beyonce are both Pop Black Icons!!!!

    You can like both. I just dont like when people say Beyonce this and that and bashing Rihanna. Rihanna is only 20 years old and Beyonce is 27 years old. Beyonce has paid her dues since 12 years old to be able to make $80million.

    At the rate Rihanna is going, she will get there. She’s paying her dues right now. Everyone should be celebrating that two BLACK women are EXTREMELY POPULAR and loved.

    Rihanna has sold out huge concert venues overseas. She’s still building up her U.S. Fan Base. She’s doing great!! Let’s hope for other Black female entertainers to accomplish what Beyonce and Rihanna have. There’s room for more!!!

  13. Love the pic of Rihanna. The song is a cute song. it fits the movie.

    Her make up is flawless.

  14. @ Nicky
    I like both! You are right, they are successful and you can’t go anywhere without seeing their faces. GREAT! Yeah when Rihanna came out with Mr. DJ (Pon De Replay) I thought she was a one hit wonder but she kept at it. Lets celebrate her for that, and when Beyonce did Crazy in Love, I wasn’t so crazy about that song either-but look at her now. We have some trailblazers and we should celebrate them both. I right now, I dislike the DIVA song by Bey but hey, what can you do? I love a lot more of her songs and that is what counts.

  15. Rihanna you are not Donna Summers Or Madonna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. And i agree about letting beyonce and rihanna and all the brownsistas do there thing because since Beyonce wen’t solo it became an unspoken rule that she has to be the top Black (Barbie) Female artist.

  17. @ someone who knows music -you don’t know much. Rehab was # 18 last week on the Hot 100.

    This is great for a soundtrack.

  18. @ nicky and marie

    i was speaking strictly U.S. thank you very much.

    ALso i follow United World Chart Very Much thank you very much. I know how much rih rih has sold world wide, and i’ve even posted her sales figs as higher on this very site according to UWC. SO don’t correct someone who doesn’t need to be corrected.Rihanna is phenomenal world wide, her sales are crazy considering their mediocrity in the U.S. but , i’m just making an observation, a correct one, Rehab did not go top 10. BTW, UWC is based on estimations, they don’t factor EVERY single country, just the bigger ones..so nicky, check your facts, cuz what they say isn’t absolute. Only the record label really knows.

  19. @ Lola, good point.
    And @Brownsuga Diva duh, Rehab was 18 last week, but it’s on a DOWNTURN, it is no longer going up. It is now going down.


    Next time someone tries to correct me, make sure you check ALL Your facts first!!!

  20. @Marie

    u right about the singles though, your point is a good one. But i also didn’t say those were hits either. There were many errors made with the B’day album, which honestly, wasn’t very good. The production was awesome at points, and then horrible at others. The fact is, there weren’t enough radio friendly songs, an error corrected on this CD because, like GGGB, EVERY song has the potential to be a single.

  21. I agree with MrsJones. Rhianna doesn’t have any place calling anybody a swagger jacker. Chris rapping sucks, and her yelling/singing is just as bad.

  22. I like the song but i do agree that Chris should NEVER EVER rap again its okay but thats not for him. Love RiRi. And i agree there is room for both brownsistas.

  23. Love this song and I love RIRI.. Give her the props where she is do and 2008 she did her thing better than any other feamle out there. Beyonce gets her shine but truth be told this little girl out shined her hard. Internationally the people love her wayyyyyy more!!! GO RIRI!!!

  24. its desent i mean she is good at what she does and that is the type of music she does, i really don’t expect more from her than a song like that. Think of the songs on the other album…Breakin Dishes, Umbrella, Shut up and Drive, Sell me candy….all child like the props i’m giving is based on the fact that they are saying she and Chris wrote this…IOW…Now that Iam a household name from working the hell out of this last album, the next one is sure to sell like hot cakes and no one will eat off of this more than me…BYE BYE Dream and Neyo, thanks for the drive but I can take it from here….”WHAT SHE SAY (NOT TO ME) SHE AIN’T NO DIVA????? Baby thats the female version of a hustler!!! Get money!

  25. I come in here expecting a dialogue about Rhi. Instead it turns into Beyonce has blah, blah, blah, blah. Take that to another site, will ya.

