Rihanna’s an ‘Icon’ + Releases New Video


She’s only 25-years old. She’s been in the business for less than 10 years; and yet in that time she has sold over 150 million records, sent 12 single to pole position on Billboard’s Hot 100, and amassed a global fan base large enough to make her one of only a handful of artists who can sell out stadiums.

Her name is Rihanna and according to the producers of the American Music Awards, will be the recipient of the inaugural Icon Award.

“The first-ever Icon Award was created to honor an artist whose body of work has made a profound influence over pop music on a global level,” show producer Larry Klein said in a statement released earlier today. “Rihanna’s iconic and innovative sound has enabled her to become one of the most influential and best-selling artists of all time,” he continued.

Rihanna will be on hand to collect her newfound honor and is expected to perform a medley of her many hits when the show airs live on November 24th.

RiRi thanked her Navy for their longtime support via Instagram, saying “The honor belongs to all us, not just me.”

And in other RiRi news, the singer released the gorgeous video for her new single ‘What Now.’ Check it out below and let us know you think.


  1. Congrats to her on the award. And I don’t like the song, but I like the video.

  2. And she encourages young girls to be whores and not be ashamed of it.

    And she encourages young girls to smoke dope and ruin their lives.

    And she stays naked but cant get a man.

    And she stuffs dollar bills down the g-strings of women just to thank them for letting her stare at their puzzy.

    And she spreads evil dark music around the world.

    And all the evildoers glorify in it and support her promotion of everything that is bad in the world.

    Congratulations Rihanna, You did it! And fools like this website helped you by praising you for it.

  3. @Cheryl Rihanna is 25 year old woman living her life how she wants to. It’s her life not these “young girls you speak of” It’s not her job to parent or be a role model to anyone. Get over it.

    Anyway, Congrats to Rihanna!!

  4. @Cheryl and also you’re calling this website a fool, yet you’re on it, even taking your precious time to comment. Now, who’s really the fool? Hint: It’s not the website

  5. “And she stays naked but cant get a man.” —- so if she covers up she’ll get a man? is that the goal as a young woman, to get a man?

    “And all the evildoers glorify in it and support her promotion of everything that is bad in the world.” —- everything that is bad? like, EVERYTHING??? are you serious!

    Just say you don’t like her. or don’t say anything at all. Sheesh. You are ANGRY! Simmer down! LOL


    I love the video and the song.

    Congrats to her on the honor that is being given to her.

  6. @Kanyade you’re so right!! I hate when people throw out that “can’t get a man” comment as if men are worth so much or having one determines wether or not someone has succeded in life. Smh.

  7. Haters continue to hate while rihanna continues to elevate. She has evolved so much in 10yrs & I may not always agree with her lifestyle I am truly proud of her musical achievements.

  8. Congraduations to Rihanna but I don’t feel she is worthy as of yet to receive this “ICON” award.

  9. Congrats, I love it, her work speaks for itself, it sells, bottom line and I still love Jill Scott, Rebecca Ferguson, Tamar Braxton, Mary J and me some Keys as much as I do Rihanna! I love “Monster” and hope she does a video for “Mother Mary!”

    So what, she hasn’t found “the one” at 25. So what if she doesn’t, it surely happens! It’s not easy, and successful sistas can sometimes have it even harder because her contemporaries are often not looking to be a power couple, matched or exceeded! But, love yourself and love will always be plentiful in your life!

  10. I am happy for her and congratulations to Rihanna! I really like her.

  11. parts of this video looks like scenes from the movie “The Ring” and one some scenes she looks possesed. This is art though. lol

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