Rihanna & Beyonce: So Glamorous

Beyonce & Rihanna Rumor has it Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad CD will be re-released as a Deluxe Edition, featuring two bonus tracks and an original track called So Glamorous which will feature Beyonce. The Deluxe Edition will also feature a DVD of all Rihanna’s videos and clips from her tour which is still in progress. Word is this new opus will drop worldwide on January 15, 2008. No word yet who wrote and produced the single but I think it’s safe to say it will be hot. I don’t think either of these ladies would work with the other unless they knew they would have a guaranteed hit on their hands. Beyonce will hope to have another smash single like she had with Shakira, while Rihanna will hope to up her record sales which have been sluggish, despite her first single being a worldwide hit.

I personally look forward to the video. I love to see big female artists work together and Beyonce has shown that she can hang with another female without trying to compete of overpower them. How Rihanna will deal with Beyonce waits to be seen. Will she be able to hold her own on camera like Shakira did? Only time will tell. What do you guys think?


  1. I knew they would eventually work together and I think it’s great. :thumbsup:

  2. gr8 just wat we need. sorry but im tired of these 2 particular artists i think bee should take a break and give us time to miss her im a fan but God knows im tired of her.

  3. im not a fan but why would she take a break? why wouldn’t she keep working and making money. It’s what I would do if I was her.

  4. ….considering I hated Beautiful Liar I’m not looking forward to BEyonce inevitably killing Rihanna on her own song.

    And who buys re-releases ? 😐

  5. lol at the last poster!!! i’m glad i’m not the only one who hated beautiful liar! even though i think she should make her money while she can, i fail to see how she’s helping her career by being so overexposed…i think if people missed her and she made a “comeback” like other artists (mariah, whitney, jay-z) she would sell more records…but this single will break records believe it! 😎 the two hottest pop acts together? will go straight to number 1! this will be go promotion for beyonce’s new cd too so it’s a win win for both of them! and i think they’ll work fine together, i doubt either of them would allow the other to show the other up and i really feel like all the rumors are false! i’m just happy that i’ll have a three month break from rihanna and a six month break from beyonce!

  6. Honestly I’m just tired of Beyonce making duet w/ everybody in the business to attract specific market. If your CD didn’t sell when it first came out, what makes you think that the same CD plus one new single is gonna help you sell more. If the single is the bomb, people can download it on itunes or stuff like that, they don’t have to buy the whole CD. I just feel that today’s music industry is only for money. Are they still artists out there who wanna do music because they really love it?

    BTW, Beautiful Liar was not all that. I didn’t like it. It was so predictible that they would shake their ass and do some bellydancing moves.

  7. Beyonc eis so above her it ain’t funny but I guess because of sells, rumors, and popularity they can validate that. Anyone who has ever read my comments knows I do not like Rhinna as a vocalist (as a person she seems cool and tv and thangs so I don’t go there) but explain to me why Kelly couldn’t get that duet coming straight out the gate or a remix. Knowing that Kelly needed it and Kelly sounds way better than Rhianna.

  8. It’s probably to give a Rihanna a sales boost so that the album finally goes Platinum in America. I can’t really see people buying the album again for a few tracks though. *Shrugs*

  9. i think this will be a disaster!! of all people horrible sounding rihanna? w beyonce…how could tht possibly sound good? time will tell..this might end up like bow wow and that omarion crap

  10. i remenber rihanna being upset about the fact that when she went up to beyonce and told her how much she admired her beyonce belittled her with a “oh you so cute…” like she knew she wasnt going to last…

    how sad is the fact that beyonce has to do a duet with someone she didnt consider as competion at the begining
    lil rihanna “so cute, can’t sing,no talented” featuring beyonce”the hugest pop star ever born, the one that could sing like mariah carey when she was only 1 month old, the gorgeous, the goddess ,the best thing ever happened to the industry, the best black woman out there” 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    beyonce career is def going down the hill :thumbsup:

  11. If this is true… Beyonce is so NOT the “helper” here… I hope nobody gets riled up, but Beyonce’s status is sinking fast…she’s like some traveling Vegas show nowadays…hardcore fans and other celebrity oglers paying to see her for the sake of seeing her but she’s not longer THE female artist… In fact, I don’t know one fan…I know a gay guy who digs her, but he often pretends to only like “Get me Bodied”…In other words, he won’t admit to being her fan…that’s how bad she’s doing nowadays… Liking Beyonce is like admitting to voting on American idol or something…you know millions and millions of people are doing it and you enjoy Simon’s jokes, but you can’t deny it’s the lamest thing to hit pop culture since Vanilla Ice…