    Back on topic, I like the song. It’s cute, catchy and fun. Fits right in with the movie.

  26. @ jenaki,

    WHO CARES? Go get an education.

    As for Rihanna, I like the song. It should make for a hot video.

  27. @ Mario,

    You couldn’t like the song even if you wanted to, so blinding is your love for all things Beyonce.

  28. well first of all i love rihanna and she has great singles, but people who call her an ICON needs medication.
    BEYONCE HAS BEEN DOING THIS FOR ALMOST 13 YEARS and rihanna came out in 2005, 2009 4 years. Rihanna is a great video maker and single artist, but have u seriously seen this gurl MURDER hero. she sounded horrible and her perfromances are usually lip-synched or BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    I am a BEYONCE fan and i amit Rihanna is the hot it gurl. Beyonce tyme will end soon, BUT so will rihanna when some hot new talent comes. just like beyonce did to JLO,MARY,JANET and now Rihanna to Beyonce. ITS A CYCLE.

    BUT CLEART LOOKS WISE, BOTH ARE GORGOUS, RIHANNA HAS A FRESH LOOK, CAUSE SHE IS 20. BEYONCE YOU GUYZ IS 27 and she lopoks great, better without make up.




  29. Someone Who Actually Knows brought up Beyonce….

    Someone is upset that Rihanna is successful lol……Her Eight single going to #18!!!!! lol …Name me an artist who made it to the top 20 on an 8th single in this decade.

    Holla!!! Mariah , The Biggest Female artist of ALL TIME, Emancipation which sold 10MILLION WORLDWIDE, 5th single didnt even crack the top 40!



    We love u gurls, i love beyonce forget rihanna. but stop the drama

  32. We do need to stop the drama.
    Hold on but I’m bout to get Delmar.

  33. beyonce hater..,. I AM NO STAN but she is not cheating with a lesbian. lol but Jay-Z is into trannies.

  34. I’m not gonna put two beautiful and talented sistas against one another I love them both. Beyonce is HOT in her own way and so is Rihanna.

  35. This is REALLY sad… every time you turn around Beyonce is mentioned in posts that are UNRELATED to her. It’s bad enough that on the post that ARE about Beyonce, ppl have knocked down drag out net fights, but now it is overflowing into the post about OTHER ppl. It’s one thing to use the chic for some type of reference… especially if it maybe dealing w/ one of her ex bandmates b/c they somewhat go hand in hand, but when she pretty much dominates over the post that is actually about someone else( Key Cole, Rhianna, & Ciara) that is pathetic… for pete sake ppl let these other ppl have their moment of discussion on this site & leave that Beyonce mess ova on her post.

    On topic: We all know that Rhi Rhi is NOT the best singer in the world, but w/ this last album she got lucky w/ the new look & the songs that were written for her… hence we see that she is a “it” girl. However, w/ this song we are reminded that she isn’t the most talented singer… w/ this joint here the smoke & flash disappeared & we see that Rhi Rhi is just another pretty face. I like the lyrics b/c she is trash talking/braggin( I dunno y… just like em lol) But I am not feeling the voice. Rhi Rhi back to the drawing board.

  36. @Mercifullove

    STAN= a obsessed fan; a stalker… hence the play on words “ST”ALKER & “FAN” will give you the word STAN. The word was made popular & created by Enimem with his hit song “Stan” which he described & discussed a obsessed fan.

  37. Rene, I liked this song a lot and since it goes with a movie titled Confessions of a Shopaholic, then it is a fitting song. And she is teaming with Chris Brown, even better.

  38. I love this image of Rihanna! Very cute :brownsista: I wish I could hear the song. I remember seeing those books at the bookstore when I worked there before.

  39. This song is not it. Sorry. Her vocal skills are always lacking. Also this beat is very very similar to Back Up by Beyonce. Listen to both. Interesting.

  40. I like it. However, I like Emergency Room a lot more, and that’s what I was hoping she would release. If anyone can talk about, heck, brag about style it’s Rihanna. Bad she is when it comes to those clothes. I think Rihanna getting better and better, though. I could do without Chris Brown though…it just doesn’t do anything for me.

    What are people, ffive years old? Beyonce and Rihanna are both great artists. Why people can’t accept them both or feel the need to tear one down in sake of building up their fave is beyond me. It’s stupid, immature, and it makes no sense at all.If you love Beyonce/Rihanna so much that you can’t bear to hear Rihanna’s/Beyonce’s name (Because like, OMG, there can only be one popular black female singer at a time. Forbid there are two, the world would collapse!) then head on over to a respective fan site and drown in the greatness that is your favorite artist.

  41. Why was Beyonce mentioned in a Rihanna post? WOOOOOOOOW! Well anywho I don’t spend any money on either one of them. But if I had to choose it will be Rihanna. I love her style, professionalism and class. I haven’t heard anything bad about her as far as what she does to people, bad practices or etc…….unlike Beyonce. I would love to support the likes of these women but they perpetuate negative images of women. That’s why I love Michelle Obama which exudes class to the highest standard. I support nothing but class and we women should.

    As far as this single it fits the movie I guess. Sorry but Rihanna will be the black madonna. BTW out selling in america doesn’t mean ANYTHING if you don’t sell worldwide. Once again if I had to choose it would be sell nothing in America but out sell alot of people overseas.

  42. It seems to me like alot of black women who are insecure about they self hate on Beyonce its just seems that way by the comments some of you make on one woman all that hate on someone is not needed please do not bring hate into 2009 on Beyonce because you hate her because you feel she is too perfect and your a$$ want to pick on her because you want to have the things she has and make her type of money but you cant because you are too busy typeing up BS on one person get a job get off your computer its not that serious and Rihanna is swagger jacking old beats and singing hooks people wrote for her this song aint the business and im not kissing her ass like some of you do on here this song is not that great it seems like a mixture of Beyonce and Ciara songs.

  43. DelMar its funny how you direct a comment like that to me when im usually one of the first beyonce fan to admit to loving riri as well and i usually like her songs…just because i dont like this one doesnt mean i dont like her just because im a beyonce fan…i hate beyonces song “work it out” but that dont mean i hate her…i wont like everything so if you dont know me keep your comments to your self…thanks

  44. @ Nicky Said, after releasing the whole album that is still pityful.

    And lets be real again; what matters is the US sales.

    Again the song has a beat and if not for her beats and not her singing Rihanna would be in Barbados. But this song is annoying I dont know if it’s Chris or Rihanna.

    It’s going to come a time just like with Rehab (even with her being almost naked) where she is not going to pull it off, she has been very lucky but I hope and Pray for 09 that they (you ole faithful fans) make her actually come correct this year. Which means: No lip syncing, No Backtracking, No Pre-recorded vocals and relying soley on them singing backup singers. Beyonce has already set the stage and I hope it continues with performers actually being able to sing live. And overall Beyonce has proved again that she has not lost her title. Do you know how long it took for Rihanna to even reach Gold status, not alone plat if not for her singles. She had to re-release it to get thus far and I hear she is trying to milk it some more with another re-release. Beyonce took a break for 2 years and is selling crazy. Rihanna cant take a break for 2 seconds due to the fact people will forget about the girl who came famous for a hair cut…

  45. NubianJ why must people like you bring up obama or michelle…its not called for because neither one of them are here to ENTERTAIN us so why would they even be mentioned in a post thats about entertainment…yes michelle is a positive roll model in what she does but come on…get over it… this is entertainment not politics

  46. I think these Beyonce vs Rihanna catfights are bringing down the quality if this site. I visit here regulary if not commenting but the quality of comments has decreased. There is a lot of swearing and name-calling on here and Mario has pratically highjacked your site. No offense Mario.

    I would like more varied topics or at least more civilty on the Bey/Rih posts.

    BTW, I like the song and the site overall.

  47. Brownsista’s bloggers are getting just as immature and bad as Mediatakeout and all of the other black media sites. Bloggers constantly fighting over who is better between Beyonce and Rihanna. Our race is never going to rise above if we keep bringing each other down instead of lifitng one another up. I don’t care how rich these woman are, believe it or not, they are here just to entertain us and when the cameras are off, Biggie Smalls said it best, with more money comes more problems. The are not perfect so we need to stop putting them on pedestals . Lets stop fighthing over who is better and worry about somebody more important than both of these women, yourself. Peace and Happy New Year.