    And, I’m worried abotu Rihanna…this might mess her up…teaming up with Beyone and re-releasing her cd seems like admitting a loss twice…ugh..she’s going to take on Beyonce’s status: confused, pseudo rnb hasbeen…

  12. :iagree: with you Gemi Like your name very clever

    lol here “Voice””I NEVER Heard That Rumor”. but i don’t put anything past.

  13. Great business move :thumbsup:

    The next step will be to make sure that the both of them have on as little clothes as possible in the video and on future magazine covers that will promote the single.

    After all it’s the formula for ALL female artists!

    I still love me some Beyonce :booty:

  14. gemi i’m telling you ! :thumbsup:
    kevin we dont speak kevinien…..

  15. Can’t wait to hear this collabo :thumbsup: ! I think it’ll be a good look for both of them. Beyoncita is never going to stop working…. anytime soon at least. She’s trying to be set (financially) by the time she’s 30 yrs old and I can’t blame the Latina. Little Miss Sunshine is following in Bey’s footsteps- more power to the girl! I like Rih Rih!!

    I’ve been wondering the same thing Afrochic… who purchases re-releases? And why do artist/record companies re-release albums? If ppl didn’t buy it the first time- then they obviously don’t want it, duh! We just download the new shit/bonus tracks. 😎

  16. just for fun I will be counting the number of times Beyonce is shown in the video as opposed to Rhianna. we’ll see what happens. 😉





  19. Wack! :thumbsdown:
    Rihanna can’t sing her style is what makes her and she makes ok music…………Bee wil out sing her on this song like she does everybody else!
    re-releasing is stupid to me!

  20. Hmmm. Just another marketing tool to make tons of money and remain in the spotlight. The video is definitely going to be soft porn and something for sixteen-year-old boys to drool over. This is proof that Beyonce will do just about anything to remain in the spotlight. I truly believe that her career is going to definitely suffer from overkill and overexposure. She is totally saturating the market.

    As far as Rihanna, she is just cute. Her stage presence and voice can’t even compete with Beyonce’s.

  21. @ Afrochic,

    I agree. Who buys re-releases??? :brownsista:

    Still, I can honestly say….WHATEVER 😆 Don’t mean to be snide, but this is ZZZzzz news to me. But they are both beautiful and brown and this will help to squash any rumors about them and JayZ 😆

  22. That whole calbo is about “MONEY”& Qualying rumors about Jay’z i seriously
    doubt whomever going to produce that track is going to have one out shine the other.If anything i think it’s going to be on the line of the duet she did with shikra.
    And lets pray it’s not going to be on that same line she did with justin that was horrible

    far as Jay’z thing you can forget it! people are going to believe what they wanna


  24. “Beyonce has shown that she can hang with another female without trying to compete of overpower them. ”

    that’ the biggets lie i ever heard in days….

  25. Beyonce just wants to show everybody that she is better than Rhianna because a lot of people compare them. That’s how she is a lot of peope talked about Shilira’s hot dance moves and she had to do a project with her to try and prove to people that she is better. Actually when Beyoncita first came out she looked like and emulated Shikira a lot. Rhianna definaltely has Beyonce in the looks department hands down. I say this will make a great tune to burn but seriously not waste any money on :thumbsdown: Have great day 🙂

  26. what i find interesting is the fact that beyonce never sing with a female that can actually sing…
    shakira can’t sing,rihanna can’t sing, no one ever knew that michelle could sing until she went on her own kelly hold back …
    what cant she make a duet with a true soul singer like alicia keys or jill scott? or even jennifer hudson just to see how miserable she look next to those women?

  27. i hope you guys realize that this is FAKE because riri has already re-released her album. this came from wikipedia, a site anyone can go to and change things up. next!!

  28. Rihanna has not re-released Good Bad Girl and the info I posted here did not come from Wickipedia. I don’t use Wickipedia for anything as I know how wacky it can be. I first read this on a Janet Jackson forum and did what I always do when I read something, I followed up by searching for more info on Google. That is where I found this info posted on several non English speaking sites. But because I didn’t find it on a 100% reliable site, I labeled it as RUMOR, which means- well, I am sure everyone here knows what RUMOR means.