  48. Calling Rihanna the black Madonna is a huge stretch. Britney has not even been able to be the next Madonna. Madonna been around for over 20 years, selling out shows in America and around the world. Rihanna is still a opening act (Glow in the Dark tour) 3 albums deep. Rihanna will be lucky is she is around 3 years from now. But if her next album is good she will be, b/c she will re-release the album 3 times to stretch it out. Madonna is a songwriter and very creative and knows how to reinvent herself. Madonna has made an impact on the music industry. Rihanna has a good stylist. Compare Rihanna to Jody Wately not Madonna

  49. I like Rihanna, but calling Rihanna the black Madonna is a huuuuugggggeeeee stretch. Rihanna is not even in Madonna’s league or could even carry the torch for her. Lets not get crazy now.

  50. Chey, blame Jay for that because he called Robyn that.

    I refuse to go on the Robyn vs Beyonce debate mainly because I want to see them both shine and I can say that Robyn is doing her thing, whether people like it or not. Now I am not a fan of this song, but it is cool. LOL. I hope for continued success. BTW, bored is right. If Robyn wants to get to the next level, she has to step it up performing-wise. That’s where the money is at, and how you grow as an artist. You keep a fan base that way and I say all this because I want to see her do well.

    Nubian J, there have been a lot of bad things said about Robyn which I will not name because they are rumors and I really don’t entertain them. But trust me, if a person in the industry long enough, bad things will be said of them. Trust me on this.

  51. @ NubianJ:
    You knida perplex me. You state that “… [you] would love to support the likes of these women [an obvious reference to Rihanna and Beyonce] but they perpetuate negative images of women.” Well, if Rihanna is included in that group of women who ” pertetuate negative images of women”, then how can you say that her “style” is about ” professionalism and class.”? Interesting!
    But that’s not what caught my eye. Your statement “… Rihanna will be the black madonna” stood out. Can you clarify that, if you would please be so kind? How and why. Let me add this: if you want to talk about a person who “perpetuate[s] negative images of women”, you need go no further than Madonna. I remember one of her tours and all the fuss it was causing because she would sing one of her songs while in a bed, up there on stage, with one of her male dancers on top of her simulating a sexual act with her. If that’s what you are talking about, to my knowledge, Rihanna hasn’t done anything that outrageous.

  52. @ Michele K: I agree with you 100%.
    I don’t konw what is Mediatakeout but I know that I liked to come on BrownSista because I thought that the posters were mature and objective unlike some French blogs I used to go. I don’t what happened. I still like this site especially the GT articles though.

  53. This song is okay but her DREADFUL voice yelling in the backround is horrible. CB sounds good rapping to me and the beat is HOT! Sorry but Rhianna will not be the next Madonna I doubt she will be around in the next 4 years. Its ONLY HER FASHION thats keeping her in the game b/c she cant sing or dance to save all the people in Barbados…Im no hater just stating the facts. Why you think she keeps re-releasing GGGB??? One good album doesnt mean a THING look at Ashanti and Mia…..and they HAVE TALENT.

  54. @smooththug
    I agree they critszed Janet Jackson for popping out her tits while in the meantime this Madonna chick sleeping around on her husband, look at Britney flashing her lips why does the media praises these women but Janet can barely sell out tour don’t get me wrong all these women are great in their own right. Rihanna does remind me of Madonna she doesn’t really dance she just models about on stage well Madonna yoga’s across the stage, any way Beyonce’s my girl Rihanna ‘s alright. I saw Janet perform at version center she has so much energy she was the first black woman to really dance in entertainment she been doing this since she was 15 now that’s an entertainer.

  55. Yeah@Smooth Thought. Madonna is ridiculous with the things she do. No black artist could 1/4th the things she does and get away with it. In fact, she can use even negative attention for her benefit. I mean, I don’t knock her longevity but…

    As for Janet, let’s just say she’s not the janet that I knew and love from 1986-1993. I will go that far.