  29. This info first came from a French blog. Media Takeout got it from there or even here but are claiming they knew months ago when in reality they make up 99% of their stories. Time will tell if this happens or not so it’s just a waiting game.

  30. I think Bee will definately over power Rhi on the song and try to out dance and out perform her. I think this song will also be very pop. I read on another site that Bee is planning to copy Rhianna and release a dance kind of album. I’m not really interested in seeing the end result of this its just another chance for Bee to try and show everyone that she is the best.

  31. “Beyonce’s Malaysian Debut Axed
    September 28, 2007 – Global | RB Hip-Hop

    By Christie Leo, Kuala Lumpur

    Beyonce’s Nov. 1 Kuala Lumpur concert has been cancelled following protests by local Muslim groups and what industry sources say is the American artist’s refusal to abide by the country’s strict dress code for performers.

    Kuala Lumpur-based concert promoter Pineapple Concerts issued a statement Sept. 28 announcing cancellation — without giving a reason — of what would have been Beyonce’s Malaysian debut performance. The artist is set to perform in China for the first time Nov. 5.

    Foreign acts previously brought by Pineapple to Malaysia include Kanye West and Earth, Wind and Fire.

    Many Muslim groups, including the 10,000-strong National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students, had urged the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage — which in 2005 introduced a compulsory dress code and other rules for performers — to stop the concert from being held.

    see dear stans? no matter how hard yall try to make this work not tht much people are still sleepingand buying beyonce’s routine….
    beyonce rigth now need a breath of fresh air that’s why she matches with riri cuz a lot of people a drooling and loving rihanna like they use to love her beyonce… and im so so sure that rihanna’s stan = beyonce’s oponent are not gon fall for that gimic of her trying [and failing]to match up and overpowering other females every other month what’s next she wont be able to recognize herself from rihanna? a single with jennifer lopez? or maybe ciara? or keke palmer? 🙄 pathetic

  32. I am interested in hearing the single but, that is about as far as I can go with this. Like someone said before, It’s all about selling records. Why couldnt the record company produce a quality cd in first place? What is with all these second chances? I’ve never bought a re-release, EV-VER! Artist aren’t selling these days because we are getting sick of beautifully packaged, watered down, disappointing, hot today gone tomorrow, wack ass, imitation, high waist dresses, greased up legs, stripper inspired, sex crazed, unrealistic, uninspiring, train wrecks, being shove down our throats! AND… to add insult to injury, questioning our intelligent and taste for good music by re-releasing albums again as though we got it wrong the first time. NO Record Companies You Got it WRONG and we’re not about to pay DOUBLE for you to get it right!

  33. BTW
    Monica, Lil Mo, Keisha Cole, Chrisette Michelle, Fantansia, and Joss Stone had the best R&B albums produced in a long long long time and it a shame that most of the world doesnt know it.

  34. BTW
    Monica, Lil Mo, Keisha Cole, Chrisette Michelle, Fantansia, and Joss Stone had the best R&B albums produced in a long long long time and it a shame that most of the world doesnt know it.

    I agree and will have to say specifically with Joss Stone. Her first, second and third albums are just awesome. I wear Mind, Body and Soul OUT. And, yes it is a shame that most don’t know. 🙁

  35. some of u r so stupid beyonces bday solfd more records in its first week than any other rnb female artist and i fink thish will be one of the best songs for 2008 cant wai

  36. Is this brownsista.com? I must be confused because I really thought I would view stimulating conversations and/or comments from my brown sisters supporting the other brown sista’s in the entertainment industry. It’s wonderful to see these two beautiful and talented young ladies doing their thing and the most we can do is consistently speak negatively about them and their accomplishments. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t matter if it’s Keyshia Cole, Janet, or any other female in the industry, either be a fan or fall back!! We are all entitled to our opinions but the more I read the comments on the articles the more I realize, the bond of sisterhood of black women has disappeared. There are a range of talented artists out there and we complain that they do not get the recognition they deserve, yet, Jill Scott has a wonderful album and how many of you purchased it instead of bootlegging it (trying to save $5.00)? You surely didn’t buy Chrisette Michele, Angie Stone, Janet’s or Whitney’s last CDs or the last one by India Arie either. Please understand, if Jennifer Hudson comes out with one you’ll find some excuse and won’t purchase it either. But you complain because the commercialized singers get the notoriety. The singers that appeal to the masses (Beyonce) are reaching phenomenal heights because of their “other” fan base, because your complaining, can’t nobody sing, they’re overexposed or some other negative opinion only do what you’re doing right now – make disparaging comments on websites. Get it together, SISTERS!!!