  56. this is my last response to this post so if you choose to reply, expect no more form me:


    I LOVE rihanna, i actually PREFER her music over beyonce’s, however, i don’t want her elevated to the same level as Beyonce.

    Bottom Line, the sales of beyonce’s first TWO albums, total higher world wide and domestically than rihanna’s first THREE. Secondly, Beyonce has more number 1 singles as the LEAD artist, in both the U.S. and in most countries abroad (Live Your life doesn’t count as lead.)

    and i’m done.

  57. I am a huge fan of Beyonce but there are times i like forehead. As a whole GGGB was not all that. Neithe was B’Day. Beyonce okay with Rihanna so stop all the instegating! I mean i still won’t like Rihanna until she learns to sing perfom and write other than that she pretty


  59. Catchy song, may be a club banger but it’s the kind of song you should only listen to the beat and not the lyrics, coz the lyrics aint that good.

  60. riri pic is so funky and sexy and the song is so spunky,i wish she cud do a collabo with pink or britney spears,she has the pop game on her hands now and i think she shud stick with 90% pop rock and 10% rnb.Disturbia and rehab are my favourite songs,i enjoy the lyrics and the meaning of the songs….riri must get bc jean on her team of writers she is young and on point….i am talking to all the people who kinda feel riri if you dnt plz dnt comment,dnt want childishness anymore.

  61. This song is wack. And Rihanna had to re-release her album GGGB to be successful!! Beyonce has never re released her albums as far as I known. This chick can’t sing and this song demonstrates it. @ Lady not hating on Rihanna but she still needs to work to be on the same level as Beyonce or other artists (Alicia keys etc). If she wants to stay in the game for longer she really needs to improve her vocals and not depending on the beats as usual. But there is no deny that she is beautiful and has some swag but that about it. Plus I don’t really like Beyonce (I find her annoying)but Rihanna has nothing on her when it comes to talent.

  62. You guys are becoming ridiculous! You are comparing 2 different singers. How can you compare an orange to an apple?????

    To :)sss- you are wrong. Beyonce re-released B-day and added new songs remember? She added Beautiful liar and that Desree song that she got sued for… but that’s not the point really cause this post is about Rihanna.

    It’s funny that you all compare 2 artists on how much albums they sold. If that’s the case then they both aren’t that good because other artists sell way more albums than them both in the US and abroad. Sales figures are very relative. India Arie, Tamia don’t sell much but that doesn’t make them less talented than others or worse artist than others. So please grow up with all your sales figures. If that is the criteria of a better artist then Madonna and Celine Dion are the best female artists ever.

    Rihanna’s music is very fitting to her age and I’m happy that she tries something different. If you see the other girls like Ashanti, Christina Milian, …they all kinda sound/dance the same but Rihanna knew how to re-invent herself into someone that is appealing to a lot of groups, not just us black people. And that may be a reason why she is so famous abroad.

    Another thing too. I know Rihanna doesn’t have the best voice out there but you don’t need to say it all the time cause frankly, showbiz also has a place for people who aren’t the best of singers cause the music industry is not only for good vocalists. She is a star cause she has something special and it wasn’t no accident. If voice is the most important part then all American Idol finalists would be very famous and successful as we speak.

    Bottomline, you guys need to stop comparing 2 artists that aren’t so similar and maybe start appreciate each of them for what they are cause they are both special. You cannot compare an apple to an orange. You can have an orange today during breakfast and have an apple for mid-day snack. Why can’t you all appreciate both artists and quit slamming them.

    Just a thought!

  63. @coco you are so right,we all need to grow up and accept everyone and i wish every artist that has a great song can be given a fair amount of exposure and air play,that wud level the playing ground.

  64. @ coco thank you 4 clearing that up! didnt knw about beyonce bday re-released (that why i said as far as i know). Rihanna is nothing special that my opinion but I love her style. I have nothing against the girl but her stans when always mention beyonce and beyonce stans when they mention ri ri. The REAL reason why people compare is because they both light skin and look similar to each. And the raeson why most american idols finalist dont make through the industry is because their image aint right not because their not special or dont have vocal.

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