  37. i have every Chrisette Michele, Angie Stone, Janet Whitney India Arie cds n im waiting for j.hud and so do a lot of people but they never reach “heigth” like you said because to have a white fan base you need to look like them or be close to…. get over yourself and go sit somewhere that was so ignorant… what the hell does “your complaining” means? i dont know what kind of music you listen to and i dont even want to know but if ihave to pay for something the least i can do is ask for quality hell I PAY talking about other fan base….britney spears’s new song is a smash hit and that oughta let you know what kind of music them people buy …
    black women are more than hips and tights and if we want to let people know that we so so need icons that perpetuate this logic beyonce’s ass or rihanna’s hips are not going to do that for us i’m fine with people having sex appeal cuz hell im sexy too but in evrything there is the way and beyonce is vulgar everyone knows that nd if we feel like saying it we will

    “either be a fan or fall back” i wont even keep on responding to you my head hurts due to the amount of ignorance in that post
    go sit down somewhere

  38. Hm. I have both of their CDs, but I do not want to see this happen. Rihanna is well promoted and popular, but I don’t see her as super talented in the vocal and creativity department, as she seems very packaged. However, she is very likable and she seems nice. So I like her. Beyonce is decent singer and performer, but I think she is overexposed. Yes, she wants to make money and I understand that, but she will kill her own career if she does not slow down and come back fresh. While I do like many of her songs, I hope that she one day becomes something more than a sex icon and image. I would love for her to work on her writing skills and put a little depth into her music. Also, I get a very mean vibe from her, especially in interviews. She may not be, but it does appear that way.

    These two together is all for money. Beyonce does not have a CD ready, but she wants to stay in the spotlight so she will collaborate with other artists until her next disc is due. Rihanna’s CD is decent, but all pop and very simple. I like it, but I could do without it. It’s cute, but it’s not spectacular. Her sales suffer because no one needs it bad enough to buy it, but they’d gladly take it as a gift. If they do a song together, I would hope that it would be something other than some simply written song about money and diamonds that they can both bend and shake to. With a title like “So Glamorous”, I doubt that it will happen.

  39. to keep it real bee is a a true biter just like jay-z if u go to u tube and type up f..k jay-z u would see the beef with cameron and all the lyrics he stoled to make it beyonce is a copy cat shes only doin this because she thinks shes the baddest singer in the game which is false young people are fooled she sucks and shes not unique or original rihanna can sing she proved that she can do bees runs on every album they sound similar rihanna just sounds alittle different bee has proved that shes a gold digger and will do anything 4 tha dollar i dont like the fake personality she portrays shes nothing but a washed up trick much love to riri i wish she wouldnt do this beyonce is just trying to make money off of her bee has copied every body she could shes running out of sh,, to do this is a mess bee is phony now and people are tired of her they hate to hear her on justins song they just change the channel shes played out the real good singers need to come back out lil mo cd is hot and people dont post things about that

  40. :bag: :bag: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: beyonce go away we are sick of you on albums movies commercials etc. go to sleep jay-z is a true biter now hes an american gangstar why cause of the movie two true copy cats that belong together :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty: :bag:bee you are overexposed and phony your new album will be more fast dum songs with dum lyrics

  41. Alicia, your head “hurts” because you really cannot deliver an adequate response to a posting about negativity between sisters or your lack of comprehension is just that “lacking”. In my post, surely you realized that I stated everyone is entitled to their opinions but let’s be honest, We do a lot of complaining and MOST of us don’t support the artists that exhibit the qualities we always state represent “us”. I never discussed any artists body being the rationale for their success. My sentiments are still the same, either be a fan or fall back. We can decide if we support a particular artist or not but if we don’t support that artist, are we productive to the other sisters in the industry that we do not “like” (such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Keyshia Cole) by spewing negativity. My musical taste varies from R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical, and the list goes on and on. As far as quality music goes, if you’re not a fan, why are you purchasing their CDs? That excuse you used is no longer valid. You can listen to an artist’s entire CD on the web before you buy it. Girl, you must have seen a description of yourself in my post because you’re all over this site posting negativity…

  42. “either be a fan or fall back” :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:
    someone need to take high school classes (nd take beyonce with them) because in this country people are free to say whatever they want and whenever they want if you can’t take the heat get out of the damn kitchen if she can’t take criticism or negativity (call it what you will) than don’t put yourself trought it she decided to be in the entertainer business she knows what she has to go trougth the world ain’t disneyland missy we don’t all hold hands and kiss kiss around
    you get what you ask for and no one will stop expressing their feelings because couple of stans lifeless ignorant ghetto rats said so! :thumbsup: but i don’t expect someone that worship and illiterate woman like bey to understand…. :lol2:

  43. WOW! The public display of hate some black people have for each other is the reason why we will forever remain second-class citizens of the world. The unfortunate thing is that other races recognize our disloyalty to one another and that’s why they don’t trust us and they fight hard to keep us out of their good schools, good neighborhoods, police departments, fire departments and secret societies. After all, if you don’t support your own – you can’t be trusted to support anyone else. I’m not saying that we have to like every single thing black folks do but my goodness if you don’t have anything productive to say then keep your dang on mouth shut (especially when you can’t spell or construct a sentence free of grammatical errors) But, I digress…

    Some people on this board are extremely haunted by Beyonce’s great success and can’t wait to see her fall. Whether it’s Beyonce or not, the idea of wanting anyone to fail at what they do or just “go away” is sickening. Especially, if the person had never done anything wrong to harm you.

    Get a Grip

  44. And as for black people hating on one another, why is it when white people on blogs like DListed or Perez Hilton trash white celebrities there aren’t any white people coming to scold “we should all support one another”? Give me a frickin break. A lot of the time, black people are the first to say that sort of ish, but are crabs in a barrel when they’re “competing” against other blacks for a “token spot”–a “position” which they don’t even fight against, they just accept.

    All across the blogosphere you can read white people complaining about Britney Spears and Ashlee Simpson or any other white celebrity they deem as a waste of space and as untalented, so ya know, black people saying the same thing about black entertainers isn’t “hating”. We just have a smaller pool of black celebrities to discuss, so of course it seems that all people on these blogs to is “tear down” the Rihannas, Beyonces, and Keyshias. Is it so bad that we’re upset that the state of “black music” has been so bastardized from what it was even ten years ago? Or that Hollywood only lets in certain black actors when ten to fifteen years ago or more there were mainstream “black” films, TV shows and actors? GTFO

  45. ^^^^^White people don’t have to publicly support each other because if you didn’t realize – they aren’t the ones viewed and treated as second class citizens around the world. They have made such a powerful imprint on society (by any means necessary) so much so that many people aspire to be them. How many people or cultures do you know aspire to be Black? So, we can not compare ourselves and what we do to white people and how they do it. We are not viewed the same. Our strategy has to be different. And because we have a smaller pool of celebrities we should be even more inclined to sanitize our public opinion that they should sit down, go away or just stop working. For those of you who want Beyonce or any other Black artist to go away, I say be careful for what you wish for. Because you might get what you want. And then when the airwaves are ambushed with white women and men who have the same “‘sound” and “look” (Justin Timberlake, Fergy, Joss Stone, Nelly Fertado, Eminem, etc.) you will find something else to complain about. Perhaps, you will complain that we are not adequately represented or that “they” are stealing our music. So, you GTFO.

  46. Is it so bad that we’re upset that the state of “black music” has been so bastardized from what it was even ten years ago? Or that Hollywood only lets in certain black actors when ten to fifteen years ago or more there were mainstream “black” films, TV shows and actors? GTFO


  47. Is it so bad that we’re upset that the state of “black music” has been so bastardized from what it was even ten years ago? Or that Hollywood only lets in certain black actors when ten to fifteen years ago or more there were mainstream “black” films, TV shows and actors? GTFO

    Wow. You have just sat me down with this. 🙂 So true!

    If they do a song together, I would hope that it would be something other than some simply written song about money and diamonds that they can both bend and shake to. With a title like “So Glamorous”, I doubt that it will happen.

    I agree, but most likely it will be about the same-o, same-o. 🙁

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